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    A few weeks ago I picked up a BH5 Legacy (first Subaru) for $500 from Gisborne, drove it to Auckland and this last weekend I changed oil, transmission fluid, both filters. Reattched the bonnet rod (the bar that holds the bonnet) (couldn’t remember the actual word) and got some OEM 17s quite cheap. And a few minuted ago I bought from Subaru Speed a full set of Bilsteins with STI pinks, hoping to do fit it all this week. Many parts of small rust need to be addressed, will get into it eventually. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got the report back from Link about my ECU..... So I did some digging.... It was the fuel pump keeping the ECU Online.... un-freaking-believable.... Makes a hell of a lot of sense why the thing was seriously troubled and wouldn't behave under any normal circumstances. This ladies and gentlemen is why you should be careful jump starting your car, because I tracked it back to the one event where the jump cables touched for a split second and that's all it took to kill my ECU. EDIT: Also, as an addition, the ECU shouldn't be drawing more than 1-2 amps according to Matt. So even a 5A fuse would be more than suitable. As such I've gone to a 5A.
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    The thing is though, they're very much 'same same'. The difference is, one has a heavy as all heck pressure plate, and one doesn't and they may have different friction materials but I doubt they've got more. If anything you may find more wear from the heavy duty. Also, with heavy clutches like the aforementioned also introduce other wear on the vehicle a lot of people don't realise. For example more load and wear on the thrust bearings, potentially causing early failure. Flex in the firewall (metal fatigue), because you're fighting to push down a clutch. Also obviously more pressure on the clutch master and slave cylinders, obvious reasons 😛 Theres more to consider as you'll probably realise now than just what sort of power the clutch can hold. Well intended I have no doubt but a learning point no less. Someone on here schooled me about it a long time ago lol.
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    Aaaaand the RA has now been tuned properly for e85. And only E85 haha Giving the vf36 a leaning on and pushing 1.5Bar of boost through the poor old EJ205, and she loves it! Good lord this thing goes far better than it did before. Bit of a kick in the guts considering the last engine cost me about 7k + some after it nuked and this ol 205 was nothing but $500 including a new water pump and cam belt kit!! None the less I’m bloody happy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mate, it's a non-turbo forester. A heavy Duty clutch here is way over the top haha Just go get a standard clutch from Subaru or exedy. Which ever is cheaper.
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    Went to the Waikato Field Days over the weekend. Did the normal thing of drooling over tractors that you can't afford, and don't need. Will say that at the Toyota/Lexus booth, they had a rather nicely spec'ed out LC500. Blue/chesnut interior with cream leather. Such wicked cars! And that Yamaha V8 Also spent about $3000 on Milwaukee tools. Will post the haul once it all arrives.
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    You got conned in the ol switch and bait tactic of bloody rental cars. They call it an upgrade but reality is it’s not and they likely charge less for that vehicle. Had it happen to me twice. Second time I wasn’t as forgiving and then I actually did get a free upgrade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Drove it after 5 days off overseas driving some mitsi asx over couple thousand kms... oh boy this thing feels zippy even in eco mode compared to that rubbish fake suv car [emoji2961] when I put it in sports # I got an amazing feeling that reminded me why I love the car so much Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Car: 2002 Legacy B4 (BE5) Tuned: Road tuned by Pappu on stock ecu (est. 180kw-190kw), Mod: 2.5" Decat exhaust Fuel : Mobil 98 Fuel economy : Roughly 7km/Litre in traffic, 9km/Litre open road Driving style : Daily Driven, boost here and there but mostly keep under 3k rpm.
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    This trooper... rocking no mufflers at all. Sounds like absolute farting crap.
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    No kink shame here mate [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Scaling is stock. Interestingly the tune runs half a psi less from halfway in the revs than the standard 07 equivalent.
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    Could also be a gummed up injector not closing fully. That would have the biggest effect at idle where the duty cycle is extremely low. The only other thing it may be is the scaling has been changed. May have had a tune in Japan for a different intake and then had the stock one chucked back on when sold in NZ. I should have time to check it tonight against a known stock scaling.
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    Get in touch with the guys at SAS or M45 Auto, they'll be able to help
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    got some off Andy_mac thanks though mate
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    I have a set in Auckland second hand
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    ditto, shed bound for now, might get it out for the Jappa Car day @ Tui Brewery on the 30th
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    Mines doing 5 litres to the year at the moment..
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    Car : 97 wrx jdm Tuned : v3 sti 6s ecu and vf23 Fuel : BP98 Fuel economy : 13l/100km ( run in time ) sits in garage till I get it revinned Car : 07 accord euro Tuned : stock with 270000km Fuel : BP95 Fuel economy : open road 7.2l/100km, 10l/100km, can get Dunedin to timaru return with more than 1/2 tank remaining.
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    Low price is subjective. The b series twin turbos really have tanked in value. It all depends on condition and how it's been cared for. I'd probably spend the bit extra and get a 2003 onwards legacy
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    Engine and transmission mounts are in, bolted up the header as well. Didn’t realize in my infinite wisdom that the header was a 3 bolt instead of the factory two bolt so I walked away for today. I’ll pull the turbo out tomorrow and put the uppipe in. Might as well do the inlet and catch can at the same time. Also I’ll probably just come up and check out one of the Auckland meets.
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    Interesting thread Loren! Did you end up with a divided or single entry uppipe flange? I remember RAC doing tons of testing years ago and ended up somewhere similar to where you are now. I made the .82 choice years ago when Tony had a 0.63, or some aftermarket 0.72 size housing he found. Compared to Tony's car, my 82 housing was bogging in third on tight corner exits and didnt provide enough top end to make up the difference on the straights, so i'd drop back about car length on every tight corner which added up to 2-3 seconds/lap. So it was either shift to second gear and lose time on the 2-3 shift, or bog in third. The 63 was faster simply by being able to stay in third. So I went back to the 63...
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    WRX - over the past two weekends I half Mother's 3 stepped the car with a Rockwell Polish/Buffer I got from Supercheap. I say half because I didn't have space to touch the passenger side, but I did claybar then use a Fireball nano coat type thing Here is the 3 stepped side: : Taken on my iPhone with a damaged camera lens, should have taken my DSLR with me.