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    im pretty keen, i reckon ill go to at least one @Inked
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    You would be better off with an egt sensor as the temperature can be too high for many reasons... including high egbp, but the egbp should not change unless something in the exhaust changes... it will change across the rev range... but that's all.
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    it was a crime to re-badge the s-gt as wrx as they did in some markets like nz. s-gt is wrx extra lite the grb's didn't get good until the my11 revision which re-worked the suspension ( lower ride height, revised spring rates +15% front, +53% rear !, bigger anti-roll bars etc.).
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    Agreed, very weird thing to do. I have two ports at the base of the up pipe... currently both have a thermocouple in them, but I will probably put a pressure sensor in one of them at some point.
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    nice dude, what hate? haha lot of impreza love in here. was close to getting sgt myself some time ago but i was spoiled by the tight STI 6 speed there was no looking back after that. change wise i dunno, doing bunch of random things on mine myself, currently in the cheap ebay mods phase cos im the self crowned ricer of the forum right now.
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    I wasn't going to post, as it seems the S-GT gets a lot of hate on this forum. But meh. Purchased myself a little 07 S-GT 3 weeks ago. Had a v7 WRX a few years ago, but decided I needed a bigger car as I had plans to have a family... yeah, so, that didn't happen. Decided I was sick of having boring mum car so flicked it and got the S-GT. Unfortunately funds didn't allow for me to buy the STI, maybe next time! Open to suggestions for changes etc as i say, i've only had it 3 weeks.
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    Hecka yeah these were fun I needa get back on the track (kinda why CS doesnt "do track days" anymore, there's literally something on every month you guys can go out & have fun with at every track in NZ
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    THREAD REVIVAL! I know there are barely any active members in the lower South Island but I'll restart this anyway. Previous picture is The Clean Car Cleaning Centre at 74 Crawford street. Here is the picture, a nice drive in the Dunedin area.