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  1. trademe gem 😂
  2. so many svx. + 1 bonus point if your directional factory wheels are all going in the same direction + 2 bonus points if they are all going in the right direction logbeats if your wheels are going in different directions 😄
  3. the good bits... they are cheap compared to manuals, they have a proper torque convertor automatic, not a dopey cvt like the current wrx, it has nice big paddles, fixed to the steering column, yes, it does blip the throttle on downshift but ... the bad bits... it's redundant as the downshifts are so slow, the manual shift is backwards, i.e. push lever forward to shift up, pull back to go down a gear, the car has less torque than a manual and feels laggier. sounds crappier too, finally, ones i've seen also miss out on the big brakes.
  4. in a ferrari testrossa with flat 12, the drivetrain is on a subframe designed to make engine removal relatively easy for maintenance. using a flat 12 does present compromises in packaging , suspension design and underbody aero.
  5. did they run out of money to re-cover the seats ?
  6. not total bulls***e, fiat and ferrari are distant cousins. both are owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  7. and many helping hands, six speed boxes are heavy.
  8. nice understated wrx 👍 tyres look stretched, what brand/model/size ? parking meter is a nice touch 😄
  9. don't remember if there an RS bug eye or just hawk eye ?
  10. nz had a similar model iirc it was called the rx and used the wrx bodyshell with flared guards etc. there was a special "motu" version too.
  11. from top gear s27e02
  12. congrats, is that a facelift my11 model ? my11 wrx and sti already got major suspension upgrades. for a daily i'd leave it alone. no mention of tyres. first handling upgrade should be decent tyres, which will improve steering, handling, braking.
  13. it was a crime to re-badge the s-gt as wrx as they did in some markets like nz. s-gt is wrx extra lite the grb's didn't get good until the my11 revision which re-worked the suspension ( lower ride height, revised spring rates +15% front, +53% rear !, bigger anti-roll bars etc.).