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  1. Also another question, the EJ20X I have is coupled with a VF44, if I were to install this on a pre-facelift (03-06) legacy, whose auto transmissions had a VF38 originally, would the ECU require a re-flash for the VF44 or as its all factory should it be fine? Read somewhere, that some kiwi people have swapped from a VF38 upto VF44 no issues but couldn’t find info if the ECU needed to be modified.
  2. Only extra things I have found are on a russian forum, http://www.subarulegacy.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=34538 http://www.sti-club.su/showthread.php?t=87218
  3. Hi all, new here, Anyone know if there are any major differences between the EJ20X and EJ20Y model. Apart from the obvious, that the X is coupled with auto transmission, Y with manual. Have an EJ20X engine and looking at installing into a manual transmission legacy, keeping within the 4th Gen legacy for simplicity. Haven’t found much on the web, most information seems to suggest they are the same. Any info would be appreciated, Thanks