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  1. full service on the meg. 6L of castrol's best ! 😯 new brake pads for the brembos zoom zooms tomorrow to bed them in 😁
  2. thermonuclear broccoli when did tein change their official colour 😂
  3. 😯
  4. kiwi driver andre heimgartner sideways in a fwd sti !
  5. 😉
  6. that's r1 price, r3 are ~$899 bought mine in january this year from radar direct. happy to sell to here or off to tardme too. there will never be a rhd version as the market is just too small.
  7. geez and i thought my golf was expensive a few years ago at $2k. for that a i got the whole shebang - new compressor, mixer, high pressure switch , coolant etc. no need to take the dash out either.
  8. 😁 single flat bar wouldn't work in my froggy car, the seatbolt arrangement is very different. bolts were a decent size but i've lost the torx key so the bracket is there for good 😂
  9. yeah the neat aspect sold me, my diy skills are non-existent 😄 did get top service from russell at kap, bracket arrived in less than a week.
  10. i've got the cheapo 1kg quell above (from mitre 10 or bunnings - don't remember) in a custom kap bracket from aus. the quell is ok but the straps are nasty and sharp, and the metal tag rattles !
  11. a new car shouldn't be this bad ? 🤔
  12. as likely as a rhd valentine 1 😄
  13. uniden r1/r3 /r3 are detector detector proof. irrelevant in nz as detectors are legal and local cops don't use detector detectors. just tested my r3 against the local fixed redflex polecam. results were excellent ! in clear/slightly overcast conditions i got ~300m gps voice warning and ~200m radar alert in both directions. superb results as these things are on tall, skinny poles that are easily missed by eye until too late. why does your friend want a bel sti xr ? they are old, old, old wait a few months and you''ll see a flux of r3 as owners upgrade 😉
  14. " What went farther, the driver or the engine? " 😂
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