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  1. Thank you. If you or anyone you know are looking for ones, I can sell them for $20.
  2. Bought these off Trademe, seller claimed they are for BP Legacy models. Tried them on, they didn't exactly fit. I've searched online and the closest I could get to comparing these with are BE/BH Legacy floor mats. Can anyone confirm which model Legacy these mats are for? If anyone want's them, they're yours for $20.
  3. Plasti-dip or any rubber paint is what did it for me. As others have said, perfect colour and texture match. 3-5 coats would do.
  4. This. I've just changed my plugs on Saturday and I can confirm it's what fixed my issue. The symptom was: The car would jolt and hesitate under load and slight acceleration but only at about 2000 rpm. This meant that, during cold start, I'd get a hesitation while accelerating from a full stop to 50-60 km/h. And also on the motorway (warm engine), if I step on the gas at 4th gear (Max in my AT), I'd get a hesitation at the 2000rpm area. I then inspected my plugs and saw that there were 2mm gaps on 2 out of 4 cylinders. Don't think they've ever been replaced before because they were well worn out, So I replaced them with the factory recommended NGK platinum spark plugs. Today, I tested the car in cold start and under load on the uphills. Hesitation was gone. Have a bit more power when accelerating and engine is a tad quieter. I also noticed a small elimination of the delay in my gas pedal as I accelerated from full stop (didn't know that would be affected). May be well worth checking out those spark plugs.
  5. Hmmm I've had no experience owning a turbo, but in the engineering point of view, as soon as the car is running under load, it could be an ignition issue (but don't quote me on that haha, could very well be something else). At least, that was my issue on my non-turbo. However, you pointing out that it 'suddenly went pop' could mean something else. It's also very possible that whoever used your car put in a low octane fuel (91?). Try using a Subaru Fuel Additive next time you fill up with a 98 octane. Add in the additive just before you fill up the tank so it mixes well with the fuel. They cost about $30 from any Winger dealer. It may not solve the issue but it's a good maintenance check to have anyway. Actually it's recommended by Subaru to use their additive every 6,000 kms or every oil change, so that wouldn't hurt. Just make sure to use up all the fuel after using the additive so that you don't lower the concentration by adding more fuel halfway through.
  6. Hey, Try inspecting the spark plugs. Or anything ignition related (coils etc). Had similar symptoms in my car when I purchased it. Inspected yesterday and the spark plugs were pretty much gone, so I replaced them. Some would call it a "hesitation" in the engine. If the clearance on the spark plugs are over 1.1mm, I'd suggest replacing them first. See if that helps.
  7. Ah ok, so they moved even the fuel consumption to somewhere else on the facelift? Interesting.
  8. Hey, I think the only difference is that the clock on trademe has a "bright" button. They took these out on the newer models.
  9. Nice! Just in time for the road trip!
  10. Edited my previous post. I included a video link on how to remove the stereo. Check it out. follow it and you won't have a problem
  11. Hey, replacing the unit would cost about $200-$600 just to get the housing for an aftermarket stereo. On top of that, an aftermarket stereo would be $100-$400 depending on the features (single din/double-din). A good alternative would be to just purchase a bluetooth adapter, can find them on trademe or jonvy etc. Keep in mind, if your unit is McIntosh, you'd need a specific one for a McIntosh. My brother's McIntosh needed a specific bluetooth unit which cost about $130. Hope that helps. here's a video for the removal of the stereo. Follow it and you won't have a problem.
  12. This might help some of you guys. Sorry to bring this thread up again. But I thought it would be good to clarify some things as I've got a few insights from recent experience and opinions. My Legacy 2005 has a 'fish-bowl' factory tinted glass all around with 70% VLT (measured using the VLT device both at VTNZ and The Tinting Guys). I was about to get it tinted with 35% VLT film. I had a hunch that it might be illegal and got The Tinting Guys AND VTNZ to measure the VLT. It turned out to be an overall value of 26% VLT (close enough with the proven calculation using 0.7(existing)*0.35(additional film) = 24.5%. This is considered ILLEGAL and WILL NOT PASS WOF. Luckily, the tint guys also supplied 45% VLT and 50% VLT films. The 45% VLT were still too dark, approx overall 31% VLT (measured and calculated). Based on calculations, the perfect tints on top of the existing 70% VLT glass is the 50% VLT tint (0.7*0.5=35%). I have yet to have these installed. Be aware that films don't get made to the exact VLT value that it's said to have. This was the case when I went to the tinting place. The 45% VLT tint film was measured as roughly 43% VLT. So keep that in mind and get them to double check the VLT of that specific batch of film they will install on your windows. I was told by the tinting guys that VTNZ are stricter since last year (2017) when it comes to the VLT. They want it to be at least 35% VLT and nothing less (consumer cars of course. Goods vans etc can go as dark as they want). Even 34%, you might fail the WOF. JDM Cars with factory tinted glass (the dark ones on the rear windows) are perfectly LEGAL as they are factory windows (said by the guy from VTNZ directly). Hope that helps
  13. Hey guys! I'm thinking of doing a full respray for my GC8. It has the usual pin dents from 20 years of use. No major dents or damages. Any recommended painters out there? Looking for good quality ones. Could be a shop or an experienced individual. Would be good to know a rough price as well. I'm located in North Shore, Auckland. But might be interested in places outside of the shore. Please let me know. Cheers!
  14. Would it still be 14.5 lbs for a GC8? I read the same thing on most models as well.