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  1. What @evowrx said. I smashed one in my gc8 with their 11lb flywheel. I was mostly attracted to it due to the price and it seemed like an affordable up grade. Drivability is not the worst I've ever encountered, however it is a case of no engagement until the last 20-30mm of the peddle throw and it is reasonable hard to make a smooth start without shudder. I'm personally not worried by this, but I can see how others would not be able to live with it. I can't comment much further as iv done minimal mileage due to the car still being a work in progress, have maybe out 200km max on it. I'd like to think it will hold the power I'm aiming for (200wkw) and will handle abuse. My advice would be to consider other options if you want/need something that's feels drivable in a daily.
  2. Perhaps moving to Wellington might be the solution to your problems. No need for open windows if it's raining, cos its cold. If it's not raining, its cold. If it's cold, you better believe its damn cold. If it's sunny, yup, you guessed it, it's still f'n cold. No need for anything other the heater set on feet all year round.
  3. 1972 Datsun B110 (Datsun 1200) four door sedan. Paid a whopping $500 for it when I was 14. Was the beginning of a 20 year love affair with the brand that I've only recently managed to shake. Pretty much have always had a Datsun of some degree since then until a few years ago (although 90% of the time they were off the road) and would jump straight back into one if the prices weren't getting so silly.. My old 1200 2 door wagon
  4. Ham and cheeeeeeese! Is there any other option?
  5. Finished rebuilding the front C.V's, reinstalled both front half shafts, refitted radiator and bled the cooling system, drained rear diff, removed rear half shafts to rebuild the rear C.V's, went to pick a part and found a clutch return spring that I was missing, along with a one way vacuum valve thing for @THUNDA. Removed, checked, measured and reinstalled a noisy alternator idler pulley on my Hilux, told repco to go suck a lemon when they tried to charge me $160 for a new pulley, so ordered one ex Austraila for $40 including freight. Oh, and ate a toasted sandwich (high-light of the day).