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  1. Good buy!
  2. Silly question, but it's not your brake pads being low?
  3. It's in the cars for sale thread - $20k
  4. If you want an RA, I have mine for sale but its not cheap...
  5. A version 3 STI RA in completely stock condition sold for $20k a week to two ago on trademe. People will pay good money for the right car. Plenty of STIs around, very few in tidy, original condition with full service history and receipts/invoices. Too many people claiming rebuilds but with absolutely no evidence.
  6. "Car is in perfect condition..." perfect ain't what it used to be
  7. I picked the car up from Christchurch and drove it home. I would much rather travel a little further for the right car than settle for one closer to home... plus it makes for a good excuse to drive it. More than happy for you to arrange for someone to come look on your behalf, I'm sure another forum member would be happy to do it... plus I dont know anyone on here so itd be an independent opinion. I can (almost) guarantee you wont find a better, original RA in NZ. Never know what someone has tucked away in a garage somewhere. Have every single piece of paper since it was imported, including pre-import inspection and every service for the last 10+ years.
  8. Getting tempted by an R32 GTR, and dont have space for two toys (well actually I dont have room for one)
  9. Gave it the full wash, claybar, wax and polish treatment to celebrate another flawless WoF.
  10. I could possibly be persuaded into selling mine...Completely original 97 STI RA. I won't be letting it go cheap though, so would depend on your budget and if it's what you're after. Flick me a message on here, or a text 0277762964.
  11. Doesn't sound quite the same - the shaking is definitely coming from the middle/rear of the car, not the motor (which i assume yours was as it was fuel starved?).
  12. So my 97 STI RA is shaking under load when accelerating anywhere past 100kph. It's not violent, but is a 'shudder' and sounds like a low pitch drone coming from the rear diff or possibly the drive shaft. I have brand new tyres and wheels are balanced, the shaking stops as soon as I take my foot off the gas and just coast. Theres absolutely so shaking below 100. Who is the best Subaru mechanic in Wellington, particularly with early models. The car has always previously been serviced at a Winger shop in various parts of the country by previous owners so am willing to continue with them, unless someone has a better suggestion?
  13. My mate had a 2017, with a Roush stage 2+ kit... was mental. Over 400kw atw, covered by a factory warranty.
  14. Nothing too wild, waxed the fk out of it and new tyres fitted. Michelin Pilot Sport 4, if anyone cared.
  15. I've noticed in my 97 STI RA that when lightly pushing the gas over 100km/h in 5th the whole car starts shuddering (i.e. keeping the car cruising at 105km/h). When i put my foot down it seems to stop. Its unnoticeable at any other speeds, can't feel it specifically through the wheel etc. There is possible a low-pitch drone from the diff, but assumed that it's RA that i'd hear noises that you normally wouldnt in other models, but the shaking doesnt seem right. Any ideas? Sorry for the terrible explanation.