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  1. @delta bout the height you'll end up I'd imagine.
  2. ^no where I'm familiar with...
  3. Need some more time to assess the difference but at this stage it drives really well, certainly a tighter feel which was to be expected and intended! I actually have a bit of play in one of the adjustable endlinks which I have tightened twice since installing - it knocks intermittently and is just a general pain in the rear end... (no pun intended ). Chuur - I still have the front 4 point to attempt. Maybe we'll try organise that get together this weekend (weather dependent). @A_J_T @ADIKT @delta @1randomkiwi
  4. @ADIKT Pro-Wholesale in Tauranga, potentially out of stock now as they were having a sale.
  5. Installed the rear components over the weekend, lying in a puddle on the driveway - fun times. Ran into a few issues and had a few struggles with alignment of bolt holes etc. All in all, what should have been a relatively easy install took me significantly longer than it should have - all a learning experience! Hopefully I can help you guys avoid the same issues I had! The removal of the existing RSB is very simple - just have to unbolt your axlebacks to remove it from the car. From there it should be relatively easy, assuming that everything is done in reverse. Installing the lower brace however was a little bit of a struggle as I found the bolt holes on the RSB bracket would not line up. I ended up drilling out the top mounting point of the brace which attaches to the subframe as it protrudes further than I believe it should... I supported the rear diff with my jack & 100sq timber post while I was working with the subframe bolts out, although I'm not convinced the diff would drop anyway. BE CAREFUL you do not strip the thread out of the RSB bracket, I had this happen as the holes were slightly out of alignment meaning the bolt cross threaded and pulled straight out... do not force the bolt in - lesson learnt. See photos below;
  6. There's hope for me after all!
  7. Farkkkk, didn't anticipate requiring these... Need to have or nice to have? Don't even know whether the front brace will fit given mine is 2.5N/A Long time coming bro!
  8. Will let you know! That's the plan! Plenty of chairs mate, more than welcome! I like the sound of this, could chuck a few bangers/burgers on - weather ain't look the best unfortunately...
  9. Go to them all 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. Massive clue in the photo bro, find that and you find the location.
  11. East & Bays guys where you at?
  12. Good day.
  13. OLD: Bastion Point NEW: ps. never realised I had that dent in the boot door until I took this photo!
  14. @1randomkiwi @Subirex Automotive 😂 @A_J_T looks like fun bouncing along the road, reminds me of when I got mine - never the less the car looks awesome!
  15. @A_J_T you going to start posting in here now? Btw if you didn't catch what I said - both your tail lights are out...