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  1. so cool ! https://petrolicious.com/articles/gallery-go-behind-the-scenes-on-our-subaru-360-van-film-shoot
  2. there is only one basic ecoboost 2.3, based on the older ecoboost 2.0, albeit in different states of tune for explorer, mustang, focus. forgot about the duratec 2.5, a that was a sweet little v6, the best part of the old radisich telstar
  3. agree above. i wouldn't overthink it. i've seen roadcars and racecars go nugganugga take some basic precautions as previously mentioned and go enjoy yourself.
  4. st was a product of ford of europe ! a subsidiary yes but largely autonomous and creator of some fine performance cars whereas the yanks make nice trucks. which rs wheels did you get ? mk2 many spoked ones or mk3 ?
  5. amurican ? 2nd gen focus st wasn't sold in usa the us focus was awful and should never have been born. have you weighed up stock 18s with tyres vs rs 19s with tyres ? there might not be as much weight saving as you think unless your stock wheels are stupidly heavy like my golf.
  6. keep saving for some decent tyres, you get what you paid for you sure you want to go racing on 19s ?
  7. what size ?
  8. nexen is korean not quite as bad as chinese tyres ps choice as a control tyre is no guaranteed indicator of good performance, way back in the early days of the nz production car championship they chose the awful goodyear gs-d3 as a control tyre. it was gone next season.
  9. yep. advice i got from seasoned manfeild pros was to use a higher gear than usual when cornering.
  10. selling direct on tardme annoyed some dealers, then there were no dealers. chris is happy flying model helicopters now but will still support his old products.
  11. nice. which model do you have ? petite performa 2 + mass here did you know image has changed hands ? image founder chris ball sold the company as a going concern to a guy called arnold paik, who has revised/borked the website with some distinctly non-image designs.
  12. morel make some very good car speakers and also raw drivers for diy. forget wooden cones, you can even get their carbon fibre/rohacell tech (got them in my home speakers and they are the bees knees) israeli company
  13. lol the current focus rs is about to undergo a recall for duff head gaskets. a problem they had with the first sierra cosworths back in the 80s. seriously, an old subaru is like a tractor compared to the latest hot hatches.
  14. what a load of nonsense. honda doesn't spend big dollars at the mag, nor do many of the other car brands. the mag is now owned by bauer and does run overseas sourced stories but the majority of content is local/australian.