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  1. I had the same problem with my up pipe and a twisted turbo setup... there isn't much room down there and if you are using v-bands, getting the exactly correct position can be tricky. Ultimately my problem was caused by the headers warping constantly and changing the location that the up pipe sat in.
  2. NZDRA cages != MSNZ cages... need to figure out which he needs... can NZDRA cages by made road legal? i.e. do they have an equivalent of the MSNZ authority card? Can NZDRA cages be used at MSNZ events?
  3. For some reason none of the usual parts DB websites seem to have twin scroll headers... only single scroll. It's really weird... does anyone have numbers for the all the bits including heat shields?
  4. I can see how that thing can cause a restriction now... I didn't know they where completely enclosed. That would cure the terrible surge problems the older cars had. Looks like it could benefit from a lift pump though
  5. Unless it's too late, I wouldn't bother. Just make sure your fuel pump is good and strong. Should be plenty of room under the manifold if you get rid of the breather system... i.e. put a catch can in at the same time
  6. It sounds like a problem that can be cured in 5 minutes with a hacksaw and a small length of rubber fuel hose.
  7. How does it cause a restriction specifically? I can't fathom it.
  8. If you are doing anything custom... don't expect miracles. Things go wrong. The aftermarket parts you have bolted to your car have NOT undergone the level of testing and R&D that OEM parts have. Your modified car is not going to be as reliable as an OEM car... if you want much higher performance than the OEM car provides, it's going to cost money up front, then more money to work out the initial problems, then more money for maintenance than an OEM car. Unless you know the person actually doing the work, or the person closely supervising them, has done the exact work you are asking, and on the exact same model car... don't just think they know exactly what needs to be done or all the potential pitfalls. If you don't trust that the person or workshop doing the work is capable, then either go in every day and check on the progress, or just don't give them the car in the first place. A company is only as good as the people working in it... a name means nothing. A once great company might have none of the original staff or owners that made the company great... and might actually suck. That should only be a temporary situation, as people will catch on quickly. No matter where you go, no one cares about your car or your budget like you do... why should they? You are responsible for what happens to your car and how much it costs. Get time and cost quotes for everything... if the workshop is unwilling to give a quote, then it's up to you to decide if you trust them to do it in a reasonable amount of time and for a reasonable amount of money... which is often the same thing... labour is always the biggest expense.
  9. Was also going to suggest Rage... a pain that they rotate the flange... but it will cost very little to have it modified. I think they are slightly short too? No stainless option either.
  10. Thanks... great link.
  11. do you mean the end of the brake lines?
  12. squeaking probably the bearing... but if it's very bad then the hub could be shagged... and boon said even the axle stub.
  13. Does anyone have any v5/6 sti (preferably type r/ra) wiring diagrams... or know where to look these days? My dash is no longer working after a rushed attempt at removing some unused wiring... but it's only the second car I have done this too... so pretty sure I have learned my lesson now.
  14. Nope doesn't change with braking. Undo the actual 32mm hub nut? Yes... or just loosen it off... if the hub nut is on super tight it can prevent any movement in the bearing, even though the bearing is rooted.
  15. yeah, but if the spark plug was loose enough to rattle... it wouldn't have been holding any compression. Or was it not actually loose enough to move... just not as tight as it should have been?