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  1. someone should cross post it on here https://www.facebook.com/groups/158978157909659 https://www.facebook.com/events/2144121785756059
  2. there's a post about the cars & Coffee on the Welly Club Sub Group page eh maybe link up :d
  3. at first I was going to say Knocking? / Ping etc (detonation) but that video is inconclusive to me : what Gas do you use?
  4. or the feet settling on the ground in a Hurry but yeah next WOF might be a bit un-nerving to see if there's any Sill damage (they can fail for that)
  5. Holy s*** near $3.40 for 98 tonight $120 to fill the Avenger!
  6. he's right you know (from 2018) was a fun wee search from the same thread and
  7. s*** yeah : thats why I love forums (vs Facebook Mechanic groups) actual real world info and credibility!
  8. next question : did anyone ever verify the "Ethanol is bad for your fuel lines" warnings? I understand from a quick google that's where the extra 2 RON's are coming from? (I'm always learning)
  9. where is 100 cheaper? I want to be there (I also wish I had a Subaru to daily
  10. 98 all dae any less is false economy 95 has to work harder to move the same lump = more gas used which overrides any savings at the pump do a few tanks & find out
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/467133216707948/posts/4864053543682538/
  12. I'm gunna assume you'd prefer 4 doors? for that price be lucky to fins a 2 dr eh, and a Wagon isn't quite as neat to some? saw a 238km Bugeye Wag on the FB just before will try find the post otherwise GC be the dream but any particular 'version'?
  13. I had to go looking for them the album starts here : https://www.facebook.com/flatnats/posts/5580745691940734
  14. here's a teaser from another forum members FB soz not seen any Playday (or even FN pix as of yet
  15. from the pics i saw there were some fancy Machines there! A white F1 road car of somesort
  16. nope : got something in mind? make a suggestion?& might be a bit late to try & make it happen sorry
  17. (some it seems are just finding out about Toyota's Buy in, in recent decades https://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/116189926/toyota-raising-its-stake-in-subaru?fbclid=IwAR3AJgbH9n8LX2Z6z44D9eZpxWwdnJzFqhS-4DPC3GIDGXIR2S3Cu5cz3jU SUPPLIED As well as increasing its stake in Subaru, Toyota also announced the two companies will develop a successor to the 86/BRZ.
  18. kooky eh : those "What if's" and some people learn the hard way yet when we try to warn them "oh noes you're the Fun police" (like "some" not getting a cert for certain things yet technically required for a select common mods like this, and yes I know Tails are not a cert item I'm alluding to others that I'm not specifying) such a BIG little word with only two letters IF
  19. until

    Quote Flat Nats 2021 Playday on Track are going ahead with the Manfeild track day on Sat 19 Feb but due to NZ going to Red, the event's now limited to 100 people as per Govt rules Entry is now only for those who've paid to track their cars. There are no spectators allowed, no pit crews, no support people etc.... Car sharing (more than 1 driver) is also no longer allowed. It's 1 driver per car If any of the above changes things for those already entered, then PM the page
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