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  1. Do you mean more for SF5? I have the sg5 and it fitted well excluding the downpipe. That was prior to meeting mr propane torch and mrs hammer.
  2. Nah the dude was stumped. Had no idea why it wouldn't fit. I could have possibly looked for a different steering knuckle but thats more money and I'm not even sure what would fit. I wasn't happy to have to hammer it but I also wasn't going to call it quits after I was this deep in.
  3. I looked for a Genome muffler for months. Nothing seems to come up on trade me.
  4. Called redline. Guy on the phone basically said he has no idea why it doesn't fit, so I can send it back if I want to. Nice guy. Soooo....Looks like it's Hammer time.
  5. Would using an STI steering knuckle also work? I see they aren't as bulky as the one i have now.
  6. For those of you who prefer a thread with pictures. ( this is from under the car ) Even with the knuckle detached, it still sits hard against the downpipe. I mean, how important is steering really?
  7. Not sure. It did specifically say SG5 forester but its definitely possible they sent me the wrong kit
  8. So I bought a 3" turbo back exhaust kit from Redline performance for a forester sg5. Finally got it all together and the down pipe won't clear the steering linkage. I can only assume this kit was made for left hand drive vehicles. Has anyone bought a similar kit or had a similar issue?
  9. Can we still see pics?
  10. That's a pretty good price for all that. I paid 86 nzd for the same stuff from partsouq but had to wait a week and wasn't 100% sure if i had ordered the right gaskets . ( I had ordered the right gaskets, but still...)
  11. What's does a full set contain? is this for both sides?
  12. So you've been back to the company that did the work and shown your concerns? If you have and they aren't interested, I'd take them to small claims.
  13. Bleed the brakes in a mates Safari... I may have stolen one of his rims...
  14. Cheers guys. I should stop listening to what the yanks have to say.