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    Uhhh 225s on a 9.5" rim, why are we are looking at anything other than your incorrect tyre fitment? The contact patch is herp derping about because your sidewalls are probably at about 45 degrees. Get tyres that actually fit on your rim. Your current combination isn't even legal (https://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/infosheets/LVVTA_Info_01-2009_V3_Tyre_Size_to_Wheel_Size_Compatibility_Guide.pdf) Jesus, going loop-de-loop on handling mods while running a frankly stupid tyre setup, what's the point?
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    Coming from the other side the amount of s*** Chinese parts especially fuel parts like injectors and fuel pressure regulators is astounding and means we need to have a disclaimer for problems not arising from our work. Any tuner should stand by any work they do And parts they supply. The other problem we are getting more and more of is people are buying project unfinished cars that have had 3 different owners, Chinese whispers turns it from being a rb25de+t motor to a fully forged rb25 will head studs etc. Its not financially viable for us to pull off heads to check so if we are informed that an engine is forged we treat it that way. It also goes both ways, we have had many customers that try and drop car for tuning on 98 or npd100 then bringing it back a few weeks later down on power and surging etc on boost and we find 95 or even 91 in the tank because it was cheaper. This fuel grade clusse is in our contract but still gets ignored.
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    Added the sti logo to my intercooler today
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    Hey Everyone been a longtime since anyone has posted in here is anyone still floating around?
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    use the Prelude, why buy another when you've got something thats's already cheap as chips Honda wins every time (even on the track : the STI boys just wont admit it)
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    @Andy_Mac Shot for the recommendations of MCA's, I've never even heard of them before! They look bloody awesome!
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    COBB Tuning has only one promotion per year and it's on RIGHT NOW! We are able to discount 10% off everything in the Cobb catalogue, but only for a very limited time. If you've been waiting for discounts on Cobb this is it. Get your orders in now, only at www.moonlightracing.co.nz - New Zealand's COBB dealer. Finance available where applicable.
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    New location too! (has got bigger) https://www.facebook.com/events/1152571891606018/ FEB 16 2020 "Supercheap Auto" Spectacular Car Show Buckley Golf Course Shannon
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    this show is getting busier every year. if you want to put on a group display get there really early ! otherwise best park outside the showgrounds.
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    This is what @Andy_Mac keeps talking about. Buy a new short block and swapping the pistons to forged ones at the same time. Sounds like a really good value option. hey @Naval what mods had been done to the motor?
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    That really sucks man. I’ve just had my engine rebuilt after a similar experience. There’s a few second had engines on trademe but what’s the history of it going to be like? I nearly put a second hand engine in mine but opted for a new shortblock. Similar dollars (not including rebuilt heads, gaskets, seals etc) but you start with basically a new engine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Or the sidewalls will actually be straight up and down so the tyre will have some structure rather than slopping about like a jellyfish?
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    while the width doesn’t really matter too much, 9.5+ Kiwami are deep concave, below 9.5 is medium concave, 7.5 would be very low concave which would also play a part in clearing the face of the brakes. i would say the issue is more the offset. i had 9.5 +38 which cleared brembos with a little bit of extra clearance. if you need to you can get a small spacer worse case scenario
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    Hey team, there is a car show in Shannon on the 16th Feb 2020 Anyone keen to convoy up?
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    Lol nah, they said they dont have them in stock but can get it in a week. Yea insane is a understatement. I think they mistook car for a truck 😛
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    I'd say Race Shock Specialists were trying to offload some old stock maybe.. Those are some insane spring rates lol
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    The lower ones are a good option for the price. Most cheapo options are trash and have issues after a year or two. The level of support when dealing direct helps a heap too. They tailor them to the specific car and what you want so very little chance of getting something completely wrong for you.
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    not so, established manufacturers like sachs, bilstein, ohlins et al know the modern difference between track day and race day. 😉 10/14 is hardcore, stock legacy is something like 3.7/5.4 for cmparison stock sti v6 4.3/3.5 stock v10 sti 4.7/4.4
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    If you’re basically never going to the track then I wouldn’t say you intend to track. People take stock cars to the track and don’t have issues, even aftermarket coilovers intended for the street can attend track days with no issues. When people say “track” more often than not it’s not an actual track day, it’s a non racing / play day on a track - 10-20min sessions. When a manufacturer or equivalent hears you say track days, they assume you mean full on racing with subjecting the car to a lot of repetitive abuse for extended amounts of time. i have 6/6 on my Wrx and I would say it’s pretty stiff, I wouldn’t want it any stiffer for a daily driver ( I could probably soften my damping more if I had slightly stiffer springs tho). Factory STI suspension is only around 5 I believe
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    Speaking or mcas. I was corresponding with the guys who do the mcas (alignment specialists). And they recommended 14kg for rear and 10kg front. That seems bit extreme to me. Would like your thoughts @Andy_Mac
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    I've got the exact same button. It's for the parking corner marker thing. Pretty sure it's an extremely common aftermarket model.
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    awesome. didn't know there was a golf course out there ! 😄
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    Frankly though, there are too many variables, and It would definitely be difficult getting their tuners to repair or replace a motor after blowing it up. Especially if they did not build that motor themselves or know the complete history of the vehicle. The vehicle was was originally fit for purpose, so a dyno tune is to make it more reliable? but if you are adding more timing, more fuel and more boost it has deviated from its original purpose and specification. This dyno tune was not intended to repair or fix a faulty vehicle. I'd just add that Soichi at ST-Hitec hated tuning cars built at other workshops, again because he didn't build it. He hated getting blamed when cars came unprepared or failed, because of poor workmanship or conditions. My own car was road-tuned, and then serviced and checked all over. before going on the dyno. In the end we only needed 2hours dyno time.
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    18x9.5 is fine this chassis. A bit too wide for drag maybe but certainly good for track. With the Michelin ps4 range, its pretty hard to make the car slide lol. So much grip its insane. Very confidence inspiring! Ps, i do have a set for sale 😉
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    225 on a 9.5" rim yeah that ain't ideal You'd get better road handling out of a 18x8 or 18x8.5 wheel if you're chasing ultimate cornering, 9.5 is unnecessarily wide, even better would be 17x8 as that'll fit over stock wrx brakes, reduce a heap of weight + lower the gearing. Obviously won't look as sicKo though.
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    I brought a replacement key fob for my 2002 wagon ( from https://www.keylessentryremotefob.com/ ) According to the above site, and Google its possible to reprogram these by doing an elaborate key turning door opening incantation, as demonstrated in the video below. But try as I might I can't get my horn to beep as its meant to after the 10 x key turns. So I'm wondering if this trick doesn't work for JDM cars, only for US ones... Anyone had any luck in this area ?
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    I'm 100% with boon on this. You're pulling the tyre out of its strengthened form. Just because there's more 'meat' around the tyre, doesn't mean there's going to be more roll. Why do you think race cars actually have a rather larger sidewall. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    9am-9pm Prepping bumpers Masking up, final cleaning of everything Chuck it in the paint booth Et voila - no more faded, peely, cracked, depigmented red gf8, but a fresh coat of 936!
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    Another update. The car was tuned last week by WRC Developments in Napier. I'm very happy with the results. Graham was very professional and definitely knows his stuff! The car feels the best it ever has.
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    Almost finished scuffing up all the crevices edges etc, then to mask it up and get it in the booth.
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    Copper orange mica, 17L
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    Hey mate, if this all goes well, I definitely owe you a box or two of beer. I'll call AMI again and see if they can do anything about it.
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    It was a few years ago now, its one of those insurance companies that car dealers use to give you "instant" cover when you drive off their car yard, you then have a week to arrange your own cover - their whole policy fitted on one piece of A4 paper haha. I've been with AMI, they usually go the extra mile. I have the email address and phone number of a claims manager if you want to talk to someone a bit higher up who has more of an idea of what to do. (PM me). You mentioned that the offender went to Hoyt's and bought tickets - if they used an eftpos or debit card then you have all the information their to identify them along with visual confirmation with the security camera. Your insurance company should be able to apply for the necessary paperwork to have that footage and card holder information released
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    Wow mate, much appreciated and while most of it makes sense, I just don't know what the insurance company would do/have access to the card details they paid with. But regarding to the 'establishment of the other party', i.e. the offender, I'll look at my insurance company's policy (for the first time) and see what it actually states. To be fair, this is yet to be identified until the insurance company gets a hold of the video but I will definitely push the insurance company to do something about it after I report the incident to the police.
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    yeah its really weird to me they are getting you to do their job lodge a claim with them ; let them figure it out they can and should chase the 'perp' to recoup their costs
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    Bolted some Tridens on need polish
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    I bought from kelford, they are described as 6 degree radius beadlocks, there were 11 bucks each not inc gst. Will be more now as all the other things I bought were, this was a year ago. They are far bigger than OEM. I bought the same crank for mine too mo brainer , cheap really considering it's OEM. Wish u could just insert pics in these posts the link to url is a pain in the ass.
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    Been dealing with Mark for years. Awesome & Friendly service and always keen to help. 100% Recommend http://www.subwrecks.co.nz/
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    @Batbaruman any good??
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    @wrcfan21 if you are still looking to get your engine done bring it in and we'll get it sorted for you. I know it is a fair distance but it's well worth it for a solid engine that will give you no troubles. If you have any more questions flick me a message or give us a call again. Can arrange to get car or engine picked up as well. Thanks Pat
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    Early sti,type R and RA's are all worth collecting.. I am glad i bought mine 10 years ago..It has doubled in value..
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    Hi Guys, So in a mission to find a STI style front lip for my 06 legacy wagon i ended up being forced to buy 5 (Minimum order qty) - the surplus 4 sold in 30 hours so i have decided to to a group buy as i have found a very good supplier who has well priced stuff for every car under the sun. The problem is there seems to be a lot of USDM specific parts around that wont fit us here in NZ but i have spend a lot of time and found some good NZ options. My Plan if anyone is keen is as below :- PM, email me (kenian.fatherley@gmail.com) or text me (021 1310363) a picture and details of your car or another car off trademe with your EXACT same bumper . I will send you the options for your car some will have 1 Poly urethane option some will have up to 3 PU and 1-2 Carbon Fibre options. You let me know which one you like. I will get pricing from supplier cost up the freight,Duty and GST and quote you a fair price. If we agree on a part you like and a fair price i will setup a trademe auction for $50 buy now so you have peace of mind that im not just going to keep you $50 and not deliver. I will use the $50 as a deposit and i will pay up front for all the parts with my own money.Ill then do all importing donkey work, shipping, customs clearance, duty and gst payment etc. We will have to wait 25-32 days for goods to get into NZ and get through customs. When all parts arrive here i will send pictures of your specific goods and myself to prove parts are physically here and are undamaged (if any goods are not supplied right or broken/damaged i will refund $50 deposit and take up the issue with supplier myself) Once balance of payment is received i will dispatch goods accordingly or you are welcome to come to my home (east auckland) and collect. I am prepared to take all the financial risk and will not be looking to make a huge profit here - enough to cover the cost and a small margin for my time and finance - any goods that are not good quality or turn up damaged i will take that exposure and return your $50/deposit. Please feel free to find picture of lips or parts you like and i will try an find them at a reasonable price - my day to day job is procurement and logistics so hunting Asia and Europe for clients is an 8-9 hour a day thing for me so please send through a pic of what you would ideally like. Hope we can get some stuff in at good prices and get some Clubsub members cars looking dope!! Cheers Kenian
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    EZ lip style products look average most of the time. Seems hard to get a flat line that doesn’t sag over time or just ripple. There was one that came up on a Subaru facebook page as an example today and a few were gushing over it but frankly it looked like arse.
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    that sounds like the meanest job.
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    his name is Nick Slade a friend of mine #339/400 hes a F1 mechanic
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    There are some other instaructions for old models here... http://cid-4ca3c3459aaa7f7f.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/.Public?wa=wsignin1.0&sa=994970618 They are called page one and page two. There is also a lot af variations for newer cars here... http://www.cars101.com/subaru/keyless.html