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  1. I just got this kit a few months ago. Didn't include the up pipe. Had to buy that separate. Fitment was shite but for the price id do it again.
  2. Low kms for the age. Have you checked it on carjam?
  3. online photo upload site V8 and NOS badges....
  4. Hey @RAYDEO, I entered and paid for the amazing race a few week ago. Can you please confirm it's been received?
  5. Got my muffler silencer jammed in and couldn't remove it. Made up this Ghetto set up to "gently tap" it out.
  6. I'm not chasing big Kw's so im not bothered.
  7. Even at the most narrow point where I've had to bash, it's still far wider than my stock pipe.
  8. A member chat room? As in, a pop up box with who ever is online, talking smack and maybe asking questions that don't really require a post or a PM?
  9. This was the final result. It's ugly, but it does the job. ( Like my high school girlfriend ) Lucky it can't be seen from the top with the heat shield and intercooler in the way.
  10. I can't seem to find any information on this anywhere on the internet, other than this forum.
  11. Think thats Matu and Mana
  12. Is there an up to date fix for this? I seem to have a small amount of oil in my loom.
  13. Do you mean more for SF5? I have the sg5 and it fitted well excluding the downpipe. That was prior to meeting mr propane torch and mrs hammer.
  14. Just paid the cash-izle for the amazing race. Should be a few of us from the Naki coming to the meet. Not sure how many are actually on the forums though.
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