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  1. Do you mean how many people have one for sale?
  2. He's has an EVO now. Quite a fast one by the look of it. http://nzsuperlap.co.nz/results/2018-results Maybe driving Scott Kreyl's car???
  3. I love my Ryobi 18v Impact Driver and Angle Grinder. Also have the large buffer and a drill. Got my eye on the tyre inflator.
  4. Just for strapping stuff down, mainly a spare wheel and jack etc, since there is no wheel well. There is one roughly in each corner... haven't tried using them yet.
  5. Not much more to add to be honest... could be the MAF, fuel pump or filter... maybe check all the plugs and leads as well.
  6. Surge tank in boot... probably would have been good to take a photo before putting the lid on.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/bhp/snake-oil Good for engines and hair loss.
  8. I was going to put some in my car, but found some genuine Snake Oil for a few bucks less. P.S. Apologies for the predictable comment.
  9. There are loads of events at loads of tracks all the time... where are you looking exactly?
  10. That will happen with a too sticky tire as well... for 03g a hard compound is needed... mediums will turn to butter in 3 hot laps and leave vast amounts of rubber spaghetti all over the track and the inside of the rims and up in the wheel wells
  11. Talk to Neil at Neil's Wheels for a most likely better opinion.
  12. The RE003 is also a street tyre... I thought you wanted a street tyre that will be ok for a track day as well? If you want an actual race tyre... just get some Dunlop 03Gs and be done.
  13. Can't see the image. Aren't you supposed to be auto-crossing today?
  14. That's good, I thought you were being a bit of a tosser buying those new
  15. Yeah, I'm on my third... never had much inclination to get a more recent model... though I did quite like the v10 when it first came out.