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  1. Lookin goood! When those rear brembos going on? Front is nice with the gold :-D
  2. Thanks! They just some TRW's from repco. Nothing special but do the job for now. For sure! Keen as a bean Do it, go ooon
  3. So good to be back on good rubber, previous were Imperial something or other. Rock hard. The bridgestones are a nice ride and look sleek! Anyone have any ideas for a place? Mangawhai was somewhere inbetween that came to mind. And late October? Im easy on time but want to make it easy for everyone.
  4. Got a couple of random snaps thisarvo while unloading goodies On another note, what do we rekon about a meet up of some sort? Maybe Mangawhai? Somewhere nice in the middle?
  5. Aaah I need to get down there at some stage but still procrastinating with getting it done... and getting distracted with other projects
  6. Seems to have gone a bit quiet here, anyone got some fresh pics?
  7. Aaaah im a bit late but that sucks! Get it sorted?
  8. Setup is looking good, Loving the front fitment! Put mine on some 17's with tiny tyres, looks like filth
  9. To me stretch has to be all or nothing, i prefer a clean straight looking sidewall. But thats just me being nit picky :-) Update on the wag,new(er) long block still sitting on the floor, slowly swapping parts over from old. loom, water hoses, knock sensors, cam cover gaskets, fuel rails. Have intake mani gaskets due tomorow and will be getting new sparkies next week. Then it will be plopped back in, all going well that is!
  10. Aah yep, im on the same fitment atm but planning to go the same tyre in a 235/40 so one size wider and one size lower to get the sidewall flat. The silver on silver looks mint!
  11. Looking sweet! What size tyre and rim? Wanting a nice straight sidewall for my next set of tyres
  12. Heres my baby
  13. Sadly my phone wont play ball but tab is sweet Managed to dodge the rain and get the toys clean Also the bottom ob from insta is on point! Such a nice wagon.. Jelly much
  14. ^^This is annoying. Any ideas? Would be mint! But no. As they say though, Maybe next year
  15. ^^ cant figure how to delete this bit. But Im getting another factory ecu next week that I can modify and make a short plug in loom between the existing one and the link. I know your not too fond of them but ill be getting sublab to hook it all up and get it running safely, also to sort any gremlins with the vdc/abs bullcrap.