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    Not my car and not a subaru but I have a huge passion for detailing and spend 6 hours doing a full 3 stage correction on my mates evo 8 for him. Absolutely no messing with photo that gloss is a raw file [emoji91] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Bought a new turbo for the B4 yesterday, a vf23, and bought some 18's for it today. After seeing them on the car, theyre too big but they were cheap so eh why not, they still look better than the 16's. If onky they cleared the 4 pots. Now I need spacers for the front. Sent from my SM-G980F using Tapatalk
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    I definitely wouldn't get them to use the factory speakers but there are a few options that look like they'd fit where the factory one goes in the housing. I've been eying up the Polk DB series coaxial's. I've got the more expensive MM series in the Legacy and besides not a lot of bass they are bloody brilliant so hoping the DB’s might be similar.
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    Nope same as yours originally just the mids. the tweeter wiring is all there but no tweeter in the triangle cover. The factor tweeter is just clipped in and has a capacitor attached. It’s not really and audio upgrade. I swapped to infinity reference coaxial and they suck. Vocals are either harsh or muddy as it has a big peak in response near the upper vocal range. They good for some music with guitars but vocals not so much. the staging is actually good and music sounds high up on the top of the dash so the stock mounting is pretty good. Looking at swapping to alpine type S separates front and coaxial rears. Will mount tweeters over mids like coaxials but like the full cone of separates for the extra mid bass. alpine have silk tweeters so are much flatter response and musical.
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    Does yours have tweeters currently? Mine doesn't have them and I'm considering just flagging the idea of getting the factory mount and running coaxial's in all 4 doors.
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    Thanks for the update, it's nice to collate a few dynapack results so that people know what figures to expect with some common setups
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    @Niran Is just about the biggest car whorree around I reckon 😂
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    Soooo did a thing again. Sold my RS4, and thought I'd try find a cheap but well modded car to drive until the V11 gets finished. Enter the 2002 Prodrive STI. All the right bolt ons including a link ECU, TE37s, semi slicks, new Teins and making 220kw! Only catch is high 220kms. Looks to be well maintained mechanically though! Body requires a bit of TLC. All in all, great car! Building up my photography skills too haha.
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    First attempt at tinting the taillights. Probably went a bit too dark and it seems to have a slightly blue hue to it that I'm not really sold on yet. Better than full chrome at least.
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    So 4yrs 1month later, I've wrapped this mofo up. Put everything back together today, and she runs as smooth as silk. Starts after a couple of cranks, power comes on early and smooth, VOD is manageable, and no more hissy sucky intake noise. Hit me up for any details if you're planning on doing the intake pipe fix.