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    Would need turbo, injectors, pump and intercooler. You'll get 190-210wkw with everything but the turbo depending on the dyno.
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    They can feel crazy fast even when only making 150-180wkw with the quick spool and an aggressive ramping e-throttle map Is that peak of 16.5 or at max power? It definitely won't be making 230wkw on any legit dyno, even pushing 20+psi it's an uphill battle after 200-210wkw. Have you got a tactrix cable? It's easy enough to log some pulls and chuck the data into virtual dyno to get a ballpark curve
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    Put back on air intake etc, throttle body, intercooler, water tank, iacv, strut tower brace, reconnected pcv/egr/injectors/water hoses, bled coolant, oil change, rfb fixed a tiny solenoid hose with a boost gauge line that's the next tiny size up, fixed some previous rfb repairs, tidied up threads, stains etc, wiped down garage floor, got a CEL, had a fugly idle and loud ticking sound, adjusted iacv, diagnosed loud injector, did aforementioned rfb repairs, CEL gone on second start up. Excess oil dumped on tree stump under cover of darkness. CEL not checked, took me 9 hours. Time for bed 👍
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    That sounds a lot more realistic. Dunno why exactly they were getting fuel cuts unless that really is where the stock map has the boost limit at. Should be easy enough to raise the limit to something a lot more usable. Stock side feed injectors will be good to around 200wkw but you may end up leaving a bit on the table in the mid range as that will be where you max out the injectors.
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    And some dynos tend to read a bit higher? Especially at say a track day it can vary quite a bit? Still pretty happy with its performance at the moment certainly don't need anymore power yet Sent from my STK-L22 using Tapatalk
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    Just got a reply back from original owner, managed to track him down through a mutual friend. "hey dude, benji was having a laugh with 310 at the wheels. We took it down south and did one of the track/dyno days. Pushed boost up to 16.5 peak power and got 186kw, fuel cuts came in hard past 17. Chuck some pinks in and get returned be away laughing. Enjoy, brett" Sent from my STK-L22 using Tapatalk
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    Pretty unhappy with how the tints came out. I should have just done them myself, they don't even match and are nowhere as close as I asked for. Tail light tints came up good though. Been working my way around the wagon touching it up. She's such a cool beast I'm stoked with it. Tuned at 310whp, 3" exhaust with subtech downpipe, fgk tips, has a sweet sounding intake too. Next is to do the grille, paint the silver rails on roof, black out rear trim and find a mid boot spoiler.
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    If you go with the strainer I don't think it's on partsouq because subaru don't list but uses Denso 952-0086. You got the factory service manual ay? The 2005-2007'ish docs didn't detail replacing the filter tho added notes in 2008,9 but the procedure is the same. It recommends changing heaps of parts and breaking the case open . It can be pried open with screwdrivers and re-used. The only parts I replaced were the pump as mentioned, filter & big seal around the top of the assembly and there's 4 o-rings should be replaced, note the slightly different diameters on partsouq IIRC 3 * 8mm, 1 * 7mm. The procedure's similar if you replace the pump or not as it snaps into the filter. Anyway there's a good video here. Please let us know how this or other work affects driveability and timing. Yeah I ended up paying for the leakdown test. Ended up building a smoke machine from a youtube video to see where smoke escaped from the air intake or exhaust plumbing but workshops often have these. Gotta love partsouq eh except when they refund something as out of stock and then send an e-mail after shipping saying the part's back in stock. haha all good fun .
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    Hahaha While what he says is right, I\'d say most of us have learned the pants-filling way what happens when your brakes get cooked (for a variety of reasons) and pushing the middle pedal harder just doesnt do much any more
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    I make my own braces using 30mm U section steel for the brackets, and 25mmx3mm alloy tube for the bar. No adjustment necessary, drilled to perfection costs me about $20 per brace plus my own labour. Subaru Ace 1990. When one owns an oddball car, one must get custom.
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    I got 2 original mudflats off trade me which have gone on the front. The guy had 6 all up. 4 were made using the same template mentioned in the earlier link by the look of it. Just a word from the last couple of days experience of mudflaps .... mount them a little bit higher than you would expect ... I have to lift the front 2 as on s bends and tighter roundabouts, (well any roundabout at higher speeds) there is a scratching noise coming from the wheel arches as they rub along the ground!
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    wanted better air so did this little intake mod
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    oh nah mate, she was out and accross in front of the driver, and up a touch from the bottom point. Effectively 2 edge cracks, and one long crack out across the windscreen. Well, the windscreen is out now. Sussing a few rust repairs on corners of that, waiting for s*** to dry, and that's the weekend job. Chuur