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  1. good results!!
  2. 1.5bar is a bit high - no mods at all? might be just a spike? no leaks on the vac lines?
  3. if there are confirmed entries, i can see through and find what my local dyno place would do.. in Manukay btw
  4. that was a while ago. stock vf30 and top mount with exhaust and aggressive reflash.. LOLGTR had a 10 comming from all the hard work put into it and great to see Matt planning to push it more Go the suby!!!!! well done boys
  5. just a reflash is perfect and all that feature is availble on the stock ecu there is a 0 cost for ecu in the rev d change over to single turbo you can do a greddy piggyback if you want to but its not going to get anythng the stock ecu cant have tuned a few with td06 and they go pretty well
  6. what he said above.. done a few and they all were really easy
  7. possible ..200kw... yes all in the tune i guess cos the mods are up to the task for this
  8. potentially vf45 seems to ring a bell.... whats the deal with a nanny ecu lol
  9. something twin scroll vfXX .. pretty sure what the 07 gtb came with dont know the numbers off hand.. the ecu was stock tho as we remapped that for that setup.
  10. was the stock turbo off a 07 gtb legacy i believe had front mount and exhaust and boost controller engine was a v7 207 short block with legacy heads actually could have made more but we stopped there as owner was more than happy on that.. i reakon 230+ should have been achievable
  11. fair call - normally one would port the ecu to another known good map and start from there... either way i suppose no point trying to save face on the stock ecu as Link seems to be the way here..
  12. the BL heads do make good power.. we had one running 224kw on a BL setup with some basic mods and still on subaru turbo in stock location
  13. i dont knoiw but might be something specific to your BL.. a few i did seemed to respond ok to what boost we aimed to .. anyway how abt a EBC and that way no need to do the link swap?
  14. cheap option - cut the maf pipe out of the airbox and put a pod on the end of it and a nice alloy pipe to the join by the manifold looks good (dependgin how well you cut it) and works fine no need for retune in that instance ( on stock boost anyway)