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  1. When you dis-engauge the clutch you are taking the engine load off the GB, if you are still getting rough changes then you need oil change or you have problems in box. You blip your throttle to match engine rpm with the drivetrain so when you drop clutch after gear downshift you dont get "load shock" of the drivetrain/engine trying to all synchronize to the same speed (weakest point breaks first - Compression skids, popped input shafts etc etc) Motorbikes use a slipper clutch to help take this load shock away... Many years ago I use to have ignition module which could create a "misfire" so
  2. Old Man Emu / King springs do a 1" lift for a Forester. Could get these via a local ARB agent. I have seen some other Aussie Subis with a 2" lift,But these were with parts sourced from US or Custom modified parts.
  3. I went to order some parts for my Ducati, and for the first time ever, it was cheaper to buy stuff from the stealership than it was off ebay/online.... How times have change...
  4. I had insurance for race cars, but only for fire/thief. Funny thing fire included on track stuff lol. There was an option for "race" damage but it was more for very expensive exotics/rare chassics.
  5. I priced up some S401 gear once, got sold the same story. Said they needed the chassis code and serial number. Few minutes searching on net and got a pic of a s401 vehicle plate with all the numbers. Where theres a will theres a way.....
  6. The rear shocks in the BE/BH arent strut, so a knock would be more than likley a bush.
  7. New suspension setup has been delivered for my Landcruiser. Nice surprise when I get home in 2 weeks!
  8. You need something like this: or order S401 Backing plates. (I did post part numbers in one of the many threads about BE/BH 2pot conversions) or you can weld you backing plate to suit 2pots
  9. You can make it work. When i did mine I replace clutch master cyclinder with a v8 one. Also i had Samco TT hose kit which let you get a good angle on the IC. Using the v8 and BE ic brackets i managed to cut/weld to suit.
  10. Wait till you see the ProcessWest IC which replaced the v12 one
  11. Top is JDM v9 STi Bottom is v12 STi (2.5)
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