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  1. Awesome! I did a similar thing a few years ago when I lived in Auckland. I popped out to go get some things from the supermarket, ended up on the motorway heading north and ended up having lunch in Warkworth.
  2. Try 22690AA501... Just saw that partsouq don't have any in stock.
  3. Changed transmission fluid in the bh5 then put my sti seats back in the bg5 then I was gonna change mid pipe and muffler but mid pipe didn't fit without the downpipes so will have to wait till I get another free day.
  4. Could always try China... https://m.aliexpress.com/s/item/32779303976.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&productId=32779303976&productSubject=32779303976&shortkey=YfiQ3Ib6&addresstype=600
  5. Will this work? http://www.staparts.co.nz/View-A-Product?id=23608&Productid=Induction hose Subaru airflow meter black 76mm - 80mm interc
  6. From strongs yeah? I saw that they were sold out and was a bit guttered I missed them. Good score for you though! Chuck up some pics once you have them installed!
  7. So far today I have replaced the rear sway bar mount bushes on the BG and have done oil and filter on the BH.
  8. On the BG Changed the front and rear diff fluid, changed the front diff drain plug to a zerosports number, fixed up passenger side steering rack bush as I can't have installed it properly the first time as it had a small kink in it. Also discovered a split outer cv boot. Still need to do an oil change, might have to sort that after dinner.
  9. Maybe loose heat shield on turbo or down pipe? I had some come loose on the primary side where the heat shield had perished and the insulation had disappeared from beneath it so the remaining shield was freely moving around.
  10. A couple from last week. Just taken with my phone...
  11. Installed boost gauge and modified the old gps under seat bracket to hold my stereo expansion unit.
  12. I'd be keen to help out!
  13. put a new radiator in the bg5. And yesterday chucked an old Headunit I had lying around in the mother inlaw's car cos we had to borrow it during the week and I was over listening to foster and Allen tapes in it.
  14. Replaced alternator in the rev d as the old one crapped out.