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      The 2018 ClubSUB Calendar, Powered by Possum Borne Motorsport is now available.

      12 Hand picked full colour photos, taken by menbers, submitted by members and chosen by members.
      All vehicles in the calendar are owned by members of the NZ Subaru Enthusiasts community.

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  1. New: @SpeedySub Yeah picked up some overalls from Resene Hornby. Got that white "the stig" look going on haha
  2. Old: Mitre 10 MEGA Papanui
  3. Very worn out plugs can cause damage to the coil or leads also. The spark attempts to find an easier route to ground than the plug. Would pay to check those for any signs of arcing.
  4. Changed the cambelt, water pump and cam seals on the gc8. Mounted a fire extinguisher on the seat rails in the wagon and changed the oil. Then I washed, clayed and waxed the wagon. Now the paint is all clean you can see all the rock chips from winters down here. It is definitely a ten metre paint job, don't look too close.
  5. Just keep driving it and checking it. Don't fill it up unless it is at or below the L mark and see what happens. If it keeps dropping below the L try bleeding it again. If the car is warm the level in the overflow will be higher and if the car is cold the level will be lower, just so you better understand what you are looking at.
  6. During normal operation the level should move up and down between the L and F marks. The radiator cap will open and close to let coolant in and out of the system as the temperature changes. Are you checking it when it is at the same temperature each time? Was the radiator cap you bought brand new? What pressure is it rated to? I think the STI caps are 1.1bar instead of the usual 0.9bar but i'm not 100% You shouldn't fill it above the full line, there is deliberately room left in the top of the overflow bottle so that the coolant can "overflow" into it as it expands in the cooling system. It would be a good idea to check that the front passenger carpet is dry under the dash. It could also be an air bubble in the system somewhere allowing coolant to boil off. Do you hear a quiet gurgle under the dash when you first start the car?
  7. As title, where did everyone buy their 100% cotton overalls? I checked my local mitre 10 but they only have cotton/poly blend overalls.
  8. Any v8 wrx or sti bumper should work, just needs to be a sedan bumper and of course sedan lights. I've seen people use the v7 bumper but just cut out a small amount so the lights fit. The V9 bumper is slightly different to fit with the small flares on the rear arches so stick to v8.
  9. They basically just bolt the rear subframe to unibody, instead of being connected with the factory rubber bushes. You may need an alignment afterwards as when installing them the subframe can move in relation to the rest of the car.
  10. BP Outback soon to be slammed???
  11. Awesome, can't be a true Kiwi until you have visited the mainland! The best bits are south of Christchurch IMO.
  12. Sorry, I voted for you
  13. You don't clamp onto the actual pulley itself because as cooper found out and you mentioned they crack. You use the vice grips to help tension the belt so that it doesn't jump a tooth when loosening the bolt. I'll try find a picture to help explain. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Like this: