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    Buy a standard v7 sti engine. Do fuel system, front mount and efr turbo with link. Will produce 300wkw and 500nm easy and should hit fill boost by 3800 ish
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    Hrm, so BP side feeds are actually a better option than decapped P2 yellows? Can't remember what people have tested decaps at, but I'm guessing you'd get a better spray pattern with the Legacy injectors?
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    To best to of my understanding it does offer on the fly tuning, it just utilises the factory sensors and loom.however the denso sounds like a pretty kick ass factory computer, how awesome of Subaru to allow us such control over our cars from factory. I got this car for a set of mags straight swap, with blown primary.smoking up a storm. And it just happens to be exactly what I want. I saw the car on Facebook and my mate who was down visiting picked me up with the mags and dropped me in West Auckland with the mags and my tools at this Tongan dudes house. I disconnected the primary oil feed an blocked it, and limped 2 hours home with no boost haha.good mission
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    Used the CNC at uni to make fuel rail adaptors for putting phase 2 injectors on a phase 1 manifold. Installed some BP legacy 550cc sidefeeds & rails i got for $30 off trademe. Turned out pretty good.