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  1. i find that having a cat makes it not pop while doing testing might be the reason...
  2. maybe it was compensating for the clogged sensor and the new refreshed sensor was unexpected good job for the sort out tho!
  3. this rewire does make a difference actually.. did a pump hard wire on a B4 legacy and the injector DC dropped a fair bit with the same AFR in place...
  4. nothing behind the glove box that turns up the boost - unless its a hidden boost controller setup there from factory there is no wiring there to do any boost changes. the pump change is just a safety measure and also means after a tune you will not be potentially running out of fuel pressure etc.. check the boost solenoid and see if its still stock and maybe peek behind the glove box in case it does have a hidden unit for the sound - ur stuck with the twin scroll sound but with the right muffler it does sound pretty nice (i somewhat prefer it over the traditional one actually - the x-force mufflers seem pretty good but im sure there are others) what was the result of the compression test?
  5. hey man, strictly speaking - the cat delete does NOT need a tune in this model ecu But the higher flow it allows will be best to get a tune so you dont run into fueling issues etc the boost may be raised due to the higher flow and thats where the issue is: it may not be fueling right for that flow since 22psi was never a stock option on that model. Also, how did he turn the boost up? is there a boost controller in the car? maybe turn is down for now? Confirm as per above : no vac lines are leaking what fuel pump you running if you are ok to make a trip to South Auckland, then i would recommend @Subirex Automotive for any maintenance that needs to be done. diagnostics can be done there and also tuned for the ball of mods you have
  6. need to know what all is on the car and what all is planned as part of the ball of mods plus some people prefer different things (power,spool, loud noises...) - no single answer fits all hence we always do custom maps only .. and agreed with Boon - straight pipe will be LOUD and announce your car when you enter your street ... and needs a wof time plan as well cos will be above the DB reading if they test
  7. hey man, have done that to the same model as u you can remove the cat and get a straight through turbo back exhaust a tune really livens up the car. Pm me and we can have a further chat
  8. what area you are in? im in no way saying this has not been done before but just curious what was the issue they faced with the stock ecu specifically we have done a fair few davcs legacy in that year range so should be something we can try out .. but then again somethings are not meat to be like 5 speeds and 300kw
  9. i know of a 270kw BP legacy that had a similar turbo in not better.. on stock ecu yep link does have a good feature set - agreed on that still dont see the point of spending all that money and time making a link work when a properly tuned stock ecu will do the same sorta job. we have done hx40 on stock ecu as an example.. not saying to not use link at all - just that questioning every mod is a good way of making sure you get the best items in place and nothing thats not needed... so more like whats the actual justification for the link here?
  10. why not use the remapped stock ecu fully for the setup - sorry not up to speed with the build but unless you have some huge power needs that cant be controlled, the stock ecu' s seem pretty good these days...
  11. great! ok ask them if they have that in there (can be done in open source so with the expensive ecutek they would have that availble free i would think... )
  12. little bit of rewiring a few sensors in and then setting some custom table limits in the ecu may already be in the ecutek actually (i dont have ecutek so cant confirm but ask pbms and they can tell if its there) - ask and update ok bro (ur getting ecutek done ya?)
  13. hey man, Oil temperature - nope Oil pressure - is more like a switch action for warning light Fuel pressure - nope its possible to use the oil pressure switch perhaps as a failsafe and have some logic on it but there are ways you can get a fail safe triggered in the stock ecu but will need to put aftermarket fuel pressure and oil temp sensor
  14. as long as u dont use euromarque for the inspection - they do a shittier job than a blind racoon
  15. what he said above a tune makes the best of the setup you can message them on their website: