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  1. That one at the back is quite the annoying screw.. Done this a few times over the years in the BH5s and doing it again in a week or two, will take some updated pics for you guys.
  2. I will probably get called out for this, but a long time ago when I had my first rev d GTB I remember reading Gulls own information about their 98 blend as I was about to fill up for the first time at a Gull Their brochure actually implicitly recommended to NOT use Gull 98 in our cars (I am guessing because of the ethanol? Or some additive?) Try a tank of BP 98. As for the sluggishness you mention, does not sound right at all. Even an auto rev d should give you a decent pull from a stop if you give it the beans. Take a vid?
  3. I just used the CRC headlight doctor product on my Nissan Fuga and was really impressed with the result. Took a bit of elbow grease but the missus helped out Can get it from like repco on sale for like $13