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    Bought a new one. Black 2006 STI v10
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    Quick video with a couple good tips for anyone doing an engine rebuild. I feel like there are a lot of people on here who could learn something from the sealant demonstration!
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    Yeah that's a realistic power level for a TD04. Safe limit on the box will come down to how you drive it, but there are plenty of GC-era STIs running 5 speeds with around that 280whp mark without issues. If you launch the car and drive it hard, you'll break boxes with factory power. It's not like they hit exactly 293.2hp and all the teeth fall off the gears.
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    I'm new to the group but would be keen. Coast road in Wainuiomata is a nice drive or Paekakariki Hill road!
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    Since we got the ball rolling with the meet the other night, I thought I'll try get this going as well. Also it gave me a good excuse to go for a drive today. Old- Grumman Lane, This location now has street view, if I'm even in the right place New - This image captures both the reasons why i'm broke haha planes and cars
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    The TD05 is a 40 year old small truck turbo that should have been retired a long time ago. A VF30 would go great, if you can find one and a set of pinks plus an STI intercooler you would get close to stock STI power levels.
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    Date: 26 October location: ??? time: ??? Who’s free labour day and wants to do Subaru things? Cruise to Lake Ferry cafe, lunch, photos? any suggestions welcome, any at all.... We got stuck in heavy traffic last time we went
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    If I'm still having trouble with teeth breaking after spending $$$ on a dogbox... I'll be putting a match to it and taking up golf.
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    tell that to the vw guys 🤣
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    Correct people always ask hp at the engine. And it really doesn't matter. A 300hp car at the wheels could make 320 or 500hp at the engine all that matter is what comes out the axles
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    I bet the rear diff or the exhaust just hit something... or each over... they both move around a lot. You probably haven't done any detectable damage to the gearbox... just chill out... if it break it breaks, worry about it then.
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    Nga some random 2nd hand yard in Nelson, found an ad online, paid for it before it landed with them from Japan. I suspect they didn't really know what they had arriving comparing it to std. STi prices at the time, I wasn't going to turn down a bargain on a limited production run rocket ship 😁
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    The spec c is mine, I've had it for about a year as well now. Did you get yours from Autospot?
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    Yes, read a review that said the same thing, I bailed in 2016, between working in IT and the US elections I couldn't get out fast enough Whos is the white spec c from Sundays outing?
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    Good to meet the crew today! Let's hope we can start the snowball effect off and get a regular thing going on
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    it feels twice as powerful as stage 1
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    Hey guys Sorry for all the posts recently. I am getting ready to have my 2001 WRX tuned. What is upper safe limit on the 5 speeds? I am keeping the stock TD04 and doing DP, Fuel Pump and STI TMIC, but decided to keep TD04 rather than put on a VF30 like I originally planned as I did not want to end up pushing too much power that would cause tranny to blow. I have seen that I should get around 230 - 240whp with a stage 2 tune on a TD04? Does that sound about right? And what sort of horsepower level would be considered the "safe limit," for the 5 speed tranny? Cheers
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    I need a tow hitch on an h6 04/05 Outback. Where would be the cheapest place to get one fitted? (its not legal to fit one yourself?) Also I need one for the front to push a boat into place, cant be done in reverse. Would a tongue system be the best and most economical way? If it costs too much I will find another way to get my boat in place. Cheers
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    Just wondering if anyone is local?, or the best place to travel too that works on late model sti’s
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    That coupe is a gc4 so yes it is a Retna car. Sadly it's been completely wrecked by who ever did that to it. Sad day for Retna fans and s201 fans alike. Why would you bother converting a coupe to that spec when it effectively makes it completely worthless. As ugly as the s201 is, I'd still respect someone who took a crashed one and swapped it to another 4 door as a replica or just to keep it from going off the road. The doors /body has had the lines removed too so cannot really be made into a type R without considerable body work. It's a pretty big derp from who ever owns it/built it.
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    i'm no help. not been to elite since eddie's days. they have moved ? 2020 sti ? i'd leave it alone ! last of the breed.
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    Second ugliest, after the Casa Blanca.
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    It can't be any of the above. Could have at least started with a 4 door STI. So it could at least be legitimately an STI, converted to an S201 replica. Even then it wouldn't be a genuine S201 so still not 50k worth. At least make a retna look like a 22B not an S201........the ugliest subaru ever made.
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    I have seen them... look like snake oil. Straight cut gears don't cause the case to flex... so is the ultimate solution really. No big fat assed 6-speed is ever going in my car.
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    But there's more important things to tell them... e.g. "stop driving ugly as f*** cars from WWII". Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Watched it the other day - the silicon stuff is crazy aye!
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    I blew another yesterday, the third in 12 months... it only lasted 3 events. dogbox is on the way but not in time for the 7 events i have entered for the rest of the year, so will need to try another $500 piece of s***.
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    Not a correction factor. Just means if you do it in 5th and sync rpm to hub speed then do 4th and recalibrate ratio it will read the same. Otherwise you will get different torque readings in each gear
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    To accurately determine the torque on a rolling road requires things like accurately knowing the diameter of the tyre, because you are effectively "gearing" the power transmission to the roller. For tuning purposes, where you only care about increase/decrease based on changes to the tune, it's not an issue. But it highlights the pointlessness of comparing dyno sheets from different dynos.
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    Out of interest, do rolling road dynos read higher torque than the hub dynos? Just seems a lot of dyno sheets i've seen done on rolling road have quite high torque numbers.
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    Shock load is generally 'at launch' a crunchy change is less of a load issue as you already have forward momentum, in your example 'it still works' and that is a good sign Some of those little crunchy bits may not be attached anymore though, and sloshing around in the gearbox lubricant, draining said lubricant at the next service will tell a tale, think of it as reading the entrails, but no animals are harmed in the process 🤣
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    IDK what gets me more excited, the RA-R or the sheep 😏
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    Fair enough, I only have ‘lifelog’ for Subarus and memes now new topic created, any suggestions welcome
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    Looked awesome, annoyed I couldn't make it. Seen lots of new wellington members recently so bring them on.
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    I abandoned FB years ago, wretched place I'll just have to do a better job of sorting myself out for the next one, Monday arvo/evening Labour weekend?
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    If you’ve got FB join the group, sometimes easier to contact on short notice, notifications etc
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    Like the ones on the socials
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    My 5 speed took 3 years of brutal driving with over 400 whp before it broke... after fixing it... it only took 3 events to break again. It's just luck of the drawn sometimes.
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    I haven't put any additives or s*** in it. Yeah I would agree a some what stuck open valve, is this a common problem?
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    Mate has a Outlander PHEV with similar features. It helped him avoid a crash on an off ramp when there was sunstrike, and a car directly in front of him slowed down very very quickly. It's definitely a feature where if I had the choice, I'd definitely go for it.
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    I haven't used it but know someone with it in a 2018 Outback and they rate it pretty highly... easpecially things like adaptive cruise control. I hate cruise control personally, but any driver aid focussed on collision avoidance has to be good imo.
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    save your money. 200whp is plenty.
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    My first visit back on the forums for ages haha. But now I've seen this... if there's interest for a meet on the late afternoon / evening of Sunday 27th then I'm keen. I may well be travelling back from Rotorua that day so later in the day will be better. I'll also bring down whatever Wagon Mafia stickers I have as it seems that FB group has been garnering more interest lately. I might have to get more stickers for the models that I've got none left.
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    The STI out at Forsyth Barr stadium
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    For what car, what size and what do you want out of it? Those seem alright prices for what your getting depending on what size you have. You said in another thread you might be driving on snow, so the SP Sport 600 wouldn't be a good choice as its a summer tyre, and the blocky tread pattern wouldn't grip very well. The Sport Maxx RT could be pretty good given its the factory fit on the 2015ish WRX STi. I went with Continental MaxContact 6 for mine and very happy so far. Managed to get a set down from 1100 to 800 after battling 4 different shops against each other. So far they seem quite good.
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    I got mine tuned for 95 and it could\'ve picked up a lot more power with 98. 91 is a shit spec fuel and has been discontinued in most countries. NZ should do the same. Replace all the 91 pumps with 95 and all the 95 pumps with 98....then fancy servos can start selling us 100 like in Europe.
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    No bueno on the front hitch, there aren't any structures at the front of the car that are a. strong enough for a towball and b. legal to modify. You could definitely do a big steel beam across between the chassis rails to replace the bumper support and then hang a towball from that but there is no way in hell it would be a legal modification of the frontal impact structures.
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    And we wonder why it’s so hard to get a WOF