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  1. It's a challenge for sure... lot's of perseverance required... but challenging yourself is a good thing.
  2. Today so far I have attempted to fit my engine back in the car twice.... first time not enough tilt on the engine... second time it lined up and went on the gearbox perfectly... except I hadn't put the clutch fork on !!!!!
  3. Yes, but firstly he has a standard sti motor... with 195 kw, so won't need bigger brakes just because of that. But you specifically mentioned he would need bigger rear brakes, cause it's rear wheel drive. It doesn't work like that. Hydraulic handbrakes are a separate issue... and would not warrant bigger rear brakes or even seperate callipers necessarily.
  4. @Gripless You can make you own seats mounts, you don't need sliding rails. Also his brake bias has not been altered at all, so the rear brakes don't need changing.
  5. I would like to avoid this for sure... I've got helicoils in for now and hope they hold up. The helicoil kit was bloody expensive too.
  6. Buggered both the threads on the chassis for the gearbox cross member Does anyone else have a great deal of trouble getting those lined up? Seems the cross member needs bending slightly for both bolt holes to lines up.
  7. Maybe with a TT... single turbo wrx will spike from my experience... it's not by much and it's down low when the boost is just coming on, so plenty of excess fuel in the mixture.
  8. Surely it will spike a bit? These aren't closed loop are they?
  9. They made the GC8 for marketing purposes and it was an huge success... decades later they are still clinging to it. But clearly there is money to be made making fat slow cars.
  10. It's like they are trying to hypnotise us... yes... I see it now... this whale is really a WRC car from the 90s. cool. I'll buy one. Why don't they just re-release the GC8? That's what everyone wants surely... and it will slap all the greedy 60k to 90k trademe f***wads in the face
  11. This could be the most cringe worthy wrx marketing video of all time.
  12. Hi I'm scared for you. Is the knock sensor saying there is knock, or is the ecu saying that the knock sensor is broken? Big difference and I think if the engine is knocking, then it will go into limp mode for sure at some level of knock. If that's true I doubt a wiring diagram is going to help.
  13. They won't seal perfectly for long and will start to breather a bit better. I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. you will find strut nuts and bolts all over the ground at pick a part.
  15. Holy crap... I'd not come across that before. Black, silver and white does not make a Harlequin soob though.
  16. While the motor is out I've been busy cleaning wheel wells and the engine bay, and straightening up the sills at the 4 jack points. I have some new front fenders I bought from Tony years ago that I want to put on, but they need painting and I don't want to spend the money until the engine is sorted. Also have some tidier side skirts to go on and all new clips... but they also are the wrong colour
  17. The thread size means the width not the length.
  18. From the pics it's pretty hard to say... the AE ball joint does look chunkier than the FE and the thread def could be bigger. If the thread on the AE is bigger, then you could possibly have it cut down to a 14mm thread... or alternatively go to the newer rack and change both rack ends to the AE. If you are going to cut the thread on the AE... at a minimum get an engineer to assess the safety of doing that.
  19. So we have a pretty solid conclusion then.
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