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  1. Picked up an A/C unit to do this to the legacy at some point - $19 from pick a part with loom. Pray to your soldering irons that this goes smoothly. Long shot but anyone know of someone in the Canterbury region scraping a BH/BE with the 'black' interior trim?
  2. There's so many choices. I've been considering one, but with the range of ~$200-~$600 there's a lot of room to choose the wrong one
  3. Gave my wheels a massive off the car clean, outside and inside. Before/after photo below doesn't quite do it justice
  4. Murphys law, you have it, you'll never need it. The one time you remove it from the car, you'll need it. I actually have two in my car, one in the same position (double metal straps for track days) and another (which only has a single metal strap) in the boot
  5. thewabbit1

    Wheel Cleaning

    Got next Monday and Tuesday off (yay 5 day weekend) and want to give my wheels a really good off the car clean. I've after recommendations for products and/or methods to remove baked on brake dust (inside of wheels), tar and general road crap
  6. I hooked mine up to the reverse lights, works fine. If you have a look at the last few pictures of my install you can see that i was able to pass the cable through a grommet in the boot door. Not sure how applicable it will be to your car, but worth checking out.
  7. I quite like the idea of that.... Have written it up a bit more in my garage thread
  8. Pretty sure the Rev D started in Mid 2000. A few people believe that any legacy built in 2000 is a Rev D. Early ones will be Rev C, later ones are Rev D. The production of 3rd Gen legacys (like ours) continued through to end of 2002 but continued to be sold into 2003 when the 4th gen (BL/BP) started. Its just one of those weird things with cars. My full production code for my car is a 2001 BH5 Legacy GTB ETune II. As its registered, its a 2001 Legacy. I've seen other cars (same spec as mine) registered as Legacy Turbo, Legacy GTB and Legacy ETune II
  9. 99.99% sure it'll be a Rev D. Two ways to tell, first is looking at your VIN tag (most reliable). See beside Applied Model it says BH5D. A Rev A will be BH5A Another way is the headlights. A Rev D has headlights like this Where as a Rev A-C has headlights like this
  10. Trade me is your answer - https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/other/listing-1911873538.htm?rsqid=09d600e7e00f4cbf9d1433e201e7a314 Collating info from a few other threads, thanks to @Marky @Rosssub and @A_J_T Rev A-C you need: 1 x 45mm to 38mm 45' reducer elbow 1 x 45mm to 38mm 90' reducer elbow Rev D you need: 1 x 45mm" to 54mm 45' reducer elbow 1 x 45mm to 38mm 90' reducer elbow
  11. These are tuned for 100+ octane so as @TNHSTI said, 98 will still give small amounts of knock, but is remarkably better than 95. Don't even touch 91 with these
  12. replaced my fuel filter.... Can't believe i was quoted >$200 for this... got the part from partsouq for ~$55, and took less than 30mins to install.
  13. Both turbos are controlled by one wastegate. See the photo below how there is only one wastegate at the primary turbo to control the exhaust flow. I belive of you put a boost controller on you risk over spooling the primary in single mode as the boost controller forces both turbos to run the same boost. Pretty sure inner diameter is 3.5mm, but should be fine with 4mm for such a short run
  14. once you know the code its pretty easy to narrow it down
  15. could be knock sensor. have you had the codes pulled?
  16. having a boost tap on these is a sure fire way to over boost the (very small) turbos. I'd remove the boost tap and do this. The two turbos share the same wastegate, its a pretty complex setup. Many peopel refer to it as wizardry. have a read through this:
  17. Rev D is quite a different engine to the Rev C. Can't plug+play the differnet rev ecus. If you really want power either v7 swap it or buy a turbo forester and single turbo it. I'm pretty sure there are guides for both floating around on here.....
  18. If anything they're tuned to 100+ octane, at least for the bh/be. Not sure about bp/bl. I use NPD 100 in mine, used to use 98 and have used 95 once on the Westcoast when I couldn't quite make it to Greymouth BP
  19. Hey Team Went to start the legacy today, and noticed that it was stuttering at idle, a bit sluggish to rev and the CEL was going on/off in time with the stuttering. When it got past ~1500rpm it reved fine, boosted fine ect. When I got home, checked the codes using ny OBDII reader - that gave P0340 - Cam angle sensor. When I checked the CEL light, it gave 15 - Injector #2. I'm guessing that later is caused by the former? I had a look at the cam sensor, connection and plug seemed fine, had a quick go at getting it off, but it looks like a total PITA so will just get someone else to do it for me.... My main question is, is it safe to drive with the sensor malfunctioning? Also need spark plugs done.... so might get that done too...
  20. Four doors, a boot (not one of those shitty sedan ones) and still enough oomph to satisfy me
  21. I'd say that its likely enough has dripped onto something for you too see smoke. Its probably always been smoking and you've never noticed it
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