99 Legacy BH5 Weird Headlight issues

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Hey, all. I'm hoping someone might be able to help, or point me in the right direction with this issue I'm having.


Today my headlights for my BH5 Legacy have stopped working - Both High Beams and Low Beams are not functioning. New bulbs have been put in place with no luck. All fuses appear to be OK - I've chucked a spare relay into one of the headlight relays (didn't have two unfortunately) and still had issues.


The AC lighting doesn't dim when switching the low beams or high beams on, but does when the parking lights go on.


Any ideas of where to go from this point in?

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Bit of an update - Still unsure if it's a bad relay causing it. I would've thought having one good relay for either the L/H or R/H side would mean one would work and the other wouldn't - But maybe I'm incorrect on that.


The relay in the cabin that clicks when turning the lights on to parking lights, and then will rapdily click on and off going from parking to Lows. (I think it must be for the lighting for the cluster?) 

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