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  1. Whacked on the new IACV and along with the inlet hose, new o2 sensors and spark plugs the car is running amazingly. $50 wifi obd II widget is amazballs
  2. Ok so I had a search around. The turbo inlet hose had a rip right on the hose clamp on the turbo housing end so I replaced that with a new tomei one. That didn't fix it at all really (even though it had to be replaced anyway) I read the codes and its only throwing P0159 idle air system performance. We had another search around and whilst cleaning and checking the IACV I found that the motor has seized/died or whatever. Manually held the valve in place and idle returned to normal. So I just need to grab a replacement when I get a chance.
  3. cheers for the info man. I'll take a closer when I get home. Here's hoping haha
  4. My v7 has just started idling super rough and I have a check engine light. I took it for a test drive today and it seems fine. It appears to only be an idle issue. I havn't had a chance to run the codes yet. I replaced my o2 sensor as it was visibly damaged and the wires were not in good shape. Seemed to help a small amount. I have cleaned the maf and I'm certain I have no vaccum leaks. What other things could it be? Obviously need to get the codes ran but havn't had a chance yet.
  5. I just setup one can but im struggling to find room for the other in my engine bay lol...
  6. Did some experimenting with my headlights to make em look a bit more aggro
  7. Started spending money on this thing. New set of Rota dpt's wrapped in nexen su1's.
  8. Car: 2001 Sti Prodrive Suspension: soon to be sti pink springs Mags: Rota DPT wheels diamater: 18 Wheels width: 8.5 Offset: +44 Tyres spec: Nexen SU1 225 did you have to roll the gaurds?: no
  9. Obviously RE002's and 3's are mad. I had Nexen SU1's on my S15 and they were amzaing! You can get them for $209 and I wouldn't choose anything else now.
  10. It'll be my first bastion point meet as well.
  11. Contacted him, I want in. Power run today showed some...issues..