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    A fair question, I was going to keep it a secret... but...
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    Had the bugeye tuned, made 269kw with stock location turbo pretty happy with the outcome. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Got some new tyres. The Laufenns that came on the car were both quite worn, and very sh*t. Some Continental MaxContact 6s work much better. Bit over kill for an outback, but better too good then not good enough. Also I cleaned it, looks less homeless now
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    Lets get this going again. For some reason the photos look real grainy, click them to get full quality Old Wainui Lookout: New- You are looking straight across the runway but unfortunately this location doesn't have street view yet.
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    rallysportdirect have a sale so likely ordered it more parts. perrin 25% off crawford 25% off and 30% on AOS 15% off everything else with the code at the top of their site. Noooooo they fixed it. Crawford 10% off now was 32% and 15% on top.
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    yeah around $1k +/- $250 for odds
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    Rapt are a good cheaper option or PF Auto if you want it done by the top level guys which is probably overkill. Could discuss with them a labour only deal and source everything genuine yourself from partsouq for a fraction of the cost of getting it locally. Still a big job though so 1k all up is probably not far off, this way you get the better genuine stuff than the cheaper alternative parts though
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    ok submissions are closed, and orders are open! http://bit.ly/CS2020Calendar GO!
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    Well... Totally know the place, lived under low flying planes for a while. But that would be someone else's turn. I moved to Tauranga.
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    OK so it's update time. I got a powered 4 port hub, and plugged that into the dc/dc convertor, and then fed the Tactrix and the Nexus from it. and you know what, finally it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The battery doesn't drain 30% overnight. Now when the car is parked during the day at work, or overnight at home, it loses 3% at worst, but most times either nothing or 1%. So a big thanks to Andy_Mac for that tip. Tonight I put in the FSL21 unit I got from Japan via Import Monster, the Beringer 202 I got from ebay, and also ran a USB extension lead to the centre console ( from the 4 port hub ) so either charge a phone in emergency, but more to be able to upload music to the Nexus without having to pull the dash to bits. So it's 99% there, I just need to figure out why google maps doesn't work offline most of the time.
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    all those who wish to recieve their calendar before xmas, the order is being made this friday!
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    Yeah the Tomei M8265 is great! however has been discontinued - I have a mate here in welly who has about 280kw on 98 and 320ish with e85. They have the smaller option available also which i am sure would be ok but you are rite the price is up there not much more for a EFR
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    I was going to put cams in mine before the tune just recently and was told unless im shooting for high power 300kw + they are unnecessary and I would mainly be buying them for the idle noise haha. You could always go for a bigger turbo which would normally have a bit more lag however it would shift that power band up? Maybe even have a chat to Steve Murch, he quoted me around $700 to modify my VF30 to make more power he said it would be better than a TD05
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    Alpha is only the older ones, pre-facelift BL/BP Legacy era. Mine isn't on the urgent Alpha list but does need it replaced.
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    So ive reset the ecv and have boost back on primary, only getting up to about 7 psi or so but may make adjustments to it later on after a few test drives
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    Mine was done when they replaced the original damaged dash, so don't have to worry about mine. If you are getting it replaced by Crowesport in Christchurch I can vouch for the good workmanship in reinstalling the dash. Wouldn't even know it has been out, no creaks, rattles or unexplained gaps
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    link shared to our Instagram : sorry Ray!
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    Sooooo bought another project car for a heck of a deal. She's been a very tidy car in the past (if you know the previous owner). But now needs some serious TLC. She'll serve me well while the 450kw build happens Not sure about the wing haha. Might swap it for a standard one. They are worth a bit of coin though!
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    Another update. The car was tuned last week by WRC Developments in Napier. I'm very happy with the results. Graham was very professional and definitely knows his stuff! The car feels the best it ever has.
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    @wrcfan21 if you are still looking to get your engine done bring it in and we'll get it sorted for you. I know it is a fair distance but it's well worth it for a solid engine that will give you no troubles. If you have any more questions flick me a message or give us a call again. Can arrange to get car or engine picked up as well. Thanks Pat
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    They hiked up their shipping prices not too long ago
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    I’ve been on and off list since my car crosses over the years.