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  1. Did you just change the exhaust when this started happening? When does the backfiring occur exactly? Any other problems with how it runs?
  2. I have a reasonably big turbo for a 2.0 and no lag. As long as I am in the correct gear for my power band
  3. Maybe they change them on regular basis. who knows.
  4. My info... they have tried many aftermarket headers... all failed... then they went to stock twin scroll headers. Success.
  5. The major noise I suspect is due to using solid bushes in the crossmember... the crossmember bushes are actually quite soft usually and so even with a hard transmission mount, there would be quite a bit of dampening.
  6. Similarly I fitted some KEIN mounts recently along with some solid spacers to replace crossmember bushes. Greatly improved shifting... it turns out some muppet used a standard impreza or legacy mount for the transmission... soft enough to bend with one hand. Anyway, the car is hellish loud now, but nothing some earplugs won't fix... the vibration is nothing to worry about.
  7. Sounds a bit odd... the hydraulics don't really get any direct heat, just ambient air temp... maybe the release bearing needs replacing or some grease?
  8. It will go for many millions I think. Would be amazing to have this thing.
  9. https://www.motorsportauctions.com/index.php?a=2&b=41092
  10. That sounds very excessive.
  11. Any distinguishing features? License plate?
  12. What Jap cars even have an fb25?
  13. I doubt it makes sfa difference.
  14. You should have encouraged him to call them... what a tool.
  15. A decent amount of power, but still a worse power to weight ratio than a GC8 STi.