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Heinous (ghost?) CEL Issue

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Wasn't too sure if this falls under Engine or electrical?

Anyway been having a very odd intermittent CEL issue lately, cars a 1998 Gen 2 legacy RSB Single turbo conversion.... note I converted it a long time ago and has been mint so far...


Basically driving down the road CEL turns on then it dissapears when i put the car in neutral this is the only way to clear it, I have narrowed the cause down to occasionally when i downshift and rpm falls below 2k and when I accelerate hard out of a turn from lowish rpm. 


I ran the codes using the black plugs and all I got was 24 so IAC which is very odd as this has been cleaned less than 1000ks ago.


Now in the name of rnd I got this cel while going for a spirited drive with my flatmates and noticed I can pull straight through all the way to redline (well 7k dont take it past that ever) and it has no effect on boost etc however between 3-3.5k it has a massive deadspot, last time i got 24 im 100% sure I was in limp mode 4.5k cut etc.


Now I could go to subaru when they open and buy a brand new iacv but I'm just not 100% sold on this being the issue, wondering if anyones had similar issues Ive read through other forums with no sort of quantifiable answer.




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