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  1. No difference in suspension set-up between revs A-E.
  2. Urban selection series perhaps? Nothing extraordinary in this department though. Push start/keyless entry was introduced in MY08, shifters even earlier in MY06.
  3. There are two O2 sensors, are you sure you're replacing the right one? OEM ones are made by Denso, look up up the corresponding Denso part number and order one of those, significantly cheaper than OEM, direct fitment and everything. I had to order one a few years back, the cheapest Denso sensor I could source was from the UK actually.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong by RSK is just a turbo B4 (JDM designation), K stands for a Kompressor in German . Same as GT-B in a wagon form. The trim bits you're referring to are just optional part numbers. You'd need a fair bit of luck finding a complete bumper with all three bits still attached.
  5. Thinking of sanblasting some calipers - who's a trusted reasonably priced go-to in Auckland and how much should I expect to pay for a full set to be blasted? Thinking of restoring the Brembles myself and then selling for a $$$ instead of asking for a $ in their current state. People seem to be too lazy to pay less and re-paint themselves.
  6. 2.5i have CVT transmission, having some known service history will be beneficial. Do not expect it to be super economical. Some come well specd will keyless access, steering wheel controls/cruise control etc. Others can be complete poverty spec.
  7. MY2006 Blitzen
  8. Drivetrain is no different to any other GT of the same era (4th gen BL/BP 06/2003 - 06/2008) - i.e a single turbo. Porsche Design were involved with the exterior, again nothing to do with the drivetrain. Post some pics for us. Some JDM catalogue goodness MY2005 Blitzen
  9. Test-drove a Porsche diesel. Unimpressed and somewhat disappointed.
  10. What you get when you buy XForce 3.0R do get very droney if opened up too much. You need a decent resonator in there, or beefier mufflers.
  11. Redline used to (or still) sell HKS and XForce to suit. I had Fujitsubo and HKS systems installed on my BR. Fujitsubo was loud and droney, HKS was sweet as. Hardly ever anything used comes for sale as these are fairly new and do not get modified as much as the previous generation.
  12. He did not have any rubbing issues with the older rims though. Even if the struts are shot they're still not the cause of the rubbing.
  13. My prediction: New shocks in Still rub +35 offset is your main issue, as @Andy_Mac said you will need to remedy that by guard rolling and/or camber mods.
  14. Tuned by STI and probably the same ones on S402 too. Mine are a wagon version so yes will bolt right on.
  15. I'd probably get DBA rotors instead. Those thickened shoes are not cheap at all and could only find them in the UK. Was a few years ago though so might've changed now
  16. Subaru to ISO and the ISO to whatever stereo you replace it with Repco, Supercheap or Trademe will have them.
  17. Long gone sorry. Have STI quads if you fancy those.
  18. What does your steering wheel look like? I have a feeling that it is the same as a 2003-2006 (Rev A-C) Legacy and the same era Imprezas. Anyway, I reckon it might just be easier sourcing a steering wheel with factory stereo control buttons and retrofitting that. See here
  19. Correct. The unit is positioned in the dash. Incorrect. Completely different windscreens as the area where HUD is projected on to is distorted/has different reflective properties. Yes you can fit a normal glass but the HUD image will be blurry.
  20. If you're planning an insurance fraud might as well just delete this post. Insurance companies are not as dumb as some might think. And my $0.02. I had a heated windscreen of my BH5 initially replaced by Novus - installed a LHD made in China special with heated strip on the opposite side from where RHD ones are. Left a decent mess as well. After a few phone calls to my insurance company a new genuine glass was ordered from Japan. S&S installed it and did a stellar job. Though they were obviously toldb by the insurer to not furk it up or else they won't get paid. If bimmers glass gets farked I'd be going straight to the dealer and let them talk to my insurance company. Way too many sensors, cameras as well as a HUD set-up.
  21. Ultraracing do an underbody brace combined with the swaybar reinforcement brackets, Pro Wholesale in Tauranga should be able to source you one. Also Cusco do a kit. Tried both and UR will be my preferred option.
  22. This trooper... rocking no mufflers at all. Sounds like absolute farting crap.
  23. Haven't had a chance to have any measured runs, factory number is 5.5s. From what I've read GPS based meter apps are fairly inaccurate, not surprisingly. Will still give me an idea and a benchmark to compare to especially if I finally decide to do a remap. Just trying to convince myself and justify a price tag of $1k+...