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  1. very stylish plenty of grunt economical but 1865kg ??? what was the earlier comment about no barges ?
  2. anything over 5m is a barge bmw 7 series ?
  3. what about the exxon valdez !
  4. i never rotated the tyres when i had an sti. just regular wheel alignments. with the move to a fwd golf i also left the tyres alone but you get the fronts wearing faster so i just swap front to rear to even out wear.
  5. yes, seems the original link is dead. i re-found the quote on some biker site
  6. not tried a 2012 forester xt manual but the auto was ok. only 4 speed but still better than a wanky cvt. 8L/100km around town in a gti ? nana driver !
  7. i'd forget about rotating, like shuffling the deckchairs on the titanic. although with asymmetrical tyres like the ps4 you can swap from side to side. stick to the stock staggered setup or budget for 9in front wheels too ? 245/40-19 is a funky size ? toyo t1r's are positively stone age tyres, even the re003 is better. pilot sport 4 is the flavour of the moment. the ps4s is substantially more expensive. some cheaper/less expensive tyres to explore - toyo t1 sport, hankook ventus s1 evo, yoko advan v105
  8. mobil 98 may be cheaper because it is an ethanol blend ? from the mobil nz website... "At selected service stations in wider Wellington region, Extra Unleaded and Synergy 1000 may contain up to 3% ethanol and Supreme+ and Synergy 8000 will contain up to 10% ethanol. May not be suitable for all vehicle engines, check with the manufacturer before use."
  9. service costs higher for a gti ? an older sti would be on a 6 mth schedule at $300-400 a time ? a golf gti is about $400 every 12 months, and that's from an official dealership. the only real biggy with a dsg golf is the 60,000km dsg service at ~$600.
  10. dsg gearboxes generally don't have problems with going from reverse to forward and vice versa. it's down to driver technique, as in any car, just make sure you have stopped completely before changing out of reverse.
  11. golf gti. oh... i already answered this on vask
  12. first one. second one too cramped.
  13. best buy a better oil to start with