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  1. awesome. didn't know there was a golf course out there ! 😄
  2. this show is getting busier every year. if you want to put on a group display get there really early ! otherwise best park outside the showgrounds.
  3. not a fan of the 5th, i thought it was blah after the 4th. honda ftw
  4. is that a 2nd gen or 3rd gen prelude ? both were great cars with the 2.0 dohc motor. ultimate prelude was the 4th with 2.2 vtec. i had a nz new vti-r and it was a fantastic touring car, quick and relaxing to drive.
  5. mazda mx5 scruffy but only $2k
  6. colour coded so you know which pedal is which ? 😂
  7. last two days. stages in wanganui/manawatu today. cars finish the day in palm nth 1715 final day leaves PN 0850 event finishes PN 1740
  8. if you like great engineering, checkout the latest Harry's Garage video on youtube and feast your eyes on a billet crank for a lambo v12. 😍
  9. if you're doing 1000km/week you are not going to want some eco sh it box 🤣 what's your budget ? how about an old shape suzuki swift sport ? 1.6 NA, 6 speed manual, cheap to maintain and run. but most importantly they are fun to drive - funner than the latest turbo version. or a small diesel; golf corolla etc. bmw 320d if you can find a decent one
  10. "... a lovely original example ... " NOT 😂😝🤢
  11. my old golf gti sounded like a diesel on startup, no enhancement needed 😂
  12. yeah, it's a renault app that synthesizes sound through your stereo speakers. not particularly accurate but good for a few giggles 😂
  13. thanks to the renault-nissan alliance, i can make it sound like an R35 GTR 😂
  14. found a setting that changes the car symbol on the satnav from an arrow to a pic of my car 😂
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