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  1. Not to sure if its the same for the 2002, but can try use this guide. I ended up cutting the circle plug/loom from the original HU, using the colours to match up to new RCA plugs for the new stereo.
  2. First time using the site, lots of stuff there! So far I think I will need: Intake Gasket 14035AA492 Fuel injector seals 16608AA040 Other seals for the BPV, airduct from turbo aren’t in stock. However mine look good, and didnt show anything in boost leak test. Any other seals you can recommend to get? I havent ventured to much further apart from the ones above. Thanks
  3. You refering to the oil residue on the manifold area with the plugged cap on cylinder 4? I did replace the intercooler last week but still have the negative values. When I get back from a holiday in a few weeks might need to take the whole top manifold off and replace the seals as the subaru tech did mention quite a lot of oil residue there as well. Might change over the injectors while im there as well.
  4. That was a straight forward fix for the stutter problem. For those doing it in future: I used the following -3/16” Fuel/Vacuum hose (only need like 20cm). Supercheap auto - T connector (https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/champion-hose-connector-reducing-t-piece-8-6-8mm-polymide-6/p/226534) - 6mm Vacuum caps. Instead of using the Cylinder 4 source again, I capped it off using the vaccum caps and cable tied: Then from the BPV I cut into the line, inserted the T connector, joined the original lines to it (is a real squeeze but do-able with hot water and rubber grease), and then attached the new 3/16” hose to it: Then with the other end of the 3/16” hose, attach it to the FPR: All new connections I did were either cable tied or hose clamped. Will see if the mitre 10 mega T connector holds up to the job.
  5. So figured to make it work, the line coming off the FPR is 3/16 (5mm), and the line coming off the BPV is 5/16 (8mm). I assume it would be best to T the 5/16 hose coming from the BPV and find a connector with these measurements for that: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/8mm-Hose-Barb-x-5mm-Hose-Barb-x-8mm-Hose-Barb-Tee-Brass-Barbed-Tube-Pipe/32818405836.html Then just cap up the Cylinder 4 port as its in an awkward spot. Anyone know of any local places to find these T connectors? Only ones I can find for the likes of repco are all 8mm connectors etc. Edit: See supercheap and mitre10 mega do assorted connections, might check in store. Plan is to get plastic adapter like above, and run the 5mm hose to the FPR
  6. Sounds like I need to change that over. Does any extra piping need to be purchased for it or do the original lengths cover it all? Will do this weekend
  7. From memory I think the austalian model tbsti did have a little bit difference in the ECU adding a few KW. These JDM ones should be stock standard. Have cleaned the MAF sensor, have used another one as well. Cleaned entire intake area as well. Previous owner had a new airfilter put on, looks like the standard OEM one. Have used the CRC intake cleaner today, will see if that makes any difference. Trying to relate this to if its maybe causing the slight stutter/hesitation at light throttle which occurs at exactly 2,800rpm in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear.
  8. Thanks for checking. Is that psi difference the same for the 06 stock model? Got some injector cleaner, never really used so unsure how well it works. Have mixed with fuel and will monitor. Can pull the injectors at the weekend and inspect/swap with some from an EJ20X with lower kms.
  9. Have had the boost leak test done properly, no leaks evident. They also concluded fuel trims were out of whack, particularly the fuel learn sitting at its large negative value, and fuel correction not doing much. Have replaced the O2 sensor with another cars, still same story. Might need to get a new one? Will keep trying at it...
  10. Attempted my own boost leak test, couldn't find anything. Think its best to get it done properly/smoke tested. Can anyone recommend where to get this done in Christchurch? Have contacted Crowesport, await their reply, any other places to look at? Thanks
  11. Also as an update: looking at the logs it appears the only time the fuel learning figures drop into the big negative is the moment after using the throttle at reasonable levels. Sort of like this: Put foot down, mixture richens as it should to around 12, no fuel learn. Back off from throttle, mixture leans to around 20, negative fuel learn values show. Throttle re-applied, normal values and mixture back to 14.9. Issues with the factory blow off valve? Dumping to much air to account for with mixture? As far as I can tell it is this reason the LV gives such negative values, as otherwise it seems within normal limits.
  12. Have replaced the intercooler and associated seals in an attempt to try stop this vaccum/intake leak. Reset ECU, the IAM has now established and stabilized at 1, but still shows signs of intake leak with the fuel correction figures. Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11MJE449cPfEpa06btnRLADrA0PBaGuyU/view?usp=drivesdk I notice that when off the throttle (0%), fuel learn figures jump into negative values bigtime and then the AFR goes up to 20. It seems that it only happens with nil throttle. LV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11RtgIaK1c_T24V0JaAN46Q_6PRBwaL11/view?usp=drivesdk I have inspected around at the various vaccum lines and cant find any loose ends. The fact that it is a negative value, I assume that is removing fuel? So air is lost, so probably leak post turbo?
  13. Yeah intake system is all factory, will go over it this weekend and tighten all the clamps etc, will use Daves guide for where to look. Have another intercooler and essentially complete system which can swap over parts with (from 06 Auto transmission model). This is the log from the most recent trip with 100 octane fuel: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10-mO1U3aLuL8k3WBr1YSCx8JQ1KPtrmL/view?usp=drivesdk I see there are correction figures from halfway down. That still indicates intake leak? Have PM’d email, Thanks
  14. The first learning view was around 10 minutes after reset. Have driven the car for a further 15-20minutes and now have this updated LV table: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-wKYwLTxkJenx2QbA6IQO05V3x7yUNi0/view?usp=drivesdk Haven’t paid Dave yet, only emailed him seeing if he could tune this model since it was the ‘Tuned by STi’ model, although I thought the ECU was the same as the stock Legacy GT. I am happy to pull the ROM from the car, will do at the weekend when I figure out how to use the tactrix cable, happy to try modifications you think would improve it. Thanks
  15. Just got a BL 2006 tuned by STi model, 6 speed manual, EJ20Y. - Ran on 95 initially, got the BTSSM app hooked up, noticed engine knock at low RPMs. - Filled up with 100 octane today, reset ECU and did quick run, still get engine knock. Links below for details: Knock events on 95 fuel: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-d2BgXzuTDOOPwHduEjMc8y5mdBR1t9M/view?usp=sharing Knock events on 100 fuel: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-pNRjlXbDdO61WYTyV3IElUazhmMfjdw/view?usp=sharing Log view with 100 fuel: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-pzuYm4-QHONOmBlgDmZ1rujqbL0SkDE/view?usp=sharing Log view with 95 fuel: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Ns4zEyVP72-qL7Pp1govGSzdVmAO4Vm/view?usp=sharing Learning view with 95 fuel: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vCxpisQ2FCXJWY5f4n9IghRRhFFtv1_P/view?usp=sharing Learning view with 100 fuel: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-mZ64m3eTmmjmw7JPLiLdJW45E0jXCK_/view?usp=sharing It does look like the car is definitely tuned for 100 rather than 95, however still getting Knock? Note, with 95 fuel the IAM started at 1, then decreased to the 0.3's, upon resetting ECU with 100 fuel, started at 0.5, increased to 0.6, now sitting at 0.8. Engine knock seems to be at the low RPMs, Am going to get this tuned via cyro however waiting to do cambelt and waterpump, in the mean time if anyone could possible take a look at the logs and see if anything is majorly off would be great! Thanks Edit: Also if any help, the car has a tiny hesitation at around 2,900 RPM when in 1st and 2nd gear, every other time its perfect.