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      We're turning 21! And we're celebrating on the weekend of the 12th & 13th of May 2018   Come join us Saturday and Sunday events including a FREE Lunch @ the Tui Brewery, Mangatanoka, for Subscribed forum members   A cruise after to the Karting Venue in Palmerston North   Following that Sunday is a Playday on Track event @ Manfeild    Join us for any one or ALL of the events & help get together to celebrate NZ's Largest & oldest online Subaru Community! ~ Joker


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  1. Saul (@subygl) who owns the lifted one above has the best of both worlds...
  2. All of a sudden I seem to have found the desire to attend...
  3. Touche Excuses excuses
  4. Cost of the lunch ain't the issue so much as the logistics and 6 and a half hour drive
  5. Ehhh I hadn't planned on it... I certainly wouldn't have the Outback on track but tossing up the Saturday lunch and karting.
  7. Woah, keep it PG please...
  8. Complaining about a non-issue, particularly considering you've never driven a manual... I'm not trying to be a dick here, but don't knock something till you've tried it mate.
  9. Why no consideration given to the 6 speed?
  10. Damn right they were, absolute nightmare.
  11. Yeah dude, I can probably dig out some more if needed...
  12. @lions tigers and beers straight swap, will bolt up however the bump stops will need to be changed to accommodate the reduction in travel. I had Bilsteins with STi Pink springs out of a 3.0R wagon in my Outback for a period of time, riding on the bump stops permanently wasn't fun... Camber arms / upper control arms shouldn't be required if using standard GT springs (I definitely required them even with my set up as I had about 2 degrees worth of nonadjustable negitive camber). @delta I can't remember whether you had swapped your bump stops or not?
  13. @Do it yourself /reliable! Hey dude, I'm not the best person to answer your queries. Just didn't want to leave you hanging! ps. welcome to the club!
  14. Agreed, buy the $70 fitting kit and life goes on...