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  1. so much shiny
  2. subaru dealer ? best bars ?
  3. "supreme 98" ? never heard of that branding before
  4. interesting outbacks once upon a time ...
  5. michelin make great tyres. michelin nz currently have a buy 1, get 1 for 1/2 price promo until the end of december. includes super sport, pilot sport 4 and pilot sport cup 2 ! 2017 - Light Truck/Buy 1 Get 1 Nov-Dec_WEB LIST%2BTERMSR.pdf
  6. the later twin spoke 17x7s fit over 4 pots eg.
  7. ye of short memory... remember the last wrx concept and what we eventually got ? concept reality
  8. a few soobs this year, competing and on tour. the new levorg seemed popular, there were 3-4 toruing and official cars.
  9. perfect for a goodyear this will turn a $150 tyre into a $50 tyre
  10. hilarious. unless that's a calibrated speedo - unlikely it will have between +5-10% error giving a range of 243-257km/h bye young dude !
  11. you can get those bbs in both flavours. looks good on the wagon. you guys are so mean. back in the original post he was cruising at 260kw not 260km/h - which is a physical impossibility for a grb sti.
  12. +1 and decent tyres, an important and oft neglected part in the braking equation.
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