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As per what the guys down in Christchurch are doing, I thought it would be appropriate to start an Auckland tag car in photo game.

Here's how it works:

You drive some really nice road that you think other members should be driving

Find a spot on the road that is identifiable

Take a photo with your car in the shot

Other members have to take a picture of THEIR car in that spot

The first member to find the spot is next

Sound good?

I'll start with this:


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I went after work yesterday, hence the difference in view (and my fog lights are on because its foggy!!!) Thank god someone posted what road it was on, because I Didnt have a clue! Ended up driving the lenght of scenic drive, which was quite fun ;D

Heres mine, should be pretty easy


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wow, this is one of those places all aucklanders should know

im hopefully going out to progear on tuesday (new lens if the check clears). . . if its not taged by then, we will have it with a holden in the picture as its just round the corner :P


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