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  1. Sorry I don't have it since I forgot to get them and had to reuse the old ones. I wouldn't recommend reusing though since they were messed up. Probably could find it on partsouq? I think the rack ends are on their own seperate diagram.
  2. The v7 on- sedan has a longer inner rack end to suit the wider track width. If you coupe is still factory track width then the normal v7 sti rack end will probably be too long. I would say you will need a wrx or sti wagon rack end as they are shorter. the only thing I don't know is if classics and v7 have the same outer thread so you should double check that. The wrx wagon and sti sedan all use the same inner and outer thread. (At least in v7 they do) As Boon discovered years ago, make sure to order the lock washers too as it is not included and is often damaged when you remove the rack end. 34160FE000 is the part # for the stock v7 sti rack end that will probably be too long. Typed on mobile in a hurry, hope it made sense.
  3. If that happens then perhaps you could consider that a plus. The car sits in the driveway warming up while drinking petrol. Then when you head out and start throwing the car around, your fuel mixes and you get all that sweet ethanol.
  4. Here are a couple random photos of my cars. They aren't anything special, just from my iPhone. Aparantly I'm obsessed with the rear 3/4 from looking through my camera roll.
  5. Consider a piggyback fuse at the fuse box, real simple and clean to install. It is on its own, seperately fused circuit. Plus you can easily remove it without damage to the loom. I wired my radar in with one of these, bought a new car and just swapped it straight over easy as.
  6. It shouldn't do, Subaru stopped putting them in pretty soon after they started. You can tell if you have a look. The catted uppipes have a temperature sensor that runs up to a plug on the driver's strut tower. Not to be confused with the a/f sensor that also runs from the header up to the driver's strut tower. If there is a wire going into your uppipe, then it has a cat. No wire, no cat.
  7. That is exactly what I'm starting to think, NZ is too small of a place to sell rarer parts without someone realising where they came from. It's hardly like you could sell a 390kw engine on Facebook without someone close to the owner noticing. If parts are actually going overseas then that is serious business.
  8. Yeah that kind of behaviour isn't just some kid pinching a car for a joy ride, this is an organised effort. You would really hope police can get a lead on a case like this. Where is the chop shop and where are all the parts going? Someone saw something... It seems to be a growing problem, anytime I have to street park my car in the city I disable the sh*t out of it. Can't stop them towing it away but it is better than nothing. Maybe it is time everyone needs to buy a gps. It sucks that a few low lifes can ruin it for for the rest.
  9. I've been rocking a 1L castrol bottle for a couple years now. I can't remember where I found out about it but it is definately useful.
  10. If you use a 1L bottle you don't have to plug a hole 😉
  11. Now there is an idea! Having just done it, SH 1 around kaikoura is a bit of an event at the moment, it was pretty rough in a low car with coilovers. I think I got airboure at a couple points... The rest of it is 👌🏻
  12. They must be one talented gynaecologist to clean upholstery like that.
  13. I hired a rug doctor and went nuts on the new wagon, I gave the gc8 interior a quick clean too.
  14. Dark blue BP wagon in Rotorua, lowered with brembos, sti wheels and a bike on the roof. Rego EJJ something. 😍 Awesome looking wagon mate!
  15. @JGM What time? I'm still not 100% sure at this stage, but I'm going to try and make it.