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  1. I've got Tein springs on mine, ran that for awhile. Performance over stock was noticeable. Then upgraded to Whiteline adjustable rear sway bar and Anti Lift Kit, now the car handles great with a massive reduce in body roll. I don't track my car so that was the perfect balance between performance and comfort.
  2. Any reason why you are just wanting to do a fmic? Is it for looks? As others have said you prob wont find any difference with a fmic to the stock tmic without a tune... You'd be better off getting all the parts together and then tuning. Also recommended to install an upgraded fuel pump too, last thing you want is to run lean. Better safe than sorry.
  3. I've got a soft spot for the GRB sedans, really grown on me over time. However for how much they are going for, 30k+. I'd much rather the Lexus IS F: 5.0L V8 Japanese muscle, direct competitor to the M3/RS4 but with that Toyota reliability. Would love to own one some day...
  4. Any recommendations for Wellington? Been meaning to get my fronts and back done...
  5. I know the later models (2008 up) don't seem to take full exhausts very well without a tune, but the GD chassis I think the ECU is a little more forgiving. In some cases you can actually loose power. To be on the safe side, I would recommend a tune. If you just want the boxer rumble, you'd be better off with just a Cat back.
  6. I've got the Redline kit, it's considerably louder than stock. But as others have said, its great bang for buck, aside from some minor fitment issues... Divorced vs Bellmouth: Technically Divorced would be better as it separates the exhaust and wastegate gasses, but IMO all the same to me. Will you be buying the parts then installing them in one go, or are you going to be adding gradually? Going from a restricted stock exhaust to a free flowing one changes the back pressure, the ECU needs calculate this. If you want the greatest gains from your mods, you're going to need a tune.
  7. Yep, here's the link:
  8. Bugeye Wagon owner checking in! :-) I've got a mate selling his v7 Sti Wagon, are you part of the NZ Subaru Enthusiasts group on FB? If not, join the group and click the "Items for Sale" section, his is the Blue one in Wellington.
  9. Yep that's exactly what I was thinking when I was looking at mine... It's just a gauge... But do it once, do it right. I've never had any problems with mine.
  10. I spent a whole bunch of time researching this when I got my boost gauge, ended up with an AEM electronic: I've read mix reviews on the Prosport Electronic, some are lucky and haven't had issues. Others have had multiple issues with the electric boost sensor and the motor inside the gauge that drives the needle. Mechanical are pretty simple and do what they're meant to, however depending on what tubing you use for the vacuum line these can get brittle over time, and if you get a kink/bend in the tube the readings will be off. I decided to go with a digital display on mine, was a lot easier to read and I liked the look of it. Innovate/Defi also make great gauges.
  11. Car: WRX STI 2001 (Wagon) Tuned: Tuned: 211kw @416nm, 3 inch turbo back, Deatschwerks fuel pump Fuel: BP98 Fuel economy: Around 360 km on 50L tank, mix of hard/casual driving - Just did a trip up North, about 420 km highway.
  12. Yep I have the fusion one. Note, if you buy the unit itself it doesn't come with the wiring kit.
  13. Installed an under seat subwoofer, nothing too doof doof, just to compliment the existing sound system. Also installed a 24mm Whiteline adjustable swaybar and new Whiteline endlinks, car handles like a dream!
  14. Awesome, thanks for the info all! FYI Super Cheap Auto currently have a Tools and Fluids sale, and if you're in the Wellington region the Lyall Bay store is closing down so might be able to pick up a few more things at discount.
  15. Hi All, Before I ask, sorry for the noob question and if it has already been covered (I looked through the search but couldn't find much). I'm wanting to do my own transmission oil change, just wondering what is the best oil to use and what type of brand? Also I currently have Magnatec Professional engine oil, looking at switching to Motul... Does anyone have any experiences with Motul? Is it any good? Cheers