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  1. Congratulations Richard and Jason, awesome result.
  2. Ditto to this, he did work on our car and would recommend him.
  3. I think it is the farm entrance opposite the house removal company just east of Judgeford.
  4. We are new arrivals in Chch and have seen prior and since the new rules. Chch has a phenomenon called the orange train, it is the flow of cars turning after the lights have changed to orange and red. Since the law change the orange train has grown as right turning traffic has had to queue the entire time the lights have been green. Chch needs more turn flow lights. Sometimes it is quicker to turn left then hang a u turn to go where you need to go.
  5. Don't count your chocolate bars yet!!!!! you may be less one after monday morning 8)
  6. CS Dad gets pensieve from cupboard, extracts relevant memory from mind, wait !! there is Scoobydoo in the passenger seat playing with his high tech HTC while others are working, the fog clears further and there are seen some connectors around the steering column, it is the black one with one wire in it that is unplugged, the door alarm is suddenly silent. Pensieve goes back into the cupboard.
  7. We went to the local Placemakers store in Paraparaumu on Saturday morning to meet Hayden Paddon. Got to say that I was mightily impressed by Hayden, very easy to talk too. All the best for the upcoming season, we will be keeping tabs on your progress.
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