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  1. Looking at TradeMe, the BL/BP shape legacies are the price of BE/BH legacies 3 years ago.
  2. Down low too, once the engine is loaded up. Will leave battery unplugged in case it's in limp mode. It's only had a coilpack replaced and that's it.
  3. Have any other ideas? It gets up to 10 psi very quickly then does this lurch. My old WRX did this when it was overboosting.
  4. In my Legacy BE5D, I put my foot down and as soon as the primary hits like 8 psi, the car starts lurching and won't gain any more power. Driving without boost runs normally. Whenever I load the engine up, just lurches and won't gain power. Just had 1 coil pack replaced, would changing spark plugs fix this? They've been in there for at least 40,000 k's This started once a coil pack gave out, and was replaced with a 2nd hand one. I can't drive up hills
  5. If your passenger has their full licence for at least 2 years, there shouldn't be a problem as you're not breaking any laws? The Defensive Driving course lowers the duration you need to have your restricted before being eligible to sit your full licence. If you're driving to pick up a car, why do you need passengers anyway?
  6. Yeah there is a bit of grease there, I can't understand why it would only start smoking now as it's been there for ages.
  7. It was a coil! Huzzah! Bit of oil in the up pipe but will deal with that later.
  8. Purely the engine bay. Because I work by the airport I had it lifted to Submarine Spares as they were the only people who had a spare car for me It's not making any bad sounds, just idling very rough. Oh well time will tell.
  9. So I was driving down the motorway (80km) after a 5 minute drive, put my foot down to pass and all of a sudden my engine starts shuddering badly. Boost never went over primary level (around 8psi) Backed down to 80km/h and could really feel the shuddering in 5th, less in 4th, none in 3rd. Parked back at work, car isn't sounding the same (Engine sounds louder?). Open bonnet and see smoke from the passenger's side coming from under the top mount and engine is vibrating a LOT. (Whole car is shaking in idle) This is a 2002 BE5D Legacy. Oil was done about 1200 K's ago from Crowesport (I always do it myself, have for the last 3 years, except this once) Any idea what this could be? No codes came up. Edit: Shaking would mean a cylinder is not firing from memory, but the smoke? Edit again: I always use 98, factory Denso tune
  10. Is running a $150 K&N panel filter even worth it over a $28 factory air box filter?
  11. Old thread but mine does the same, the heater core in the rear sensor or something doesn't work in my 02 sensor, so when the engine is up to the right temp, I turn car off and on again (I work in IT, never fails) and the CEL doesn't come back because the sensor is already at the right temperature. Our RevD's have 2 sensors. Or something like that.
  12. The rev A-C's are cheap, the Rev-D's that are in good condition are still worth a bit imo. I've had my Rev-D for 3 years, 140k's and only modification is the fujimo exhaust that was installed by the previous owner who bought the car new in 2002 when he lived in Japan, and moved it to NZ when he moved here in 2010.
  13. I have a double din headunit, and it's coming out for a single din + empty tray to put my phone in. Like above, unless you're watching movies, or answering mobile calls all the time (phone paired up with double din headunit to make it easier to see who is calling you) then I'd just go for the single.
  14. Club Auto. (Underwritten by Tower) NAC = $1700 Club Auto = $1000 That was my case. '02 Turbo B4 1 write off prior.
  15. Depends on your history as well. If they're behind you, and run your plate, and you're the registered owner of the vehicle + you've been in trouble with the police a lot, chances are you'll get pulled over. I do not know if thwe above statement is true however. I have had a WRX and was pulled over for checks a fair bit, but have never been pulled over in the Legacy in the 3 years I've owned it, in Christchurch.
  16. Keep replacing Passengers side fog light, it keeps stopping. Not sure if bulbs are shorting out or wiring is bad, is this something you can look at? BE5D
  17. I'm in chch if anyone has the OBD2 reader? Car drives normal, it's just the light that's annoying. It's probably not heating up or something.
  18. In case others do read this, the rev d does have the plugs, they're just further up than usual.
  19. I want new wheels, reflash and sort the wiring out for my fog lights so they don't blow bulbs every week.
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