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  1. Let the clutch out then keep applying pressure until the grinding stops, I understand. I'll try it tomorrow.
  2. How do you re-bed a synchro? I've never heard of this.
  3. If anyone is thinking about a weekend drive and wants to grab this, I left a big clue in the background of this pic... Also this piece of graffiti can actually be seen from the google maps satellite. Extra hint click the "3D" button in the bottom right of google maps. I'm sure someone can find it and continue the game
  4. We really need an @Conducks legal and warranty advice thread.
  5. They are a much more useful tool in most cases but when a CV is seized into a hub I much prefer a copper hammer. Maybe you have the swing of a lumberjack but I can't get the same amount of force behind a rubber mallet as a copper one. Plastic hammer is sweet for 99% of uses but copper hammer is awesome for getting CVs out of hubs. Sometimes you get lucky and the CV just pops right out, then it doesn't really matter.
  6. A brass or copper hammer is ideal because you can put a heap of effort into the swing with minimal risk of mushrooming the axle. Not a tool that is required too often though so it is hard to justify the purchase. I usually put a little antisieze on the splines before I put them back into the hub to prevent issues down the road.
  7. Found the relevant link: http://www.scoobypedia.co.uk/index.php/Knowledge/KnockingNewageRearStruts
  8. Pretty sure @Kiwi_Fozze will have an answer for you. Something like the grease in the struts is old and you need to pull apart and re-grease them. IIRC it isn't a major issue, just the obvious noise is annoying.
  9. Good to know. 225/40R16 is that on a 16*7 rim?
  10. Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChristchurchSubaruCarClub/
  11. Does it look normal enough? Or do they look too big? I was having trouble tagging yesterday, I just had to backspace my whole comment and start again then it worked.
  12. So my gc8 has some crap wheels on it and I picked up a set of gold 16*7 speedlines for it but I need to get some fresh rubber. Obviously 205/50R16 is the stock size on the 6.5inch rim. Has anyone run a 215/50R16? I'm not sure if it will look more normal on the 7inch wide rim or if it will look like I'm rolling on balloons. The speedo is currently wildly optimistic so I'm not to worried about the slight change in rolling circumference.
  13. My jdm wagon has sliders front and rear. I'm fairly sure that is the difference with 20k vs wrx
  14. Did they sell an NZDM sti wagon? I assumed it was a jdm only thing. I've only ever seen jdm ones.
  15. I know, that why I was telling Raydeo that the title still says Saturday, when the event is actually on Sunday. He would be able to change it. Maybe I wasn't clear