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  1. I think you should buy a good quality intercooler and BOV and then pay someone to pipe it up nicely... the way you want it.
  2. At a guess the turbo size difference and the difference in CR will be handled within the envelope of safety that the factor ECU provides. You can always put it on a dyno to check... worst case you will have to flash the ecu to correct or install a simple piggy back ECU.
  3. Looks like you can do a direct swap from all that info. You'll have a higher compression ratio, so more responsive off boost, and more power on boost. It will be more prone to knock, so use good fuel and be careful how much boost you put into it.
  4. https://www.summitracing.com/int/search/part-type/wheel-alignment-parts/front-alignment-kit-style-application/eccentric-bolts
  5. Come on, there is no reason why an MX5 could not whoop a WRX's behind at an autox... it's entirely dependent on the layout and the hair dresser behind the wheel.
  6. I have used castrol edge 10w60 and motul 300v 15w50... the oil pressure is definitely a lot more stable with the motul. I think the consumption is slightly less as well. You do pay a lot more for it though, and would not put it in a road car... james marshall motorsport (jmms.co.nz) is the cheapest place I have found to buy it btw.
  7. Don't try and increase the power... you have a 1.5 with no turbo, so it's going to be very hard to increase the power. I personally would not spend any money on it... just drive it the way it is and enjoy it.
  8. You don't always have oil in the water... depends on where the gasket has failed... i.e. between an oil and water gallery.
  9. install a proper gauge so you can see what temp it actually gets to. have you had the radiator looked at yet?
  10. I dropped the wrx off at the mechanics for a full twin scroll conversion today... didn't quite go to plan due to the new oil pressure/temp sensor I installed not having a matching thread to the port I stuck it in, and forgot to check... the smell and clouds of smoke let me know though. Managed to turn around and get home before catching fire though.
  11. You don't need anything, they are self sealing.
  12. Compared to just wiring a 0-5v signal to a pin on the ecu, it's a little complex.
  13. I was confused and thought that one of the inputs was the ignition switch... but it's not. Used all the inputs now... if I want to add more sensors I will have to figure out the CAN comms stuff which looks scary. Though O2 sensors have their own inputs, but have to $1000 for upgrade code to use those... gps and accelerometers will need CAN I think.