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  1. Znoelli sell good performance pads also. Another idea would be to give ie Racebrakes a ring.
  2. No longer comfortable to ride it.?
  3. No tracking number was even mentioned, shipping was not discussed. You almost have to go out of your way to send things untracked and why the hell would you for the sake of saving a dollar or two. It's bullshit and the behaviour paints a picture.
  4. Still no dice, despite Dariusire stepping in etc. More people have stepped out of the woodwork and told me stories, always interesting. 'William' AKA Greg's DOBC name is RSK_Greg or I believe 'The Hunter'.
  5. Indeed, I'll be looking into it. As I said Facebook is completely unregulated and untrustworthy but you'd think these two at least would be above suspicion. Not so.
  6. I'm still debating with myself about posting all the details but basically I've had an issue with something I bought, multiple excuses followed by saying it's been posted, item not turning up, sale then suddenly turning into a sale on behalf of Brian Manning, given another postage date, item still not turning up, asking what they're going to do about it then being ignored, asking for a refund and being ignored, then when I said I'd take it further threats and abuse. For people that appear to be reasonably well known and respected it's a S*** way to conduct business and I've essentially been ripped off. 'William' s real name is Greg, incidentally I know it's Facebook and beware, but for all the people that talk these guys up they evidently can't be trusted either. Just a heads up.
  7. Has anyone dealt with a 'William H Bonney' on here before? seems to admin 90% of them. I know he's on here somewhere but I can't recall his user name just now
  8. There's proper spark plug gapping tools with gauges and a head for properly bending the plug, js
  9. I'll take ya down from Wellington lel
  10. You'd be right on that count, there's a ball bearing that acts on an arm which locks it, same thing that causes it to lock if you yank on it quickly. This one wasn't unspooling no matter what I did so I had to open it up and remove the bearing and the arm it acted on.
  11. Changed a seabelt, which involved pulling the mechanism apart on the replacement cos it got retracted fully, stuck and wouldn't unroll. What a pain in the ass
  12. Motorcycle oils have no friction modifiers in them as they run wet clutches bathed in engine oil and the modifiers will ruin them. You're far better off running a proper automotive oil.
  13. I'd love a Baja, lowered and turboed
  14. Better wait til I get there