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  1. according to the wr was not limited in numbers but by the sales period, from july 2004 to September 2004.
  2. anything's possible. dealer might have gotten a bulk deal on the sonys making them more cost effective to fit than adding band expanders and what not.
  3. was your sti juc or nz new ? pretty sure subaru never factory fitted sony audio. fujitsu-ten is the long term jdm supplier for subaru nz cars got locally fitted alpine setups.
  4. it's showtime in dannevirke too. sunday january 27 2019 will try to make this sunday, look out for the yellow megane by itself
  5. free monthly event at southward car museum. don't be bashful, all cars welcome. last time there was one sti 5 type r coupe. it was lonely.
  6. went out for a good blat, car back to full power full of snap, crackle, pop
  7. win 'cos you need downforce at 30km/h
  8. pick of the gc8's... a mint sti v6 smoother, more progressive motor better sorted suspension. best looks ! some of the limited editions have extras like helical/mechanical front lsds, faster steering racks etc.
  9. woohooo thx j and his random generator
  10. a mate was in japan recently. instead of bringing me some sti curry, i got this
  11. integers and apostrophes for some reason i thought i was in 2019....
  12. established in 1988 so 31 years old. guess 30 markets better
  13. ... With Curry And Teddy Bear?