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  1. Got new lexan rear screen fitted... so all windows are in now. The screen was a lot bigger than the standard one... so no room for any trim.
  2. Without any changes? not even wiring changes? I doubt it.
  3. Fake news... I've never seen curry at a sushi shop
  4. I didn't even know that the Japanese ate curry.
  5. It will last 100 years if you throw money at it constantly.
  6. yes I thought so maybe too... changed it to Brett... then to be sure I listened to him say his name... and couldn't tell, so put it back.
  7. Good old Brent... one of the worst aussie accents ever.
  8. Bugger... it means the centre of the bearing that is supposed to spin, was seized ...and the outer casing of the bearing was instead doing the spinning. Happened to me once too.
  9. I have to disagree here... it's usually an insufficient cool down that warps or even cracks the disks. Parking up when there is still a lot of heat in the calliper causes a hot spot... which leads to localised expansion... and a warped or cracked disk. Personally I think the subaru 4 pot is too small for the track and so much heat in generated that even a nice slow warm up and a good cool down will not save the disk. I have to machine or replace the front disks after every track session... one of the reasons I don't bother with the track much.
  10. Genuine bearing kit is only $150. Don't use a cheap one or you might be doing it again in a few months.
  11. A cracked disk would knock and shudder... but the braking performance would be S*** as well.
  12. Can't be the rear diff or front diff if it happens on the straights... you can get hoping under very heavy brakes when the centre diff is locked up very tight... but if you don't have DCCD, then probably not that as you'd get chronic binding on low speed corners if the centre diff was that tight. I think I can see the knock through the gear stick... correct? So the drive train is bouncing around quite a bit... could be what you are hearing. So maybe the bushes on the gearbox are a bit soft for track work... or maybe something else causing it to bounce excessively.
  13. Juddering will be warped disks... happens to me every time I go to the track... need bigger disks. As for the noise... does it happen on the straights or only the corners? Can you feel the knock through the brake pedal? Does it only happen when the brakes are hot? Do you have DCCD and is it locked up pretty tight when on the brakes? Do you know the condition of the rear diff? Could be something loose or worn... no idea what. Sounds bad enough that it might be doing damage though.
  14. Yep, those are good, Jamie was a Subaru mechanic for quite a while... they are more focussed on race cars though, so probably not the best for general stuff... although same is true of macbilt.
  15. Not true at all. Avoid them. macbilt are absolute experts... Ray Hartley merely purchased a bunch of subaru specific stuff from maclennans when they went under. No experts there. If you don't need a subaru expert, Wellington European are very good mechanics. https://www.wellingtoneuropean.co.nz/