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Found 17 results

  1. Car - 2006 Subaru Legacy 3.0R-B WAGON with McIntosh factory 12 speaker system. So I have the standard issue that the factory McIntosh sub has split (I got it repaired at Axent Audio in Auckland but within a few weeks it had split in another place) so I am keen to replace it. I have fitted a blue-tooth kit to the factory McIntosh head unit as I quite like the factory set up, and basically couldn't justify the massive effort and price in changing out the head unit with it being interconnected with the dual zone climate a/c unit. I have found a replacement Sub which is a KENWOOD EX
  2. Gidday subaru family, got a 2006 Subaru legacy gtb stock auto, had a crack at replacing the spark plugs today, got 3 of the 4 done before ran out of light (and a bit of patience), questions are, is it ok to drive on the 3 new plugs with one old? And do I have to remove the secondary air pump plastic piece to get to the plug and coil out, passenger side rear? Help is much appreciated, cheers
  3. Hey guys, I'm wanting to lower my bp5 wagon for good fitment, what brands do you guys recommend from experience? I've been looking into Tein and BC Golds. I'll mainly be driving it on the street and the odd track day
  4. Hi Guys, I am looking to swap my Tein Flex Z coilovers and Hardrace camber arms (approved for LLV cert) for complete standard bilstein struts and springs. Reason is i never certed them and now am selling the car minus the wheels so am just going to return car back to stock and get it a wof and sell it. The coilovers are $2100 new and the camber arms are $330 - all details per below links. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/suspension-braces/listing-2205624296.htm?rsqid=6fb72f57ac3f4cfe8e1a70a1a524ef99-002 https://www.redlineperf
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can help before I hit up an auto sparkie. The climate control screen in my BP5 Spec B legacy has stopped working, the climate control still works perfectly fine, its just the screen that has gone. The Macintosh system still works fine too. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and can help me fix it. Cheers!
  6. Howdy folks, i need to repaint the whole piece of trim on the rear hatch of '08 gtb facelift. The piece that houses the reverse and fog lights, badge etc but cannot figure out what im missing, have the interior of the hatch off and found the obvious two 10mm nuts to remove but otherwise i see nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I have a BP5 JDM 3.0R-B, I was coming home back into Auckland from Rotorua yesterday, and on the dash below the tacho where the trip meter info normally shows how many km's of range left, km's done etc etc, a number "3" flashed up along with some Japanese writing for about 4-5 seconds and then disappeared. It did it 2 or 3 times. I have had the car 7 months/10,000km and never seen this before. It flashed up too quickly to have time to take a photo of it. Has anyone seen this before and know what it is telling me?!?! Cheers.
  8. Hey all, Just got a question about doing a 6 speed swap into my Legacy GT JDM. It's already a 5 speed manual, what would be required to make the change and how much roughly? Thanks in advanced!
  9. Can't seem to find any after market air intakes for JDM BP5s? Do Grimmspeed fit/work on JDM versions? Any recommendations would be awesome, thanks in advanced.
  10. Just wondering what people use? I've got a 2007 BP5 2.0 GT EJ20X\5EAT. Not sure I want to trust Ryco stuff :\ Oil filter ATF Filter (internal or external on my model?) Air filter Cabin filter
  11. Hi guys, I have an 03 Legacy wagon with the base (kenwood) stereo in it. I have an opportunity to buy the McIntosh stereo, amp and speakers with door cards for only $250. Just wondering if this sort of a conversion is possible or if it isnt worth the hassle? Thanks, Sam
  12. Hi all I just bought a 2005 bp5 legacy gt, its idling rough like a cylinder's misfiring, also rough when cruising at a constant speed, and seems to be running fine under acceleration. I've replaced air filter, air flow meter, spark plugs and coils, as well as putting an injector cleaner through. I've seen a few threads online of people with similar problems but no fixes that have worked for me. Does anybody know anything else I should be checking/replacing Thanks in advance
  13. Hi guys, been on this forum for some time but I'm not a regular user. Just a quick intro, my name's Manny and I drive a '06 BP5 - VERY HAPPY WITH IT I'm hoping someone can point in the right direction. Has anyone swapped out their front seats? My drivers seat is worn and there is a hole in it, rather than getting the seat re-upholstered it appears to be more cost efficient to just swap it out. I know there will be a few bolts to undo but is there anything I need to look out for? Is it fairly straight forward? In other cars I've owned there have been airbag connections u
  14. Hey guys, I have a BP5 Legacy GT with the McIntosh Stereo system. I want to remove it and put a new double din or single din head unit in and basically run new wiring to new speakers. I also have the Nav system and was wondering if I pull the McIntosh stereo out how this will effect the NAV system, like will it still work with out sound if I just leave the thing disconnected from the headunit.. has anyone done this? Basically I want to be able to use the Nav system for the information like fuel consumption and **** and can get the navigation changed to NZ if I want later. Or is it just bett
  15. Have just installed tein low down spec cool style master super wagon into a BP5 Wagon and wound right down it doesn't seem to be that low they are not platform adjustable and was wondering if any one else has installed these coilovers and maybe changed the springs to get them to sit a bit lower
  16. Hey guys, Seem to have blown a few of the speakers in the leggy, make popping noises at high volume. Assuming this is due to blown coils on the speakers not some other issue (???) whats the go on replacing the speakers with a full McIntosh system? Can i just put any speakers in there? Cant seem to find size/specs online anywhere does anyone have information about BP5 Mcintoshs? One of the speakers that's rooted is the sub, can i just replace that easy enough and use the factory amp? Any advice would be awesome! Cheers.
  17. Hi there, looking at freeing up the exhaust on my BP5. Have many people put a bigger exhaust on their 6 cylinders? Keen to get work done in Auckland.
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