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  1. Looks like the thread at the ball joint end is a different size... could just be the photo though.
  2. %7BfileStore.core_Attachment%7Dmonthly_2021_09/34160fe000.jpeg.7819d2833d52641bbb033f002964d99b.jpeg
  3. I have a v5 Type R that I bought 6 years ago for 12k and thought I over paid. It's logical that people asking 60 to 90 k all of a sudden are going to be seen as price gouging. Take it personally if you want. Fact is, it's just sad that the good old days of being spoiled rotten with cheap imports is over.
  4. There's a capital gains tax on housing in NZ? I've never heard of having to pay tax when buying and selling privately owned cars. Common sense (not jealousy) says there must be some threshold though. No idea what it might be, but if you were full time buying and selling privately owned cars for profit... the IRD will surely come knocking one day. Or maybe not... we are in NZ after all.
  5. Bidding is around 60k on his currently... seems like a more reasonable amount, though it still kills me that they cost that much and I have to find a new favourite car. This is what I expect to see when people ask big bucks for an old and previously cheap car. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/toyota/corolla/listing/3270284093 Still high km, but someone has spent a lot of time restoring it... and it's not super expensive either.
  6. I was thinking of a scenario where I trashed my wrx shell and was able to swap the running gear to a brz. Definitely dreaming on the 4wd thing though... probably on the engine too. It was a bad example really as they aren't even old. The 4wd version is awesome... incredibly fast in stock form, just with some decent tyres. I know nothing much about the fwd version. I tried really hard not to comment... 90k and he probably hasn't even cleaned it... I find it to be a bit insulting for some reason.
  7. I know nothing about the v7 injectors. AFAIK top feed just gives you a lot more options and much greater maximum flow.
  8. haha. Mine is ruined... would be very hard to return to stock.
  9. At least BRZs are coming down in price. 300 kw 4wd BRZ will be plenty of fun.
  10. If the cars for sale were low km and look like they just rolled off the showroom floor, then sure that's worth big bucks. But nothing for sale in NZ is like that... they are high km, covered in dents, "restored" in a half hearted manner or not at all. Because the market was flooded and they have been so cheap, no one has looked after them or kept them stock.
  11. It's FOMO like the over heated housing market. People will pay, but they aren't getting value. Not true, very awesome car and highly sort after.
  12. No insurance at all while racing... not for the car anyway.... MSNZ cover third party damage.
  13. His has just gone back up on TM for 78k. I'd be amazed if there was someone out there willing to pay that price for such a high km car that isn't even stock or even very rare (several on TM right now)... but who knows? Mostly I'm pissed at the current asking prices of these cars because it means if I crash mine I can't replace it, and have just destroyed a 100k car.. not a 20k car!
  14. Dreamers... not even that rare. Try finding a Ford Focus RS for sale... that's rare.
  15. That does look like a lot... have you cut the filter open?
  16. Seems about right... it's a risky proposition for the buyer of course.
  17. So a complete drop in motor? must be worth a bit.
  18. Well technically speaking you didn't change the bearing... you just swapped out the whole hub
  19. Loren


    Just top up the fluid... probably fix it.
  20. Third generation? Surely it's way more than that... how is it different to the current WRX?
  21. That is a good question. I don't know what spec the current cams are. They came in the car... no markings and are a bit on the weird side. Without dialling them in they caused #2/#4 to run very lean, and #1/#3 to run very rich. It lead to a great deal of head scratching to figure it out before I had adjustable cam gears. Once dialled in, that problem was solved to a degree, but they are still just bad. Good power once spooled (at 5k rpm)... but s*** everywhere else. Very sluggish to get off idle... chronic fuel smell at idle... chronic fuel consumption all round. They are not high lift because the heads haven't been modified to fit them and there is plenty of clearance... but I think they have a moderately large duration and a s*** load of overlap. New cams are Kelford 199-j... short duration, high lift and almost no overlap. Should be night and day.
  22. New cams and springs arrived... hoping to go from very sluggish low and mid range performance to awesome.
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