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  1. what is said creation ? it doesn't sound like a stock avenger ...
  2. did you get the v6 with all the fruit ?
  3. 95svx; didn't see you ! next year pix not working
  4. ^ would someone please translate the above ?
  5. oh, that's just a screen in your pic ?
  6. good work, did you solve the tablet power problem ? reminds me of
  7. it was so compact, made my car look like a fatty
  8. anyone make it ? didn't see any svx. i was parked under a tree. ps... why is this in the wellington section ? shannon is closer to palmy
  9. wheels are too wide guards should be approximately the same. looks like a spacer on one side ? bad past repair ?
  10. heading over in the yellow beastie
  11. agreed ! it has to be original and with lowish km to be worth big bucks. buy a car to drive, buy it as an investment and you'll probably get burnt.
  12. an amazing collection ! there's a few jdm too
  13. road recaros like grb and cs etc are ok for road use but on track they don't hold you well. go for a fixed back seat like the above racetechs or sabelt, sparco etc. new if you can afford it. buying used can bring big savings but can also be like buying a used helmet. caveat emptor.
  14. according to http://www.pauldyson.net/spec_c.html the wr was not limited in numbers but by the sales period, from july 2004 to September 2004.