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  1. I'm still running 95 in the wagon since it is just not worth it to drive that far for fuel in a daily. The gc8 can get the special stuff since it is only on "fun drive" duties. That is exactly where I get 95 for my wagon from, with a skeggs fuel card it is $1.95/L for 95. Paying monthly.
  2. Hurts a bit more when you have to drive 40mins each way to get it (hence the jerry can). Still cheaper than a detonation related big end failure I reckon. Cromwell has the cheapest fuel in the area, in Wanaka 91 is $2.15 per litre at the tourist petrol stations last time I checked. $2.80 is just silly money.
  3. The gc8 got a Wof, then I bought a jerry can and drove to Cromwell to get a tank-full + jerry can of 98 for a tasty $2.25 per litre... ouch.
  4. Yeah I have some sedan axles too. I still want to re-pack them with grease before it all goes in.
  5. Productive weekend... Cleaned up surface rust and painted some sedan rear lateral links ready to put into my wagon. Installed a beefier pitch stop mount to complement the gearbox mount in the wagon. On the gc8 I sorted out the passenger rocker cover gasket and degreased the whole bottom and back of the motor (That's all of the leaks fixed! at least for now). Then I put some new to me 16*7 wheels/tyres on and fixed an exhaust leak ready for a WOF on Tuesday. I also installed a Cusco lower arm brace on the gc thanks to @Kiwiflyboy. I'm loving how far this thing has come now after a LOT of TLC.
  6. add ".jpg" to the end of all the links and they will show What @Leufkax said, it definitely lowered a bit, it will probably settle more after some driving.
  7. Probably best to hit up the place you bought them from and ask them what they think if you are concerned.
  8. Jump up and down in the boot for a bit and see if it gets any better for real though it should settle a bit. Did the ad have a picture of a car running the springs? Could always keep a couple dead bodies in the boot to maintain the low stance.
  9. They should settle a little after driving on them for a few days since they are new, but they won't drop a whole lot more. Picture?
  10. I don't have a "local" only place in town that sells automotive stuff is mitre 10 who obviously don't have much. I'll give bnt a call when I run out of what I have now, thanks.
  11. What do you think of the braided lines? Are they of well-made/good quality? I've been eyeing up a set.
  12. Where do you get it from?
  13. I'm also interested if anyone has a good solution for this. I went through a similar process as both of you trying to clean a set of gold speedlines for my gc8. I have the wheels off the car and have hit them with wheel cleaner and heaps of scrubbing plus tried a whole can of crc degreaser. Degreaser and a stiff bristled brush works really well to remove the tar and old stickies from wheel weights but I for the life of me cannot remove the discolouration from the years of brake dust. I think a wire wheel would just remove the paint if they are painted but if it is bare alloy it may work. I would assume there is some sort of clear coating on the alloy wheels also so it may not work.
  14. Sorry I don't know of a map unfortunately. There is a thread about Christchurch stations with 98 in the Canterbury area sub-forum. South of chch I know of, Ashburton BP, (on main road by maccas) Timaru BP, Oamaru BP, Cromwell BP, (close to the giant fruit) Dunedin BP There are probably more on the east coast but Cromwell is the only inland station with 98 that I know of. Edit: I just had a look since I thought I might have seen a map before. The BPMe app on the iOS App Store lets you look for stations with 98 on a visual map.
  15. That is trade cost for the cheap and nasty brake rotors. Stoptech if I remember correctly. You will have to pay GST and likely freight on top of that. If you know someone with who gets trade price at BNT then it is a good deal. Edit: definitely wasn't stoptech, was that 'Trans... something' blue and red boxes.