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  1. Was unaware this was the case, thought it meant a decent amount of diversity and am surprised there were complaints to be honest. Needless to say, it will come out great regardless.
  2. I can throw in some OB shots...
  3. @RAYDEO maybe we could spell the sponsor's name correctly...? ps. not as much variety as previous years, also no categories?
  4. Only took this yesterday!
  5. Too low for the Turoa carpark...
  6. Gummon...
  7. Neh, identical between the years. We can compare when we get the CS OB gang (as coined by @Andy_Mac) together.
  8. By the time you remove the rear interior and get it all back together though... Less hassle with the front as there ain't any obstructions.
  9. 😂 love it The rears are more involved in my opinion, fronts are straight forward - usually takes me approx. double the time to do rears.
  10. Better include the younger cousins in atleast one photo, extended family photo
  11. @whitebait19 I'm down - sounds like a good idea. ps. Love the fresh RE003s.
  12. Fark she looks good, you've been missing out until now!
  13. What does too low mean...?
  14. @delta bout the height you'll end up I'd imagine.
  15. ^no where I'm familiar with...