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  1. Might be a step even further back but Rev D intake manifolds are long runner. Seems like either way your set up will need to be adjusted but getting rid of the TGVs is a huge step in the right direction for space clearance.
  2. Look into V8/9 STI Long runner manifold. Doesnt use the TGVs which should help unless you need to keep the TGVs for whatever reason. Are you in Auckland?
  3. Needing 4x 17" wheels blasted. Im located North Shore but happy to travel. Any members on here work in the industry/have access to it? Would rather give cash to a fellow member if possible
  4. Went to pop in release bearing to pressure plate, heard the retainer ring pop off and fall inside the pressure plate.... tools down and walk away. Fast forward a few weeks, drop 6 speed out alone, remove and fit new Exedy bearing cage and retainer ring and reinstall gearbox. Photo shows the original ring on the left and Exedy on the right, difference being the diameter which would affect stiffness. 102720705_257260048866316_3296020440696848864_n by Aaandy Livingstone, on Flickr
  5. Took the old legacy skid racing last weekend IMG_2000 by Aaandy Livingstone, on Flickr IMG_1919 by Aaandy Livingstone, on Flickr
  6. Made up a bracket from scrap alloy angle using a grinder and a drill. No work bench so a jack and vice grips will have to do 24008530_10155981498886385_403940385_n by Aaandy Livingstone, on Flickr 24133852_10155981498756385_1728933710_n by Aaandy Livingstone, on Flickr 24008363_10155981498826385_56321444_n by Aaandy Livingstone, on Flickr 24133408_10155981498666385_2103538931_n by Aaandy Livingstone, on Flickr
  7. Should be fine with cutting the bare minimum and getting away with no cert. Old rs has piping under the headlight and passed vtnz warrants no issue.
  8. 5 Star alarm with standalone GPS tracker hidden in hard to access location. Siren hidden in unaccessible location without jacking up the car. Jacking up car = alarm to activate. 2 Kill switches. Another tip would be to disconnect the linkage on the key lock to stop them screwdriving the lock - only works if you have remote central locking.
  9. Automatic 94 legacy gt. Was "fast" enough for a 16 year old
  10. Being caught on mobile phone is $80 fine and 20 demerits. I personally think they should raise it to $150 and 35 demerits. Always see people at their phones at traffic lights and they dont notice its gone green until i toot then they decide to go through intersection at a late orange/early red....
  11. I got a AVS S5 installed few months back, seems to be better than nothing. Also due to Adikts unfortunate story i decided against the AVS GPS and went with Snitch GPS (Also being half the price over 3 years helps).
  12. Ideally just looking to increase traction and also be able to control the slide if the back kicks out. Havent had much luck with standard subaru lsds so looking to go aftermarket. R160 so can just buy the lsd unit and put my 3.9 crownwheel on it. Not really wanting it to be fully locked but somewhere around the 60-70% mark. What would your guesses be for how many kms it can go before a full tear down and rebuild? Just looking to do the rear diff and im not interested in pulling apart the gearbox just yet to swap diffs. Thanks for your replys
  13. Just a few questions 1. Anywhere that i can buy for cheaper? Currently $1800 without shipping 2. Are they better than factory lsd? As in are the worth the money
  14. Anyone had experience with a R160 1.5-2 way diff such as in the link below? https://www.rallysportdirect.com/part/limited-slip-differentials/cus-lsd-183-l15-cusco-rs-rear-lsd-1-5-way-r160
  15. Need some help with my sisters 4th gen 3.0 legacy. She stats that when turning on the car, there is a loud humming noise that will last around 20 seconds. Also after the car has turned off, loud humming noise lasting about 20 seconds. Have ruled out: -Still happens with no cds in the cd player -Still happens with the A/C off -Still happens with the fan/blower off Video below [video=youtube_share;ijTChBiKE7I] Any ideas?
  16. Best thing id do is get your quote from NAC, then ring YOUI and bluff them, get the quote over the phone from them and say youve found others cheaper and that should screw their (YOUI) quote down abit
  17. Yea might have to do something similar to that aye
  18. Haha im in the same boat here mate, i welded the bolt up with the crossmember hard on the chassis. Im going to look at replacing it because both bolts are stripping so will be a fair mission to fix. Sprung clutch. (It has springs in the clutch plate so assuming thats what you are talking about)
  19. Im regretting not skimming the flywheel as i believe thats the issue and my f'd corssmember doesnt help the cause. Only didnt skim the flywheel as i could only change clutches in my mates garage for 1 day on saturday and couldnt have stayed any longer while waiting for it to get skimmed during the week.
  20. Had old clutch on its way out so replaced it with a 6 puk heavy duty clutch. Old clutch used to shudder on take offs and when downshifting. Now that i replaced the clutch it is still doing the same thing but doesnt shudder if i rev it up to 1500-2000rpm for releasing the clutch. I didnt skim the flywheel because it looked in good condition with no hot spots or anything. - yes i know i should of skimmed it with a new clutch. What possibilities could there be that is causing the shuddering? Worn engine/gearbox mounts?
  21. Ok so in the process of changing my clutch we found that one of the bolts on the main big crossmember was stripped (nut seized onto thread) and nut was welded to the inside of a chassis box. Luckily we could undo the other bolt and swing it out to drop the gearbox. While putting back together the other bolt did the same thing and broke the nut of inside halfway during tightening so the crossmember isnt exactly firm on the car. This cause the crossmember or something else to hit something when the gearbox moves (taking off from a stop) What are my options in regards to removing the old crossmember and installing new ones with new fittings?
  22. Awesome will replace mine after i replace my buggered clutch
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