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    Before with it’s different colour guards and no bumper To this now. So very happy with it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Back to the circuit after the offroadin stint the other week. Had a bunch of issues with 5th gear, need to do the bushes and whatnot so I dont have so much play in each gear. Half a second slower than my PB last year. And the not so good bit of the day...
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    Definitely check to see if the airbag has been done. Subaru NZ are working with Subaru Japan to recall all imported Subarus that are affected. https://www.subaru.co.nz/takata
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    Recently just bought this BP5. So stoked!
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    After getting costing and mapping turbo spool and flow it seems the stroker is almost pointless and costs an additional $3200. Plus reduces the redline potential so it seems the engine is 2.0L again. Heads should be heading down to horsepower heads for the CNC next/this week. With new bronze magnesium guides fitted since they will be removed for porting and the current ones are a bit worn. If I get some time I’ll get video of the before and then some after. On the valve front if there is any Easter sales 1mm oversized valves may find the way in. These are needed but since most places don’t stock or sell the stock size inconel exhaust or undercut stems intake. Tomei have a full set and some of their stuff is just cosworth built. JE newest Ultra pistons have been ordered.
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    A few little things: 1, turbo oil drain modification to use -an fittings 2, removal of factory oil modine, replace with remote oil cooler and thermostatic sandwich 3, oil temp sensor install - doesn't really need engine removal but while it's out it will be easier. 4, go buy and fit an SAS baffle plate I am still debating a closed deck ej25 short block or biting the bullet and going big with an ez30 but that would be a way off. I also need to get new synchros for my 6 spd but would like some longer ratios too as it doesn't see much track time. That will be the next priority. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Yeah bud I've got one in shirley, message me on Facebook Hayden Lambert. Profile pic is me in blue shirt against my bh5 and cover photo is a bl
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    Aren't the pre-facelift 6mt’s different to all the others in some way too? Remember reading something ages ago about differences but really can't remember what it was.
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    If you can wait a while I have a friend who has amassed a collection of intercoolers and is going to be testing them all on a dyno - all different price ranges etc
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    Dang I still have some brand new underbody braces (Hardrace) and used Cusco, would've been cheaper than those whitelines That rear sway bar should make it handle so much better. Stock one is a joke.
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    Still have to pick valve springs as the titanium retainers I have work with most springs. Manley seem to be the cheapest and good to 10k rpm limit. Thinking that the buckets must add more weight to the Subaru valve train. Have to add new valve keepers as well so adds $100usd more. Cobb map sensor looks to be plug and play so can hit the 30-32 psi planned boost limit.
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    As far as my research that I did when I bought my bp5 with an ej20x I concluded there was no difference other then turbos.
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    quoting my old post, as it seems this one will sit right below old car in leader board but oh boy does it feel SO MUCH BETTER and it's mostly stock lol. Model: WRX STI V11 GRB Displacement: 2.0L stock engine Mods: PBMS Downpipe, PBMS Stage 2 Baffled oil sump, HKS catback exhaust/twin carbon tips (guessing it's 3"), HKS intakepipe/carbon box (doesn't make a difference but mentioning carbon cos carbon fam), PBMS heavy duty organic clutch Fuel: Gull Force 10 Tuner/dyno: PBMS/ Rollling road / Dyno Torque gonna be putting WRXMAS plates on it tomorrow, not sure why dyno date is showing like that, as he didn't even have the car back then haha i'm guessing default dates but anyways;
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    Hi Guys, Anyone in Christchurch with an engine crane/hoist they could lend me for a weekend? I can pick-up/drop-off to wherever. A box of beer for the lender! Cheers,
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    Cheers man! I'll get in touch. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Repaint those wiper arms man! Make it look much nicer. And a grille definitely. Looks awesome though! FeelsGoodMan to have a car all one colour aye!
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    Thanks@joker ! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    shared to the CS FB page hope ya get something soon! 1st comment is the hireopool for $50 / day pfft
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    Have no idea, but might have access to a cheap one to buy and then sell on trademe. Just gotta make sure that 1. People want them 2. It's not going to sit forever waiting to sell 3. I can make some sort of profit off it.
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    Yeah man can do. I also have a code for 15 percent off their customer service department gave me if you want it.
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    @Andy_Mac yes for the TVG it’s carbide and sanding. I was playing with stones and they clog up way to fast but make a nice job being bigger diameter. With carbide and a hacksaw a half day should be enough. Have mostly finished but waiting on heads before I make the final taper as I think the TVG needs about another 1.5mm bigger all around to match the heads. For the manifold the flapper wheels on a 200mm shaft should be able to get further inside than the carbide can to smooth it out nicer.
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    Yep stock fit flange for bov is already included, don’t remember there being a gasket but my bov bolted right on Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Are we talking the stock Subaru Flange? Because I took my intercooler pipe to a local fab dude, and it cost me $40 cash to get the flange for my Turbosmart BOV welded in place looking mint.
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    I've done two sets now with carbide burrs on the end of a 10v makita battery drill without cutting fluid. Hacksaw out the centre divider as close to the sides as possible then slowly work it down with the carbide burrs until it blends with the rest.
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    Sucks that it gets stung with tax now. Going custom on a good locally made core is an option still from fabrication shops and can get nice looking piping too. To answer your question about the HdI kit, it was pretty awesome. Very efficient and I did have pics somewhere in my garage thread about shining super bright light through it comparing against some other core to confirm it’s not just some S*** design (though my IAT logged before and after confirms this with real data) . My turbo was spinning out of efficiency range and basically blowing hot air so for the IAT to come down from ambient +20-30 range to ambient +3-10c range the hdi FmIC had proven it’s worth to me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The HDI kits look like a good option @Batbaruman was running one on his V7 and it did well. I think they are the better of the 'cheaper kits' A person in Wellington is working with a tuning shop as mentioned above is doing a FMIC comparison shortly so will be great to see if the cheaper ones work just as effectively. The only issue with the HDI kits now is you have to get them from AUS and may get stung with tax
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    Be interested to see these results, and how it's going to be tested. Size has a large effect on flow & pressure drop Agreed. ITL are good & cheap cores imo
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    New member, new to Suby ownership. Just bought '05 3.0 Outback, to park in Queenstown for regular visits from afar. 125000kms, mechanically perfect currently. Will need regular servicing to keep it that way. Can anyone recommend a service centre in Queenstown (or possibly Wanaka - we are based in Cardrona during visits). Cheers and TIA Audidude '05 3.0R OB '90 urquattro 20V '03 911 996.2 C2m '96 DC2R '96 DC2R K20a race car '18 Touareg V6S
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    Started grinding up TVG and realised there so much to take out especially to match the intake to the TVG. The intake manifold is about 5mm smaller in diameter than the TVG
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    Out of curiosity checked my ex 3.0R and she's due for a recall.
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    Do your tail lights work? Try checking the tail light fuse. Does the car have a towbar? Potentially could be a short in bad trailer wiring.
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    Wow, didnt realize hks would provide that sound(i guess i have to have the complete set up😬). Thanks bro for the nice input and from the time that you gave just to be in “detail” with your system. I definetly think about this as hks is easy to get too here in nz. cheersp
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    @gotasuby may have pulled apart enough to know if the comp ratios are different? A few have done the vf38->vf44/45 swap without a tune and they work well. Needs a tune to make the most of it but will work fine if just getting the car running is the goal for now.
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    Hi all, new here, Anyone know if there are any major differences between the EJ20X and EJ20Y model. Apart from the obvious, that the X is coupled with auto transmission, Y with manual. Have an EJ20X engine and looking at installing into a manual transmission legacy, keeping within the 4th Gen legacy for simplicity. Haven’t found much on the web, most information seems to suggest they are the same. Any info would be appreciated, Thanks
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    At a guess the turbo size difference and the difference in CR will be handled within the envelope of safety that the factor ECU provides. You can always put it on a dyno to check... worst case you will have to flash the ecu to correct or install a simple piggy back ECU.
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    Keep an eye on TM and FB, genuine ones pop up every now and then. Just make sure you get the one specifically designed for a 3.0 bumper (pre-facelift)
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    Looks like you can do a direct swap from all that info. You'll have a higher compression ratio, so more responsive off boost, and more power on boost. It will be more prone to knock, so use good fuel and be careful how much boost you put into it.
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    Finally found some time to install the whiteline goodies that arrived last week. Now just to find the time to see how it has changed how the car handles.
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    Can't wait to see how this turns out [emoji4] Sent from my BLA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Time to revive this thread my friends Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Found my old WRX on trademe. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2020777352. I thought they would return it to stock and then sell the aftermarket bits separately, but I guessed wrong.
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    Wheel alignments are done by the Racelign workshop in Mount Wellington, so they aren't included. The discount is off parts and tools not services. Just know that not everything you want will be in store on the day so send me a PM of what you want (and your rego) and I'll let you availability and if we can have it for the weekend. Sent you a PM
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    heh yeah : I've never used the insert media button
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    Subscribed members get a handfull of those cards with their welcome packs, or atleast used to
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    I went out for a Saturday drive to somewhere I haven't been before and took this
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    a friend sent me a pic of my old yellow sti v6. spotted in the wilds of lower hutt. it's lost the big wrx decal off the boot but still has the bbs wheels
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    One of the nicer photos one of my friends got last week. Underbody needs a bit of a tidy up
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    My stock bushes do have a lot of cracking, but doesn't necessarily mean that they are done from what I've read and heard. Anyway, I might change to whiteline bushings in a few months, thanks for the feedback