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  1. ISo any more thoughts on this?? Judging by the polls its Mangawhai on the weekeng of the 19/20th? Keen to make this a thing! As well as @Individualities I have very little knowledge of the area. The Mangawhai Tavern ive heard good things about for lunch then possibly Mob up to langs beach? The Kai iwi lakes meet a few years back was a sweet spot and we all got hella burnt but was a long haul for the aux fullas Any more ideas / suggestions??
  2. Why thankyou Sir :-)
  3. Keen fir this
  4. Possibility this one has been here before but here we go
  5. That black looks so goood! I love black cars for about the first day after cleaning
  6. ** Chirp** ........ **Chirp** Very quiet in here! Here we go. All cleaned up an puuuuurdy Who's next??
  7. Sweet thankyou, will do that
  8. Got another project in the pipeline? I see the old BF leggy in the background
  9. They have been modified internally, painted all the framing and some of the chrome parts flat black so they do look quite a lot darker than from factory. Also removed the orange lens from in front of the indicator and fitted "Invisible" amber bulb to take away any of the orange colour. Subtle but different Thought about it but prefer the darker ones
  10. So, i started a new topic in the wrong place. Have Transferred and started another one in the correct section. How do I / is it possible to delete the thread that i started? I might be being blind but im not seeing a way? Cheers!
  11. Nooo! Time to move it on? Couple of not so glorious snaps from this arvo #lookinroughndirty New clips on the way...
  12. Love my 003's, Nuff said. Got sick of the low life and decided to lift my lancaster... Can i still play?
  13. Lookin goood! When those rear brembos going on? Front is nice with the gold :-D
  14. Thanks! They just some TRW's from repco. Nothing special but do the job for now. For sure! Keen as a bean Do it, go ooon
  15. So good to be back on good rubber, previous were Imperial something or other. Rock hard. The bridgestones are a nice ride and look sleek! Anyone have any ideas for a place? Mangawhai was somewhere inbetween that came to mind. And late October? Im easy on time but want to make it easy for everyone.