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  1. Hey man, I have a BR legacy for sale in the classifieds section. Higher KM but that is reflected in the price let me know if you're interested
  2. Photoshoot with the mate's s14. Ignore the family there for a sitdown dinner @ 11pm....
  3. I have a Defi Racer boost gauge , it has a sensor that lives in the engine bay. It's neat
  4. I'm gunning for the 223kw mark which should be no issue now that I have the front mount- what's your end goal?
  5. Should be fun times when I do my retune then! Very similar setups on our cars only I have the front mount
  6. @Dairusire Nice - looks like it spools early How does it feel to drive?
  7. Found my twinscroll setup waiting for me when I got in to work today, with VF36. Off to Ajay tomorrow to get it fitted up. Amped!@
  8. 1996 ST205 Celica GT4 Ended up stolen and burnt
  9. Or invest in a baffled sump if you're running very sticky tyres... the killer is the long sweeping corners where the oil pick up gets starved otherwise just drive slow
  10. I've been running no BOV on my Gc8 for the past 4/5 months, no issues whatsoever with smoothness and boosting. 2nd Hand VF30 takes much more of a beating with antilag and is still performing well. That said, I have a SARD blow off valve coming, to change the sound up. *Edit* Also have Link, so no MAF.
  11. Have you considered Blouch? Modern tech & sharp pricing depending on the features. Only downside is the shipping from the US
  12. Original tune... Model: GC8D Displacement: 2.0l Mods: Vf30, chinese semi tuned headers, link G4, 3" exhaust, fuel pump, fpr, split fuel lines Fuel: Mobil 98 Tuner/dyno: E&H Made 201kw at the wheels. Main limiting factor was the stock top mount. Have gone front mount, and booked for a retune next thursday, gunning for that 223kw (300 hp at the wheels)