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    Howdy team, Ever thought of a cool bumper sticker idea? something Subaru related? Now is your chance!!! We want your original one liners and slogans, things like: "Subarus, not just for Lesbians anymore." "Some hunt for diamonds (mitsi) the wise look to the stars (subi)" Post them up here, the best 5 will be made into stickers and available on our store, and the submitters of the top 5 will receive a full sticker pack (one of each) for free! Any if anyone feels like helping out with the design of these sing out! Its your club remember, we are just the "caretakers"
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    agree above. i wouldn't overthink it. i've seen roadcars and racecars go nugganugga take some basic precautions as previously mentioned and go enjoy yourself.
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    It's not a circuit car or rally car in standard form... the sump is fine for road racing.
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    You need to use BTSSM like tool or what ever the tuner uses. With SI Drive yes you can .. I have different requested boost levels for the different modes. If they do start seeing knock when it gets up above 5k .. I dunno i'd tune it to low safe then leave it alone. They will of course stop if starts knocking where it shouldn't but just be extra wary based on other peoples experiences. Manual's seem to tune different to the autos. Not sure if maybe a rolling road instead of hub dyno wouldn't be better too Oh and 3-port boost solenoid gives the tuner better control.. maybe consider adding that before starting
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    Autos seem to be problematic either for some tuners or in general.. I fully recommend checking the Learned Values in the ECU, if you are seeing lots of negative numbers that's not good, I think this would give an indication of overall health. If you find even in sport # it doesn't have punch then it might already be down on power/health. My engine popped on the dyno, new EJ207 short block + recond heads and '000s later its back to just above stock power levels
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    I'd go with GC8 being Version 1-6 which would easily be more than Half the Impreza's on the road or in the world more Legacy's have been produced but they 'generally' not driven as hard
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    I Know right My Bad Maybe name change it to Official Track Day Talk Yeah I was also wondering exactly that, I mean especially with it been more of a scooby issue, I've heavily tracked my ST's over the years and when I raced for the Citroen team in endurance racing we didn't have any worries about this kind of thing