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  1. I don't like Teslas, but that is an improvement in my book
  2. RCM carry the SuperPro range... so possibly also covered by James Marshall Motorsport??? I was thinking about trying super pro too.. more choice in terms of bush hardness and whiteline is just the boring same old stuff
  3. Turbo has a one way valve on the manifold so boost can't get to the booster... booster will be the same.
  4. If you use partsouq to plug part numbers into, it will generally tell you what the superceded part number is as well... so if the part specified for your car doesn't match exactly the part listed for the wrx... it still might be an equivalent part... and the superceded part number will be the same.
  5. Standard question I imagine. You can always verify by using a parts website. https://www.amayama.com/en/genuine-catalogs/subaru/impreza
  6. I would give that a 99.999% probability... probably every car Subaru made for the whole decade had the same booster.
  7. @ginganinja the guys in the video have done it correctly... the diff should push up hard onto the bushes.
  8. There will be somewhere closer than Wellington... you're not asking on the right forum really... this is not a motorsport forum.
  9. It's done via ride height, not preload... nothing should be unevenly loaded up when the car is sitting on a flat surface... in fact aside from maybe the springs... no suspension components should be loaded at all. The amount of height difference from corner to corner is minimal... the resulting even weight distribution means the car is more predictable and balanced... not less.
  10. The rumble comes from the unequal length header... but aren't all the unequal length headers for a turbo?
  11. A catch can setup does not need to be expensive or complicated. It is literally just a container with 2 to 3 inputs and one vent. The important thing is to make sure it is big enough to not overflow quickly and not restrictive, so the engine and heads can actually breather properly.
  12. v5/6 STi, can't be too hard to work out. http://www.catherineandken.co.uk/sti/trans.html
  13. ok, so just setting the ride height... not corner weighting btw you don't measure the ride height with the wheels off... not sure how that would even be possible.
  14. Do you mean corner weighting and wheel alignment?
  15. Why do you need to do this, what are you starting with and what are your goals?