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  1. complain to your local council !
  2. people pay good money to get bangs, pops and backfires. every new sporty car seems to do this now.
  3. tire rack has a good online comparator where you can try various wheels on your car.
  4. what size are the rotors ? mine are 340mm brembos behind an open lattice style wheel. find a monoblock type wheel design rather than an open spoke style ?
  5. ^^^ agreed stock gen 5 have one of the worst looking guard/stock wheel combos. i prefer tyres to fit squarely on the rim; no bloat, definitely no stretch ! this prompted me to seek out the specs on my megane wheels - a very un-subaru like 19 x 8.25 et65 with 235/35-19 tyres not seen such high offset before.
  6. what is all this talk of "valuing" ? do you mean valving ? or are you talking about value for money ?
  7. a sad disease that afflicts almost all sporty cars. they become more powerful but also fatter, softer, less hardcore.
  8. sub nz seem a bit slack on the news... they didn't even mention the levorg won the 2017 btcc ?
  9. with one or two exceptions, fast audis are one trick ponies. extremely quick in a straightline with little driver involvement. highly competent but hard to love.
  10. very stylish plenty of grunt economical but 1865kg ??? what was the earlier comment about no barges ?
  11. yes, time for coyness is over
  12. anything over 5m is a barge bmw 7 series ?