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  1. Ahh interesting, I'll have to be careful with my one then. Glad you were able to repair it. If there is a lot of stress on the solder joints in normal use then you could reinforce it with a couple blobs of hot glue or similar on either side of the socket. It is pretty common for OEMs to do this for heavier components on PCBs.
  2. Been shoving that USB in a little too hard I see. Looks repairable, did it break the solder or the pins? Soldering it back on wouldn't be too bad with and iron and a steady hand. If the pins are broken you will probably have to put on a new connector or maybe bridge it with a short length of wire. Make sure you use a temperature adjustable iron or a low wattage one as it would be super easy to overheat and lift pads that size. This may be of use to you. https://nz.rs-online.com/web/c/connectors/usb-d-sub-computing-connectors/mini-usb-connectors/
  3. Agreed except for the tools. Nothing wrong with their tools for the most part and they typically have a lifetime warranty.
  4. No problem, just pm me if you need to borrow it. Yeah that sounds like me, I have a little sticker at the bottom of the windscreen. Yeah it is kinda annoying to have to drive so far but it is better then the engine knocking. I wish they would open an npd with 100 at 3 parks.
  5. Yeah the choices are either go to Cromwell for BP98 or to Queenstown for npd100. I have a tactrix in Wanaka that you can borrow if you just want to pull your ROM. I have two 20L cans that I take to Cromwell every couple of weeks. I can usually get around 95L if I time it well and get a full tank. Keeps both of my cars going for a while.
  6. Yeah I used the same adapter scratch linked to get the steering wheel controls going in my sisters Mazda. Worked a treat.
  7. Yeah I’ll be staying with my sister. Thanks for the offer though!
  8. Not from Wellington but may be able to join in on this. I'm planning on staying in Wellington City on Friday night and making the drive up on Saturday morning. Don't curse it with that talk of issues on the way up!
  9. I've found that Partsouq often doesn't have the belts or the water pumps in stock. @keeweechris If you can get trade price the genuine timing and water pump kits are a pretty good price from a Subaru dealer. Off the top of my head it is $395 for Timing kit $99 for Water pump, gasket, thermostat and seal
  10. A straight pipe is illegal even if it is under the DB level. From the VIRM: Reasons for rejection: 1. A vehicle is not fitted with an exhaust system that includes a means of sound reduction (Note 1) (Note 6). .... Note 1: Exhaust system means a pipe assembly through which the engine exhaust gases pass to the atmosphere and includes some means of sound reduction such as a silencer or resonator. Note 6: (external wastgate stuff) https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/exhaust/exhaust-system A stock 05 STi is a tidy car, a turbo back straight pipe would be one hell of a way to change that. Just my 2c.
  11. There is a self service truck stop in the industrial area which is cheaper so it’s not all bad. But The main stations are a joke. Interested to see how 100 octane goes with continued use.
  12. That is so cheap! Even less than 91 in Wanaka haha.
  13. Today I cleaned up the headlights on the wagon and sealed them so hopefully it actually lasts a while before going yellow again. It was really hard to photograph with the cloud and reflections.
  14. Batbaruman Private Investigator. 🕵🏽 Solving Subaru related thefts all across Gotham City. New comic book coming soon lol. @ginganinja I had had a similar deal with a vf30 happen to me on trademe, filed a dispute but trademe aren't very helpful. They removed the guy's account but basically said you will have to take him to court to go any further. I'm all for justice but it wasn't really worth my time to try and pursue the case. I sold the turbo cheap to a guy that wanted bits off it and just accepted my loss. I hope you have a better experience than me.
  15. I've never seen it around central before I'll ask my friend in Dunedin if they know the owner. Looks pretty tidy but needing replacement headgaskets, clutch and gearbox all before 200k makes me wonder how it has been driven. Edit: They both said they had only seen it parked, it looked real tidy but thought the doors had been repainted with a not quite perfect paint match. Take that for what it's worth, sorry not super helpful.