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  1. Got a photo of your engine bay? The odd miss on idle is not uncommon on these. The stumble is the interesting thing It could be detecting knock on tip in. can you log knock and see if you got any feedback?
  2. Yea no harm in trying, it only takes two seconds to unplug it and fire it up. Its possible that there could be a problem with the wiring/grounding to said sensors too, just swapping sensors out sometimes neglects the wires that go to the sensors. The issue you have described really does sound like an intake leak even though you have ruled that out.. Do you have an aftermarket blow-off valve at all?
  3. Unplug the MAF entirely and start it Maffless. Unsure about earlier revisions but the Rev-D runs openloop when its unplugged. Good way to troublshoot. If it idles fine wihtout the maf then thats possibly your probelem. Edit: just read above that you have already replaced the MAF with no difference.
  4. This rom is the closest I've ever gotten to having a editible TT rom http://www.romraider.com/forum/download/file.php?id=13729 2002/03 JDM Subaru Legacy 2.0TT MT A4SHC00H Also as a disclaimer, i was re-readinig this thread and please dont do like i did above "editing defs and re-defining them" unless you really know what you are doiing haha.
  5. Do a single turbo conversion 😉 Depending on the milage, you probably want to strip the short block down and do piston rings, a bearing set and get the block decked. Its easy to get a little out of hand with rebuild costs on these.. defintely look into replacment longblocks the EJ206/EJ208 is a direct drop in and the EJ205/EJ207/EJ20Y/X will all work with faily simple mods and a quick ECU reflash. Consider the tools also, if you do go for a full rebuild you will need a good torque wrench and some other specific tools that can add up $$. ignore this if you're not a pleb like me and already have a workshop full of fancy tools Also, do a single turbo conversion.
  6. ahh the strougles of two years ago. This is a thing of the past, cheers anyway though.
  7. Yea I'm very much a 16bit ECU man so I can't really confidently comment on the 32bit side of things. This is a good source of truth though https://www.romraider.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=37 looks like there are a number of 32bit speed density ROMs out there. If you go with the MAF just make sure you have a good bend 90-degree preferably but just something and basically just get the MAF as far away from the turbo as possible. If I ran a MAF on a twisted setup "which I wouldn't" I would run the intake pipe down into the wheel arch and locate the MAF down in there somewhere. Remembering that you ideally want the MAF 300ish mm away from your pod filter for the same reason as keeping it away from the turbo. It needs clean unturbulent flow to work nicely at low flow / idle. And as mentioned, going to a 3inch MAF housing will require a MAF rescale which is easy enough on the stock ECU
  8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/auction-2202546675.htm?rsqid=32c219ce997a4b6e8ed75d90abaf84a9-003
  9. Biggest crime is that he forgot how to drive and just parked it up against the wall
  10. The software looks nice. The base maps they have loaded in are super informative and it looks like they have the twin turbo system and definitions all figured out. Any competent tuner could work with this.
  11. Welcome to the forum. We are happy for you to post any questions in here mate, that way others that have tackled this process can add their knowledge too. Cheers,
  12. What revision BH is it mate? This may help V5/6 WRX/STI ECU Plugs/Pinouts: https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?cid=CFA30F34A9604D4A&resid=CFA30F34A9604D4A%21162&app=WordPdf&wdo=1 V5/6 WRX/STI Engine wiring Diagrams: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=cfa30f34a9604d4a&id=CFA30F34A9604D4A%21161#cid=CFA30F34A9604D4A&id=CFA30F34A9604D4A%21164 V5/6 WRX/STI (bottom section of PDF, covers V5/6 WRX in detail) http://reuben.xpjets.com/random/BH-Conversion/Possumlink-MY99Manual.pdf BH5: http://reuben.xpjets.com/random/BH-Conversion/BH-WiringDiagram-JDM.pdf Other ECU\'s covered here: http://www.brdevelopments.com/archive.html
  13. Solid effort dude. get that tmic and maf plumbed and it will run fine until a tune can be done
  14. One of the most popular threads so smashing this in here. Many of you will be finishing up work and getting ready to kick back and spend time with friends and family. Remember to take it easy out there on the roads team, think twice when you are stuck behind a camper and eager to bring that spoolie boi online to pull a savage overtake. Its better to arrive late than dead on time. sit back, take a couple breaths and enjoy the ride and look out for one another. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  15. Even better! TS is overated, sell the $300 TS headers, buy a V7 stock set for $50 and buy the VF48.
  16. BBOD is in the photo. its plumbed as normal so I assume its the standard sequential setup.
  17. Yes yes... However... Twins remain? You need a build thread mate.. also who is tuning it?
  18. is this any help? https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=CFA30F34A9604D4A&id=CFA30F34A9604D4A!162&parId=CFA30F34A9604D4A!161&o=OneUp
  19. Just had a chat to him and it just uses bolts/nuts the same as the standard spoiler. simply unbolt it and it will pop off. I'll hit you up on FB mate, saves spamming this thread.
  20. Yea he bought it in early 2018, fixed a number of issues that it had when he bought it, thoroughly enjoyed the car and then sold it later that year iirc and picked up a Hilux as it was not a good daily 😂 Unsure on owners inbetween him and you though. I'll ask him how he attached it and find out if its easy enough to remove
  21. My little cousin used to own this. Have driven it and its a bundle of fun. He is also the one to blame for the wing..sorry 😁. its not my cup of tea but he put a lot of effort into getting it fitting etc.
  22. Ahh Rev-C it is, thats no fun. You can still log the Rev-C though so if you are feeling up to it try Romraider logger and go fro a drive. Any boost gauge off trademe will give you an idea, sometimes the cheap ones are 1-2psi off but usually pretty good and fine for diagnostics.
  23. Firstly, get a boost gauge. without one, you are flying blind and simply assuming. It sounds like its fuel cutting due to over boosting. The boost solenoid is kept in the passenger l left-hand front wheel arch. make sure its plumbed and actually working.. also check to make sure the restrictor pill in the vac line coming off the wastegate actuator is in there. Its a Rev-D so this is all tunable - Its unlikely but not impossible that nothing is wrong and someone has already had a play with the boost table. If you have a cable to log with install Romraider logger and view the MAP sensor - instead of going out and buying a boost gauge
  24. If you beat me to it I'm happy to lend a hand with the ECU/Tune side of things
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