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  1. the stock solenoid can be replaced with a mac valve.. the downpipe is an excellent mod.. pm me
  2. if you are in Auckland, i can help out as done a fair few of these models the stock controller is good and so is a quality EBC. boost should not taper off that bad what mods have you got on it
  3. the factory fitted boost solenoids that come on the efr turbos - are they just a bleed valve or a proper interrupt style 3 port solenoid (mac valve styles)? the turbo booklet referred to them as bleeding some boost away.....
  4. @Loren what sort of exhaust housing do you have? is it a full TS housing (what specs?) or a TS inlet to a SS internal - the TS flange removed internally on the exhaust housing...
  5. the SS looks so much better than the TS mine is not even making gate pressure .. IWG @ a8psi.. makes 11psi only
  6. hey man, im having a similar issue with facing fails on a GTx3076 Twin scroll (subaru housing) has a 0.71AR according to the supplier with 56 trim... what fuel are you using for that 307kw tune? have you done any cam work (AVCS?) starting to loose faith in the turbo....
  7. not tried to map the auto box as have only mapped the ecu for the auto cars... seems to work fine if you drive to what the box likes...
  8. basic mods like catless downpipe and a fuel pump upgrade (for safety) along with a tune nets good results all around.. a catback exhaust is good as well if you want the additional sound and worth a little bit more power .. have open source tuned both auto and manual versions and they both like that approach.. a bigger top mount wont go astry seeing as how cheap they are these days.... limit mods to that as that is enough for the stock turbo and you will have a fun and responsive daily driver...
  9. is the r7 detectable by the police "rader detector" detector unit? also, does anyone want to sell their Bell STi XR unit? (asking for a friend)
  10. if you want something that is quiet and still have the flow, i would recomend the xforce quad tips unit almost like stock but has seen 300kw on the dyno
  11. the rev d ecu runs the single setup better but you have to have the matching manifold and sensors as they are different to the rev b u have.. also you are right about the crank wheel being different as well so swap to a rev d or v7 type
  12. hoping it goes superb do sing out if u need a hand ok
  13. hey man, 19psi is ok for a tuned v9 to hold usually drops in the higher revs .. with catless exhauts, they do spike a bit and normally its the spike that could be the issue .. either way, with a good tune, they get safer and can run that boost well.. will pm u.. is your one a black v9sti? surprisingly, we just tuned 2 black V9's in the last few weeks with similar setups...