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    There are two factors: 1, inflation. A complete pile of s*** costs more $ now than it did 5 years ago because the $ is worth less, not because the car is worth more. 2, the fact that tidy original WRXs are genuinely increasing in value makes stupid people think that their dinged-up, badly resprayed, poorly modded s***ter is also increasing in value. And then other stupid people think so too, and buy said overpriced turd, thus making beat up s***ters increase in value when they don't deserve to.
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    I think anything 90s and enthusiast focused is going up. People who wanted one when they young are now older and have a bit of money, and the supply is less and so prices go up. Same happened with older cars like 60's Falcons and Commodores, and will always happen pretty much. Thats also mixed with the fact that 90s stuff is the last era of analog cars, that are every day usable. You can still have bluetooth and aircon and a bit of safety without everything being tied into the ECU.
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    Got her some Vossens wrapped in Michelins PS 4S. 9.5/245 front and 10.5/285 rear
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    Just picked up a 1990 Leone for just under 2k, it needs a little work. But I remember as a kid, the old man picking up one for only $100.00 lol So; definitely climbing a bit. All the good condition ones are going for quite a bit more than that Also, recently saw my old GC8 up for sale with another 50 thou on the clock for 12.5k, and I sold it for 7K 3 years ago lol. Simple question of supply and demand.
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    Short answer is yes they are, and so they should. They are old cars now and good ones are harder and harder to get hold of. As with a lot of 90's era cars. Also a lot of 90's JDM, vehicles were built by manufacturers as homologation model vehicles to meet production number requirements for rally and racing purposes. Hence They also had a lot of technology that you might say was before their time. They are also still arguably the most fun models to drive. Take the GC8 STI for example. Probably the most fun STI's subaru has built to date. Take the performance figures of the Version 4 STI. I believe it had a quoted 0-100 time of 4.6secs. Still quick in today's standards. And Very very quick back in the 90's.
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    Father's pride and joy. Would love to get it back. Probably unlikely at this point but worth a shot
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    I have a 2002 Version 8 WRX. I first replaced the TD04HL to a TD05-16G - it wasn't a straight swap. The car was also retuned and it made a lazy 175kw. Lazy. It was not a great experience. When on boost, it felt OK. Off boost, it sucked. Avoid. I replaced the TD05 with a VF30, retuned, 196kw - a WAY more responsive car. I'm so happy with it. I've also upgraded from the WRX Blue injectors to STi Pink injectors, a STI manifold, that does not have the TGV valves, STi intercooler and a decatted factoy downpipe. I believe I'm getting limited by the flow of the WRX heads, but I'm not chasing power Also - I avg 11l per 100k daily driving and about 9.8l per 100k on the open road.