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  1. I've got a tonne of parts yet to go into the BF actually, needs a proper service too... Not looking to replace the Outback at this stage but if something were to surface which I couldn't refuse well then we'll see won't we. Bit of a sucker for the E61 Touring though @sobanoodle Haha yeah, still work in the vicinity! Can't say I've seen you cause I'm not sure what I'm looking for these days! Hmmm something over 5 metres...
  2. Sure is! Bittersweet.
  3. If you're dead set on those wheels, disregarding cost obviously, buy them and have them powder coated in the Work bronze... personally I think they'd look excellent on your STi Foz , black or bronze either way they'd complement the car well.
  4. You still looking? You might have to settle for matte black... https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/wheels-tyres/alloy-wheels/listing-1695209613.htm?rsqid=c626a784eb984aeb966c48fdcad5b462
  5. Goodluck... I've been looking for one for nearing on 3 years, only one I've ever seen was in Christchurch Fancy some STi Genome axlebacks? Fit the OB rear bumper really well, in excellent condition. They won't however, be leaving my possession cheaply though... No such thing exists, 'or anything that will suit' will be your best bet!
  6. I would be lying if I were to say that I was shocked...
  7. Mmmmm... For future reference, do not run a soft compound tyre at -2.5° on daily duty for 1.5 years, you will undoubtedly shred the tyre down to the cords... ps. anyone want to buy a pair of good condition RE003s? (225/45 R18)
  8. If I remember correctly from when I removed mine over 3 years ago, there are more like 6-8 nuts which need to come off to allow the garnish to be removed... All symmetrical of course (either side of the badge), the final on is located very close to the outer edge of the garnish and is what caught me up for a while because it isn't easily visible. What ever you do, do not pull on the plastic if it doesn't want to move otherwise you will crack the garnish, you likely still have a nut to remove and it will easily pull away from the hatch once they've all been taken care of. Good luck dude.
  9. 'THESE ARE SOLD AS A BOXED PAIR' $250 each boxed pair I'd say...
  10. Don't know anything about the brand but I know the mechanic selling them personally, I have Subtech do all major work and servicing on my vehicles.
  11. I think this is probably dead on. Their service wasn't up to the standard that was expected (or portrayed?) however unfortunately that doesn't mean they are liable for repair costs and/or to compensate you. I'd be very surprised if they agreed to assist with any repair costs. @Pappu1 Personally I'd go to them with your concerns, try to help them better their service by telling them what you had expected from the service they offered and hopefully this will assist with your request for a refund.
  12. Can o' worms fellas...
  13. You won't like my price tag...
  14. @sobanoodle I want to cry on your behalf...