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  1. Sent you a PM mate
  2. I've pm'd you
  3. Shouldn't really be expected tbh, probably taken a hit or something. Regardless either one of those will do what you need it to
  4. Nolathane now do greasefree bushes, they're a great improvement on that. Most places should do OE rubber replacements for a fraction of the cost too
  5. Yeah they're your sway bar D bushes and yeah you can replace them yourself, literally unbolt the saddle and the bush has a slot in them so they just slip off. Measure your sway bar and go to your local repco, supercheap or BNT store, they'll give you the part you need. Looking at the pic there is a '20' on one of the bushes so i'd imagine its a 20mm bar, but always measure them just in case.
  6. Which bushes are you stuck on? and whats the car
  7. I'd probably advise not using a torque wrench as a breaker bar, keep the 2 separate.
  8. Totally agree. Do you have factory bilsteins?
  9. My mate had a 1996 wrx that was over 230,00km on the stock motor, would have kept going strong except it was stolen and recovered months later as a bare shell. Depends on how well you take care of the important stuff.
  10. What he said ^^^^ A set is 4 pads, enough for both left and right sides
  11. Go to a BNT $56.15+ a set Front DB1491 Rear 2 sizes, so maybe take a sample. DB1803CP (111x38x14) or DB1379CP (108x42x14)
  12. You can use one from a SF, BD and BG too. I've used one previously in a BC5 and it made a difference making the rear more solid. They're generally designed to work with existing panels so no modification is needed.
  13. I got 22680AA310 using his chassis code too.