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  1. in a ferrari testrossa with flat 12, the drivetrain is on a subframe designed to make engine removal relatively easy for maintenance. using a flat 12 does present compromises in packaging , suspension design and underbody aero.
  2. did they run out of money to re-cover the seats ?
  3. not total bulls***e, fiat and ferrari are distant cousins. both are owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  4. and many helping hands, six speed boxes are heavy.
  5. nice understated wrx 👍 tyres look stretched, what brand/model/size ? parking meter is a nice touch 😄
  6. don't remember if there an RS bug eye or just hawk eye ?
  7. nz had a similar model iirc it was called the rx and used the wrx bodyshell with flared guards etc. there was a special "motu" version too.
  8. from top gear s27e02
  9. congrats, is that a facelift my11 model ? my11 wrx and sti already got major suspension upgrades. for a daily i'd leave it alone. no mention of tyres. first handling upgrade should be decent tyres, which will improve steering, handling, braking.
  10. it was a crime to re-badge the s-gt as wrx as they did in some markets like nz. s-gt is wrx extra lite the grb's didn't get good until the my11 revision which re-worked the suspension ( lower ride height, revised spring rates +15% front, +53% rear !, bigger anti-roll bars etc.).
  11. thanks for the above info but you didn't answer the first question. where are you sourcing your R7 from ? also, are you a commercial business ? $1200 for a grey import isn't saving much over nz retail.
  12. are you getting your r7 straight from the usa ? what firmware are they running ? will your r7 have segmented k-band ? if i get one from you with us firmware do i have to stick to us for upgrades or can you mix 'n match with nz firmware ? how much for a new r7 ? do you have them in stock ? thanks.
  13. Renault sets a new Ring record for FWD cars, beating the Civic Type R by 3.8 seconds 😄