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    Well a week late but new DNS rotors and pads fitted. 2016 STI shocks and springs retro fitted into the older 2008 grb. drop almost the same as tein gold lowering springs. 10-15mm higher but still about 25mm lower than I suspect it was factory. car is completely different to drive. The small increase in height is noticeable driving. Smaller bumps are picked up far more.
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    My Steve Murch Td05 20g single scroll along with 2013 sti single scroll headers will be up for sale. My car made 249KW at the wheels. You will have to upgrade your fuel pump/injectors and get a down pipe made and get a tune. Have a look at my build thread. There is a dyno chart of it. Once you start upgrading turbos and all it's a slippery slope lol.
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    Pulled the RA-R out of the garage for Flat Nats so I suppose I'll have to bring it to this haha