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  1. Yesterday I tried to check the gearbox fluid level... but dipstick had broken off! Had to drain the oil and fish it out through the drain hole.
  2. I beat that guy a few weeks back... not officially though as the club running the event can't do basic math.
  3. That's where the Evo went off. I didn't see the damage as they just left it there for the whole day. Too far down to tow back up. The car is going well... the driver needs to be more consistent though.
  4. Sunday sprint. 2nd in class and 4th overall. I felt slightly better about being beaten by an Evo when it crashed.
  5. Can anyone find out or know the part number for a brake master cylinder for a GC8078772? jp-carparts, partsouq and Subaru NZ being unhelpful. Actually, might have found it. 26401FA040. Can anyone verify?
  6. I'm finding it had to believe that info... it says the WRX (apart from the WRX wagon) has as much power as the STi, just slightly less torque.
  7. Is that a real thing though, because water flows through the heater core permanently... the heater/aircon controls just dictate where the air is sent... i.e through the heater core or through the aircon core.
  8. A very sweet sound indeed... a real race car motor in that thing.
  9. Sweet... if you heard a Subaru, it was definitely me... being the only Subaru at the event. Still road legal so not as loud as most cars there.
  10. Are you sure it is using more fuel than usual or could it be due to the exchange rate at the fuel pump operating at a lower level?
  11. I don't think water is going to cause overheating in a situation where the car is standing still and the radiator is being bled. How much water have you put into the system? Is the thermostat opening? Do both the top and bottom radiator hoses get hot? Does the whole radiator get hot or are there cool spots?
  12. How do you know it's overheating exactly... how high does the factory gauge go?
  13. Shelly Bay Sprint yesterday. Only managed 10th place unfortunately. I haven't entered this event for 10 years and it's very technical with an unforgiving bite if you make a mistake. And I had my daughter on board and her mother would have killed me if I landed in the rocks below. That's all my excuses. Plus only 1 second separating 10th and 5th
  14. Take some photos of all the water lines you have disconnected and re-connected.
  15. That's not a bad price for all that... I was looking at buying some headers from RCM and the option adding a coating doubled the price of the headers... which put me off. Where were yours done?