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  1. I have full intention of being there again. I just need to sort logistics closer to the time. I'd say I'll probably be in the wagon. Should be good to meet some more of the North Island folk.
  2. Ahh all good. Rather a specific item so you'll need a little luck to find one I'd say.
  3. @mlracing.co.nz ?
  4. Does this interest you? It is in Queenstown, not my listing but I've met this guy a couple times. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/240593756710343 A friend of mine has an sgt and he just used the red nightshade from repco on his tail lights. Only downside is the inner part still doesn't light up with the tail lights on. Still looks way better than before though.
  5. I parked there because I thought it was funny that the whole car could pretty much fit in the bucket haha.
  6. I found some inspiration for my wagon on facebook!
  7. Yeah the genuine cam cover seals are far superior to the likes of permaseal. I don't think they are any thicker from what I remember but they just fit the cover/head better, they are a half moon shape with a flat side to seal nicely against the head. The permaseal ones I have seen are more round/oval and don't make a nice contact with the head, they are also way harder to install as they try to fall out of the groove and then they get pinched if you aren't careful. The seals in my picture were actually genuine seals but whoever installed them just did a poor job and used WAY too much sealant. After picking off all the sealant from the head and adding a small amount of new sealant at half moons like you said it sealed perfectly with the new seals.
  8. Yeah I usually just put a couple small dots at the edges of the plastic half moons. This actually isn't the first set I've replaced on a Subaru that looked like this though haha. It is funny to me that during the process of doing this the culprits actually think that this is a good idea.
  9. Spent ages picking RTV off the heads, why do people do this lol . The gaskets feel pretty new but they are leaking... I wonder why??? 🙄
  10. Think of how many integras and similar are out there with skull gear knobs. 😛
  11. Yeah I had a scan of the virm too and nothing I could see in there says anything like that. An inspector would have a real d*ck to fail you on something as stupid as that anyway. I'm with Joker just put one on and try, lots of people change out gearknobs and I've never heard of this before.
  12. Sounds like you need to do some reading on organic chemistry and functional groups. If your interested... (this is from memory from a while ago so might be off on a couple bits) Methane is an alkane, the 'meth' means it has a single carbon element (eth=2, prop=3, but=4 and so on) the suffix of '-ane' is what tells you that all of the carbon atoms are saturated with hydrogen. The '-ol' suffix is what tells you it is an alcohol, the carbon is still fully saturated but one of the hydrogen elements is replaced with the OH functional group. As @Andy_Mac said this isn't just a gas-liquid state change there is a chemical reaction involved. An alkane has very different properties to an alcohol.
  13. Yeah that is why I suggested for this thread to stay away from politics haha. Oh well it was an entertaining read!
  14. I have one on my gc8, it is paired with the stock catted downpipe on my car. I would say it sits right on the limit between normal loud and obnoxiously cop-magnet loud. Drone exists but it isn't too bad, the gc8 is a fairly noisey car at 100km so I don't really notice it over the other noises going on. I've done long trips 5+ hours in the car and it didn't drive me insane with the radio on. As for the actual sound, I would say it is an excellent note but just a touch loud for my tastes. It is manageable to daily but I definately feel like an d*ck if I'm driving through a neighbourhood at night. This is a video I took of a drive by ages ago (I was giving it a fair bit of jandal). I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions