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  1. Yeah they'll swap all of the I'd plates over to another body if the first one gets written off or something. Or if the one they are swapping is stolen. Some people are really rough. You don't see it too often but I don't trust what people write in their listings anymore. Best to back it up by double checking in person.
  2. +1 for Italy, awesome country if it is not already on agenda make sure you check out Pompeii, truly fascinating. I went there quite a few years ago so not sure what it is like now. Rome is also incredible just to walk around and look at all the architecture. The Italians drive like lunatics...
  3. I seem to remember you saying you had the rear bar on the softest setting? Test out the others and try a front bar before throwing $$$ into struts.
  4. You wouldn't last on on the Dirty South Facebook page everyone is swapping plates, tags and certs haha. I don't trust that sh*t unless I see everything match with my own eyes. I did see the model code I just think it is good to maintain some skepticism untill you can check it all out in person.
  5. It is hard to judge a car by kms alone. How it has been treated has a much larger effect on the state of the vehicle both mechanically & cosmetically. @Kiwi_Fozze's sti has done close to 300,000kms but I have heard of others that need to be rebuilt at at 120,000kms. Personally I try not to care about kms when looking at a vehicle, it matters to some extent but thinking "I want to buy a car with under 140,000 so it will be reliable" is a bit silly. Look at the car for its condition, not the odo.
  6. I'm not 100% sure either. I have a feeling someone in Japan had fun playing with that car to make it look like an STI then when it came here the compliance officer didn't know what he was looking at. It has all the correct sti badges (minus front grill) but it also has some tacky ebay sti badges on the front and back. Differences between wrx and STI wagons afaik are: Seats front and rear (blue on STI with STI embroidered in front seats) Silver surround on gear lever different speedo with higher rev limiter of course ecu, block, heads, intake, turbo, intercooler, intercooler water sprayers etc. (ej205 vs ej207) 6-speed trans and different rear diff on the STI vs 5-speed on wrx STI has red inverted struts vs black standard struts on wrx swaybars larger diameter on STI STI wagon still has Subaru 4pot/2pots same as wrx, not brembos like on STI sedan. STI wagon still has steel lower control arms same as wrx, not wider alloy arms like STI sedan I may have missed something but that is most of it.
  7. I forgot about the ad, I edited the link to skip it. I'm fairly sure there is no such thing as too much spool noise, I want all of my driving to be filled with the sound of rushing air.
  8. Super keen! I'm for sure going to make the trip up for it. Little gutted I couldn't make it up to Welly for the last one. I'm interested to see what the turnout will be like.
  9. Matt Farah one take in a Subaru powered tube frame 818C. Awesome car! The turbo induction noise this thing makes is crazy.
  10. If you have a seat belt out of the car often they won't unwind unless you position it upright at the same angle it would be in the car. I believe this is so that in a rollover you don't fall down to the roof after the vehicle stops.
  11. Painted part of the inner headlight. Before: after:
  12. To be fair they don't look as bad without the Tonneau cover. Still not my thing though. Edit: This might even fit in with some of the lowered outbacks on here
  13. Is this what you are after? http://a15ff11300g.sakura.ne.jp/
  14. Did you end up getting the adjustable rear lateral arms to work in the end? Or were the axles popping out for another reason?
  15. Think about it like a lever. The longer the lever the less force is needed to twist the bar. So the holes further away from the bar are softer bar settings since the weight transfer has a longer lever to help it twist the bar and the holes closer are harder since it will be using a shorter lever. In the case of your rear bar, the hole closer to the front of the car is the softest setting. The hole towards the rear being the hardest setting.