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  1. mercedes x-class nissan navara based ute not here until early 2018. portal axles ftw !
  2. vw amarok best handling ute, capable off road. good motors, great gearbox. dual zone a/c ! lots to choose from in varying specs.
  3. a few weeks ago i had a drive in a new mini cooper, that also had 3 cylinders.
  4. the old bendix ultimate was good from cold. ferodo formula/ts2000 needed minimum warm up. there was a hawk road pad that was good from cold too , don't remember the model.
  5. watch the opening scene with the red wrx here
  6. for nz sti, version 8
  7. afaik every nz new sti from the v4 on has had an alarm/immobiliser fitted. as boostin said, usually a locally fitted mongoose in the gc/gd, not sure on gr etc.
  8. the guy is a douche. he needs to learn to drive to the conditions, lay off the ludicrous mode or buy a lada.
  9. damn , this thread title is as misleading as the woofer thread for hifi buffs. ditto on the trickle charger.
  10. who came up with the name ? a 5 yo ?
  11. nice. make sure it's the revised one though. front should look like this
  12. quite right... chris harris recently video'd that on the road he had just as much fin in his 100bhp peugeot as he did in the latest porsche. when it comes to 2wd v 4wd, so many people confuse grip with handling. back in the 90s when 4wd was the rage and you could get 2 or 4wd versions of most cars, autocar compared 2/4wd sierra, cavalier, audi and peugeot sports saloons. the conclusion was that 4wd was only advantageous in the extreme weather conditions. the 3mps handles like a drunk donkey, recent golfs with their electro-fake lsd, have torque steer tamed but are so numb up front. the focus mk2 rs with the fancy front end managed torque steer - to the degree that it didn't feel like a 221kw car. best of the euro lot are the megane rs with mechanical front lsds - no lane changing, just pulls you through corners. as you say, there is a flavour for everyone.
  13. not obvious at all... remember the little renault clio rs197 ? on a skidpan that could pull the same g's as a porsche 996 carrera 4. absolute limits mean little on the road. back in 2001 motor magazine australia compared three under $40k performance cars with different drivetrains - fwd dc2 integra type r, awd v7 bugeye wrx, rwd nissan s15 200sx. fastest car point-to-point, in the wet was... the dc2 type r. some awd may have higher limits but going over the limit usually results in spikey, non-progressive behaviour. if you look at cars where there is a 2wd and awd version offered, it is often the 2wd that is considered the drivers car. for legislative and marketing reasons, with few exceptions, the turbo route is now the primary course for high performance powertrains.
  14. not hyperbole. for best handling, two wheel drive beats awd. in an evo magazine test the old fk2 civic type r was just as fast as a focus rs awd around the track. and the discontinued renault megane rs275 trophy r is still the best handling hot hatch. seen a few focus rs on the road but they are easily out-numbered by the new mustang - every man and his dog seems to have one. the new civic type r is pretty fugly but you don't notice from the inside. it will have strong competition from the new seat leon cupra to be launched in nz later this year - same 221kw motor as a golf r, fwd, lsd, only $57k !