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  1. not obvious at all... remember the little renault clio rs197 ? on a skidpan that could pull the same g's as a porsche 996 carrera 4. absolute limits mean little on the road. back in 2001 motor magazine australia compared three under $40k performance cars with different drivetrains - fwd dc2 integra type r, awd v7 bugeye wrx, rwd nissan s15 200sx. fastest car point-to-point, in the wet was... the dc2 type r. some awd may have higher limits but going over the limit usually results in spikey, non-progressive behaviour. if you look at cars where there is a 2wd and awd version offered, it is often the 2wd that is considered the drivers car. for legislative and marketing reasons, with few exceptions, the turbo route is now the primary course for high performance powertrains.
  2. not hyperbole. for best handling, two wheel drive beats awd. in an evo magazine test the old fk2 civic type r was just as fast as a focus rs awd around the track. and the discontinued renault megane rs275 trophy r is still the best handling hot hatch. seen a few focus rs on the road but they are easily out-numbered by the new mustang - every man and his dog seems to have one. the new civic type r is pretty fugly but you don't notice from the inside. it will have strong competition from the new seat leon cupra to be launched in nz later this year - same 221kw motor as a golf r, fwd, lsd, only $57k !
  3. nice ! f10 twin turbo with a bazillion horsepowers. people moan that you can't get a manual m5 any more (except in the usa) but the truth is the manual gearbox used in the f10 and e60 before is rubbish. there's a world of difference (getting smaller) between a run of the mill 5 and an m5. albeit in this case the lesser car may be the better choice. quite a contrast between analogue sti and digital m5 too. i'd take the sti but take that toweye off man !
  4. what version m5 does she have ? it seems that while the latest m-cars now have decent gearboxes and brakes they have become more anodyne to drive, almost audi-like. no twin clutch for subaru without big investment.
  5. cvt's are rubbish, barely adequate for eco boxes like corollas and civics, totally out of place in a performance car. try a well sorted torque convertor auto or a twin clutch gearbox.
  6. by the shape of the spoiler it looks like its sagging already
  7. i hope that's a photoshop or its time to unleash the dogs on the peasants.
  8. more likely just sloppy listing. those are enkei cast alloy wheels, not the forged bbs. auto sti's have been around since the big ugly hatchback, ~2008. if you do a tm search for late model sti's autos seem to out-number manuals
  9. go v9 all the above plus gets more sophisticated chassis with a system similar to the evo ayc.
  10. so many multiples thought it was 23 different clubs... chosen few still around ?
  11. yes, sti v7 wagon was sold new in nz.
  12. am i remembering wrong or did some nz sti 7 wagons have subaru 4-pots up front and sliding calipers at the back like the sti v6 ?
  13. water is not good for oil fires. tends to make them bigger meanwhile back in funland... 0-400m in a near stock current model sti ? i'd say mid to low 13s.
  14. agree. the true ra was a homologation special for wrc and since subaru no longer do wrc... as for the nurburgring... it's just a big wank. andreas preuninger, head of porsche gt cars said... design a car to go fast on the ring will guarantee it will be rubbish on the road.