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  1. Any idea if you need some sort of camber correction kit with lifted springs?
  2. Plus for any kind of suspension lift I think you'd technically need a cert? Not for the lift springs but for the strut spacer blocks.
  3. As shite as getting that redline to fit was, for the price I'd do it again.
  4. Hey bud, Welcome to the forums. Can't help with the cruise control sorry. What makes you want to add it?
  5. Completly agree with fozze. Best bang for buck but be ready with a propane torch and a hammer.
  6. That could work. Also the problem with the redline muffler is i had to remove my towbar
  7. Drags not really my thing, but I'm sure with the right dress and makeup, you'll be fine. photo upload without registration
  8. Sounds like dawg shite without the silencer and sounds stock with the silencer in. I'm going to replace the muffler with a Genome muffler when i can track one down. If you have a forester then the steering linkage needs to be from a forester sti. Other sti linkages are slightly shorter. Im guessing since the fozzy has a factory body lift but I could be mistaken.
  9. "Persuasion"
  10. I just got this kit a few months ago. Didn't include the up pipe. Had to buy that separate. Fitment was shite but for the price id do it again.
  11. Low kms for the age. Have you checked it on carjam?
  12. online photo upload site V8 and NOS badges....
  13. Hey @RAYDEO, I entered and paid for the amazing race a few week ago. Can you please confirm it's been received?
  14. Got my muffler silencer jammed in and couldn't remove it. Made up this Ghetto set up to "gently tap" it out.