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    Usually jap imports are Km/L and NZ new are L/100Km If you're committed to cautious, smooth driving they can be efficient but most people just mash the noise maker and still go everywhere slowly but do so whilst using twice as much fuel as they could be using.
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    My 2.5 turbo uses 10.9l/km around town average and 13l/km open road.
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    Cheers haha yeah I appreciate your feedback! yeah I haven't tested one yet but will do this weekend
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    Might PM you next time I'm heading over that way, would be good to verify that my car is actually running properly / aka tuned for the intake mods
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    There are plenty around at dealers bro, you should test drive before shopping around heaps. Test drive was a massive eye opener for me, atleast. just knew I couldn’t have it and that’s saying a lot coz didn’t mind the auto skyline 370 as much initially whic is what I ended up with at the time which I’ll add is also s*** compared to manual version but 10k cheaper so compromised at the time. Drove manual for 15 years now through Auckland rubbish traffic with heavy clutches, light flywheels and still can’t figure out what people complain about, it’s such a subconscious part of driving but so rewarding at same time . For ppl sick of driving manual, their future is also probably self driving cars That just a personal taste thing don’t mind my ramble. after test drive you might find you like it anyway, in which case good for you! Just saying it’s best starting point since highly opinionated topic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We used to have one before our current manual STI. The shifts are slow, but you do get used to it, and can kind of 'predict' it, so you just shift a little earlier than you'd expect. A hell of a lot of fun though, for an automatic, and went surprisingly well. But when we got the manual, we could tell just how down-tuned the A-Line was.
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    Some meters actually show km p/ L instead of L p/km my ex gf had a 2L legacy NA manual which was usually very efficient AND extremely slow 😛
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    I have a 2011 WRX 2.5L and with a mix of driving I have 10.2L p/100km. That’s with enjoying the car but also driving / shifting conservatively. a 6 speed would save you more gas if you do open road driving. My 5 speed sits at 3k rpm at 100, a 6 speed sti would sit just above 2k rpm for example. best I’ve seen is 8.9L p/100km cruising on the motorway Auckland to Hamilton. I have an aftermarket air intake, top mount and tune for 98 gas - FYI Reset your trip meter after every fill up to keep an accurate average. tips: keep a good tyre pressure, shift before boost, roll power on for passing, let your car roll when you can when you know you need to stop / turn (on the open road you can cover a fair bit of ground at idle) - braking is wasting energy.
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    Had the recall work for the passenger airbag and park brake done today by Armstrong Christchurch. Was excellent service car came back washed and cleaned on the inside. No marks on the outside or scratches or rattles on the inside. All the things (defi controller) were back where they should be as well. So for me was a good experience and the parts guy was very helpful in getting me a gasket they didn’t have in stock from Auckland overnight.(partsouq didnt supply it on my last order as they didn’t have stock either)
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    Hi guys, We’re looking at buying a 2011 BR9 Legacy with a faulty passenger side heater not blowing hot. From talking with the mechanic & a google search it could be any of the following: blocked heater core electrical fault mechanical fault From my understanding the electrical fault is the most expensive fault, any ideas how to narrow it down without getting intrusive? Online search results only pointed to same issue in Forresters and not Legacies Mechanic also pointed out car was slow to come up to temperature, suggesting a thermostat needs replacing - any chance this is related to heater issue or just a coincidence? Appreciate any help
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    yeap definitely, and sadly will be following in his footsteps
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    Sounds a bit like @1randomkiwi’s ongoing drama