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  1. a tad overcooked chief adam's mx5 is pretty quiet with the top down.
  2. 'twas joking. too heavy on the photoshop/instagram filters ?
  3. why does the grass look funny ...
  4. blame the yanks !
  5. have you got a rear spoiler ? been seeing a few late model sti's with naked boots.
  6. we aim to please
  7. ... and get rid of the stupid earthing kit !
  8. no valet parking for those ! was the food good?
  9. you called ? 2018 sti still uses the old export 2.5 motor the update looks good/bad... good - bigger brakes - name brand seats not so good - the nose is fussier, the car needs more power and the dashboard is still messy. maybe next time ? http://www.caranddriver.com/news/2018-subaru-wrx-and-wrx-sti-photos-and-info-news
  10. all the above. definitely external mic if you are going to down by the wheel perspective videos. plus - shoot in the highest resolution your unit can support.
  11. hahahahaha that's a car crime
  12. colour me an old fart but i thought it sounds better stock
  13. damn thats bad, down to bare metal ? did someone shoot at the car ?
  14. red is the new pink ?