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  1. Bump. New year someone feel like getting this one?
  2. That is the retail price, boostin is talking about the trade price.
  3. Yeah cars are often miscatagorised. It pays to leave your search terms loose. I have a search for everything Subaru and manual transmission between certain 1990 and 2009.
  4. I always love seeing the development of this car. Great video.
  5. You can setup a trademe search to just email with all the new listings that meet your criteria. I have a couple set to email me each day, nice way to keep an eye on the market. It saves having to search each time.
  6. Is that a legacy equivalent of the casa Blanca? Or is it just a random oddball factory option?
  7. Not the same block but similar and an interesting comparison none the less. There are a few more videos on the channel about the full build of this engine into a car. Edit: Whoops it actually is the same block
  8. Could you flick me that pm too please. I tried finding a Rick Wheeler but there are quite a few on Facebook.
  9. Yeah it is a confusing name, the new tyre is a hankook ventus v2 concept 2. They stopped making the one you hate and started making the tyre I'm talking about to replace it. Much better.
  10. The Concept 2s are much better than their predecessor. They are an all season so obviously not as good as a quality summer tyre when it comes to dry grip but they are a good all rounder. Good rain and cold weather performance, ok in the snow and the best all season i've driven in the dry.
  11. Pm me your address and I'll send a set to you. As long as @chulozumo is fine with that. Otherwise I'll have to toss a coin
  12. Well a few of you were on the right track. But as ADIKT said the box was definitely too big. In the box was a used v7 STI long engine with the intercooler, airbox and a few other bits stacked in layers on top hence why the box was so tall. The plan is for it to eventually make it into the gc8 once I have done a little maintenance to it. @GC8E2DD @chulozumo @evowrx Since you three were the closest, do any of you not want the wheel nuts? Otherwise i'll use a random number generator to pick one of you at random.
  13. 9GAG? Is that the origin of the "banana for scale" thing?
  14. So a pretty big box arrived at my house today. I thought it would be fun to play guess what's in the box. Whoever is first to guess EXACTLY what is in the box will score themselves a free set of black acorn wheel nuts that I will ship to you within NZ (12*1.25 19mm 20 nuts). I may give a second set to a runner up if they were close. One guess per person. (I will check back tomorrow and see if there is a winner) Packing description is category "car parts" Banana for scale.
  15. I would say that 18*8 +45 would work no problem. With a +35 I would say that it may poke beyond the rear guard could perhaps fit with some work. (24.4mm more poke than v7 STI wheel) 18*8 +45 vs 17*7.5 +53 http://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=225&aspect=45&diameter=17&wheelwidth=7.5&offset=53&width2=225&aspect2=40&wheel_size=18&wheel_width=8&offset2=45 When compared with v7 sti wheel which fits for me being 10mm wider on either side. As long as you are prepared to roll the rear guard I would say anything up to 8.5 wide with appropriate offset would be fine.
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