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  1. i can run your codes using tactrix cable, pm me (avail in waterloo after 6pm or anytime weekends) -- will be at home this weekend refitting my intake mani after repairing a fuel leak
  2. I've got a set of bosch 1000cc ev14's that need to go into my v7 sti wagon (including swapping/recrimping connectors from denso to bosch) -- although i probably can't wait heh may do it this weekend
  3. I'm considering this for my built v7 sti, mainly as a tuning tool to compliment the innovate EGT,wideband and oil press/temp gauges. Is this a viable alternative to the knock block for advance tuning?
  4. I went to repco and got some oil compatible hose of similar size, cut to a bit longer than the stock one and life is much easier
  5. That guy at window magic didn't clean my windows properly and left dusty **** under the tint, was $350 for my old v2 wrx
  6. I've also confirmed that the td04 fitting is too small
  7. The td05 is chinese (i think), it only needs to last until my vf30 goes for a rebuild, here's a pic
  8. I haven't measure it mate, it's a td05 and all I can say is that the fitting from a vf30 is a step down in size
  9. Hi all, does anyone have this piece? It's the only thing stopping me from running after a turbo swap
  10. Unfortunately Dacca has up and buggered off to aus
  11. Hi everybody Would greatly appreciate anyone who has one of these cables to loan/sell, keen to setup PCLink on my laptop for datalogging/etc
  12. I've used Ray Hartley a few times and will be booking in tomorrow for an exhaust install. Solid quality work thus far.
  13. I went to Ray Hartley in town recently and felt like they knew their scoobys, quality work at decent price in my case. Also another golden recommendation for Rick Wheeler, this guys knowledge is amazing