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  1. Here is an aussie giving a review. CAUTION, language not safe for work in parts
  2. A mate has a bp5 legacy wagon this shape. These shouldn\'t feel sluggish as they have a higher compression motor 9:5 and dual avcs. Full boost (Around 15psi) at around 2400rpm on the twin scroll tdo4 and easing off around 6000rpm. I was quite impressed with these to be honest and really liked them. Check out the first column here http://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?topic=9604.0 from another member
  3. http://flatfourspecialists.co.nz and have a facebook page too.
  4. I have done one electrical one on a honda civic, the mirror sat on housing by a ball and pivot joint which you could pop off with a little bit of force. Not sure about Legacy. Perhaps local panelbeaters may know what the deal is. Failing that, dependent on price, you could buy the whole unit (Glass and housing) provided you can get a colour match. I know you have the housing etc and just want to replace glass.
  5. I have bought them in the past at Dick Smith as well, see link http://www.dicksmith.co.nz/product/S3523/dick-smith-cr1616-lithium-button-cell-battery-2pk
  6. Well just picked up my car from these guys and very impressed. Car is v3 sti ra running g4 link ecu, vf22 with deatchwerks fuel pump. 2.5 downpipe with the rest of exhaust standard. Engine is factory standard also. Perfect idle. Everything else works as it should. These guys have made the vf22 feel like my old vf28 that I just swapped from but with a heap of torque down low and plenty at the higher end. Hasn\'t been on the dyno yet but estimate a safe 200-210kw at the wheels on around 1.3 bar looking at the gauge. We are lucky to have these up and comer experts in Wellington and I suggest
  7. Here is a cheapish v7 sti wagon which already has the guards (Just needs the brembos) I know your preference is sedan but http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/wrx/auction-569565084.htm Pro drive sedan from a dealer http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/wrx/auction-571208756.htm or www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/wrx/auction-568076128.htm Probably highish k\'s for what you are after though.
  8. That\'s real good. Too many thefts lately in Wellington
  9. They just put a self service bp with 98 in Porirua to replace the pak n save one opposite pak n save. Doesn\'t even make sense if they are purging the 98 petrol after spending money on some infrastructure for it. So if 98 is going, what will everyone be running on? -95 Gas -Mobil Synergy 8000 (heard that ethanol not so good for subarus) -95 Gas plus octane booster (if it works) So everyone with a standalone or tuned ecu will have to get a retune to suit the new gas or sell their cars? Maybe today I will ask Porirua bp if they are getting rid of theirs soon and update this thread. Almost
  10. Here is a picture of mine from a v3 sti and appears standard Have a look, I imagine if it was aftermarket or something you would see \'Mines\' or Zerosports\'. It may be obvious when you do look under the cover. Connect the ecu plugs up and see if there any codes being flashed by the engine check light.
  11. That is awesome 1ce. I guess you may have been expecting the worst. Even the fact that you managed to find your car is good.
  12. Sorry, should of mentioned it is a manual Forester. (Located in Auckland)
  13. HI there, my cousin owns the above type Forester. She is need of a new gearbox. If we can\'t find a matching gearbox, will other Forester, impreza boxes bolt up provided ratio is 4.444? Plate here Isn\'t much on google for gearbox code, there is a pdf doc I found, and could see other boxes with same ratios and r160 diff but gearbox code slightly different. Any help appreciated. Regards
  14. Try Winger, I have dealt with them through email and normally receive parts overnight from them. http://www.winger.co.nz/parts-northshore.aspx
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