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  1. Hey man FYI please do get details on what they will do as i had a misfortune of dealing with euromarque (chch) and they did an amazingly poor job and i had to spend fixing things they missed .. just a heads up for u thats all for whoever you end up using
  2. where are you based now? be good to see a utec in action..
  3. thats a solid list... dont think u need any more to getb some good power outta the setup .. thats kind of what we do for most 20g packaged cars..
  4. i can help out if you are in auckland or can travel here...
  5. the rotated setup would be nice ID 1000 work great as used on a few cars that i have tuned. FMIC - dependinig on budget u can also do mushimoto as they do a good unit exhaust - you will need to get some custom fabrication done have u got a shop that has done this for u? @Subirex Automotive would do a nice build if you are looking for suggestions.
  6. if you tune for 95 and fill 98 then there is no problem at all... looks like a trip to chch then
  7. e-tune is a ticking time bomb in my opinion - you would be better to go see a specialist especially with the knocky sgt tune from factory e-tune is when someone sends you files to upload and u send them logs the issue is that if a serious knock happens while pushing the map then you have no protection till the new map arrives plus you could blow things up even while logging it.. just my 2c
  8. if you were in auckland then i could have helped out with this as well.. but yea man the reflash is a good way to customize the tune to your set of mods so its safe and makes the best power it can safely
  9. yea lesson learned on that .. but in all honesty whats the point of having an independent pre-purchase inspection done if the report covers nothing as per usual the plan is to get the inspection report to find faults so you either negotiate a price or get it fixed or budget a fix when you do get the car.. am i unrealistic in expecting some basic items to be picked in a pre-purchace inspection? I have never used them before but its an advertised service which i paid for and would reasonably expect at least visual items to be noted (even a wof picks these things and i paid more for the inspection) this is just my personal view of the service so not sure at all who else had any issues or not.. anyway im wanting to claim for then meeting partway for the repair costs only so not even full costs. i dont see that as unreasonable?
  10. cheers bro - yea so far have just been calm as i know there is no point getting all angry remotely.. you mentioned that the law was on their side - how does that work? as im thinking if i should do some legal action as this as feeling really let down..
  11. highly not recomended they missed a few other things like the suspension bolt was loose (holding on by 4 threads only) i had stock suspension put in as didnt want un-certed adjustables dont think they put the car on the hoist/jack even...
  12. thanks for the updates. I paid for the PPI and had called and asked them over the phone specifically about leaks and was told all visible leaks will be reported. The Power steering is very obvious in a Subaru ej207.. They are now saying because it was booked in by the seller (it was in the sellers possession so obviously they had to book it in) , they cant do anything. I had the seller write to them that the PPI was done for me but they are using that as grounds not to answer any questions. @SpeedySub - car was a private sale and PPI organised through the company the report was more like a wof sheet that noted tires and paint bits on the bumper no mention of any oil leaks I had the car delivered via a transporter straight to another subaru shop when it arrived in auckland and they immediately pointed these things oit - and its part of the wof e.g. broken headlight mounting. @Gripless - was a wof sheet and an email with some minor bits they mailed . looked like really good hence the price i paid. the PS pump and headlights are not a huge deal in the scheme of things BUT an added cost that could have been negotiated in the sale price and not having to fix it now Im not happy with the PPI (the car itself is fine)
  13. I need help and advice on a PPI gone wrong Recently bought a car and had a PPI done from : Euromarque 15 Walker Street, Christchurch, New Zealand I called and had asked specifically about what all they did and after getting the car delivered to a workshop in Auckland, we found some important things they had missed. The headlight mounting is broken and the power steering pump is leaking (old leak as can see the oil is there for a while) these are all visual things when you open a subaru 2007 sti bonnet (being as the power steering is right on top) They missed it and now when i asked about it (as the price i paid was based on that issue not being there) they are saying its not their responsibility to have noted it in the PPI. what can i do in this case because i feel ripped off being as its a purely visual thing to pick up on a PPI ..
  14. been looking at stock location turbos but they all seem to be not for a proper 300kw.. thkinking of making a jig for a twisted TS we all can have some evo killing machines
  15. If the cost were approximately the same , what setup would you guys be opting for; (setup includes- turbo,matching 3 inch downpipe , uppipe mods, oil/water fitting, intake setup etc.. ) 1) stock location 260-280kw turbo setup 2) twisted 260-350kw setup