BH5 ignition timing adjustment

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I've heard rumor that the base timing can be adjusted with the right scan tool.

Reason being is I want to pull back base timing ~5deg to cueb detonation. With summer here in Canada the air density and heat have proven too much for our 94AKI fuel. For the time being I've tossed a bottle of booster into each tank and that seems to remedy things. Boost peaks out at 1.1 bar so nothing crazy but I'd rather a more permanent solution.

Anybody know of or has done this? It's tough to get any help in this neck of the woods... The dealerships are super beurocratic and won't touch a JDM, and nobody else seems to work on them so any help is greatly appreciated.



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It'll be pulling timing by itself already

I reckon ditch the interheater (it's half the problem) and the primary cat (it's the other half and you're still emissions legal with a mid cat if thats a thing round your way)

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For any interested parties, the BH5 ignition timing and idle RPMs can easily be adjusted with RomRaider and a VAG-COM KKL cable ($15 on Amazon) to a laptop via USB. You're also able to monitor all the sensors real-time.

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