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  1. just dragged the old girl off the lawn : now debating whether I clean it or not and leave it looking a bit of a Barn find condition LOL and What Shoes should I wear? oem 15's or 17" OZ's....
  2. the "New Generation" Club Subaru Facebook Group have been invited to join me / Us : https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10162445444434606&set=gm.1352485528924403&idorvanity=861888264650801 at this stage there's a HB convoy heading down Sat morning aiming for Trentham, what happens after then : who knows hah
  3. Nice : I'm only just starting to pay attention to the updates changes to the event https://www.facebook.com/events/1235536986850058/?ref=newsfeed so I guess Main Event Trentham Not sure if I'll stick around til Monday for BBQ BUT that's not to says CS cant make something happen stil eh ❤️ if someone in the area picks their sox up & stats to do stuff hah
  4. yes there will be but cant tell from this thread alone if 5 or 50 Sub's that will let me park near them, so your guess is as good as Mine (and the welly / subaru groups I've posted the "Invite" into) Yep I just have to say the word to Falgz & we have a Club Spot I'm not an 04 Local so it's kinda hard for me to sort his stuff out hoping those in the area might step up & suggest pre meet location And round up the Welly Crew Old and new it's a 3~ish hr drive for me just to get there I don't have Street cred or clout so yeah Even if it's just me I'll be parked probably on my own under the CS EZY Up I Bought this for my Work and made Banners to swap onto it Sometime in the 2000's it's your guys club too hah not just up to mee to make these things happen anymore eh (Done my dash) everything's been spread-out over the past 10 years with Facebook and other creating their own groups it a bit hard to keep track of things eh Wellington ClubSUB crew alone used to have their own Trackdays Some I Booked the track under my own name an so on
  5. what over all? or from "us" Time will tell : usually a couple thousand Boi-racers turn up for these CS: that's up to you hah here's HP21 video (2022 got canned?
  6. I have never meddled with this sort of thing but that is not a 1997 car : 98 maybe? eg 98 was the change over year in May
  7. couple of different Beasts there eh especially the near 10 year difference Leggy = Cruiser WRX = Sprinter all will have a bit of Pep, the 3.0 will make you want the 2L^T & the CVT will make you want a Manual best drive them & get a feel and don't listen to me my Newest car is a 2011 Hyundai, and (was) a 1998 Legacy but welcome to the forums!
  8. "Back" in the day (2009) we / I got sick of people posting the Ken Block : Gymkhana series over & over again so here's the 2022 thread! Travis does his best to not wreck a 600HP Leone Wagon
  9. I'm looking to bring my EZ-UP with banners if we wanna try roll in together (I had these made 10+ years ago etc) Falgs is keen for the "Grown Ups" ClubSUB display of how to have fun (not anti Boy racer but yeah : responsible etc https://jaredm-NZ.tinytake.com/msc/NzY0MDUzNl8yMDYyNzMzNw GF8 gang anyone / Wagon mafia? I'll likely be trailering mine down Anyone got a place to bunk down? for Joker
  10. haha yup CR2032? = Coin Radius 20mm x 3.2mm thick and DONT Buy $2 shop batteries : get the GOOD Energizer ones (more expensive the better) it's a false economy replacing cheap batteries more often
  11. Back in my day we rewound the Cassette Tapes with a Pencil hah soz but yeah didn't even know they came with those! is it the only thing that fits in the "space"? and I have a feeling we'll be helping other people with this in the near future at this failure rate let us know if youfind a fix or replacement or upgrade ❤️ never fun getting the first gen or version of anything (unknowingly)
  12. iirc 26 and 27 were the same with different exhaust housing? (or intake? side
  13. Still just a TT Leggy to most : very limited resale Market Doubt that'd be an "investment" tbh but if you like it, that's ok too 30k would be better spent on a fairly unmolested V1-6 GC8 or V7 /8 STI I am also out of touch with car world : I drive a Santa Fe' & the Gravel Express is Killing Lawn slowly
  14. there's about 7 pages of results for 18x8.5 some with pics aye https://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?/search/&q=18x8.5&quick=1 OK not a Bugeye but yeah look ok
  15. Eternal Head Gaskets here, and that weekend is Daughters Birthday etc Trip to Wgtn Zoo is about as far as we're going this yeah ❤️
  16. iirc the previous have been no Dogs sorry (only going by what the previous events) Falgs is a GC but yeah allow 1x & ya get all sorts of Growlers turning up eh
  17. also FYI https://www.facebook.com/groups/835745504078857/
  18. https://www.facebook.com/events/1235536986850058 Falgs has extended an invite to the entire @ClubSUB.org.nz community : we're hoing to gather as Many Subaru as possible under our Banner on the day Would be awesome to get the entire team down to Hardpark, even see if there is a way to hold a specific clubsub event around Hardpark, and help get some of these guys off the street and into legitimate motorsport. Event added to our Calender here : https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/114627633/falgoon-patel-i-am-a-car-enthusiast-not-a-boy-racer-out-to-cause-trouble
  19. until
    copy / pasta of https://www.facebook.com/events/1235536986850058 Falgs has invited @ClubSUB.org.nz to join as a Club so we'll see about roundign up the usual suspects, and some from 20 years ago forum Topic & discussion here :
  20. Joker


    (does the forum picture hosting ability help at all with this? or is it still too restrictive) @ClubSUB.org.nz
  21. 2022 and here's Possum Bourne Motorsports Blog post on the topic : (Flog a dead horse much) https://www.possumbournemotorsport.com/blog/technical-articles/subaru-closed-deck-vs-open-deck-blocks/
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