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  1. As previously mentioned, the wheel offset is reasonably low and is what's causing the rub on the inside of your outer rear quarters. It's the best place to start, failing that there are some other options but would be good to avoid if possible as it sounds like you just want to remedy the issue and are not intentionally modifying.
  2. JGM


    Speaking from my experience with 4x4s here; Anything regardless of the overall lift size by way of spacer requires a certification... Anything with increased ground clearance up to 50mm by way of spring lift (ie. lift springs on factory or replacement struts) does not require a certification. If you're going to do it, go for a spring lift - far far safer...
  3. FYI, you’ll burn through RE003s in a year or less if you don’t correct the camber, speaking from experience here 😅
  4. Ughhh I can't remember exactly 😅 you'll be pleased to know that the Legacy struts are 40mm shorter than the OB, good drop there without even considering the springs!
  5. JGM

    suspension ?

    @ride Subtech are excellent, have used them for all my cars as I know the owner personally.
  6. @iludez Legacy & Outback suspension is interchangeable yes. You will need to either a) cut the OB bumpstops or b) source some Legacy ones from a wrecker (I've actually seen them brand new on TM too) as even a moderate drop will cause clearance issues there... Depending on how long you want your tyres to last, I'd recommend getting some adjustable rear camber arms (upper control arms) to correct the camber as even a set of Legacy struts will set you at approx. negative 1.5 degrees. Other than that you'll be away laughing. I still miss mine, handled so bloody well with all the suspension upgrades I'd done. Goodluck!
  7. My mechanic (Subtech Performance Services) uses Zic, never questioned his judgement nor had any issues
  8. Sorry dude, that's as far as my knowledge level goes - never had one of these factory auxiliaries, always had a Parrot bluetooth system...
  9. Yes, pull off trim in front of gear stick, followed by side panels. This will reveal 3? screws either side of the unit which when out will allow the whole unit to be removed. As per the video @Sphinx posted... I wouldn't bother replacing, his Kenwood unit has the auxiliary button and therefore should have the auxiliary input in the back. Confirm the input is there and then buy the auxiliary input adapter that I posted from Trade Me, just like that Bob's your Uncle. Confirm the auxiliary input is there while you have the unit out and before buying the adapter...
  10. Welcome, What model are we talking here? Legacy BP? You can buy an adapter which plugs into the back of the unit which enables the auxiliary ability. Similar to, if not exactly the one in the link below... https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/subaru/accessories/listing-1745448051.htm?rsqid=623fb94debb042118776059ee3651666 Good luck!
  11. Perhaps instead of a 20/21mm solid bar, whatever the brand/company is decided a massive diameter (27mm) hollow bar would be the go...? Just a thought... @iludez can you post a photo please? I'd like to see how out of proportion it looks mounted to the car.
  12. To high to high Lil self thread plug here have my D2s for sale, both @ADIKT and I have run them in our Outbacks. I think they're good quality, similar to that of BC Racing I'd imagine... @blackseb you could buy all my suspension components if you wanted (minus the bracing and camber arms)! If you want that low life you'll need camber arms and smaller bumpstops. Read back through this read and @A_J_T's build thread, everything you need to know is in these two threads. Seeing someone else just starting out is making me feel like a grandad of this lowered Outback stuff
  13. After two years, I want my money out
  14. 225/40 would be it I reckon, although good for comfort my 225/45s were to tall on my 18x8.5s