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  1. Finally returned @Dairusire's race suit that i hoarded for a year Going to go grab an NZKW one today. Layer 1 SFI 3-2A1 for about $220. Should be sweet yeah?
  2. I'm a tentative for meremere. pretty expensive for a drag day lol
  3. Think i agree with everyone's opinions here. From what i've research in parallel too is that the best way is to start with a good set of coilovers, and then keep adding 'stiffness' from there. You don't want to buy 22mm bars and then install nice coilovers to find the bars are way to stiff. That makes a lot of sense to me. What doesn't make sense is why MCA say to not even upgrade the stock bushes? That seems bizarre. Surely at least whiteline bushings, maybe endlinks with their coilovers would mean less slop and better handling?
  4. A few of us were discussing this topic on my build thread. Thought it would be good to get a thread up and generate more discussion on the topic. The main discussion point is some vendors say using stock sway bars and bushings with quality coilovers yields the best handling and comfort, while others oppose this saying upgraded bushings and sway bars along with coilovers are best. I've seen / heard of race winning cars running both scenarios and performing well which make it an even harder decision to make. Here is the response i got directly from MCA today: "For any vehicle that will be seeing track work we would recommend our Street Ultimates, Race Primes or Race Reds. The Street Performance and the Street essentials were never designed for track use. As for sway bars and bushes we strongly recommend factory sway bars and factory suspension arm bushes. Stiffening up a car for the track can be a good thing but there is a certain amount of suspension movement required for the suspension to function correctly and modifications like larger aftermarket sway bars and suspension arm bushes can really start to limit this movement quite significantly. Through all our years of testing we have found factory sway bars and bushes to offer better comfort on the street and more performance on the track when paired with a tailored suspension set up specifically for a car. Josh the owner of MCA still runs all stock sway bars, sway bar bushes, lower control arm bushes and all other bushes that play a role in the suspension functioning correctly. His 86 is currently the fastest 86 in Australia and possibly the world as far as we know. If you wanted the best combination of comfort and performance our Street Ultimate series might be the best possible option for you. I will not offer the same performance level as the race primes or race reds but is a custom valved and sprung product specifically for your use of the vehicle. It incorporates our latest Fusion valving technology along with a more powerful damper adjust which helps to give a good blend between comfort and performance for when the vehicle is being driven on the street. This series retails at $2750 including GST" Seems pretty clear cut! But... I spoke to Whiteline today as well and they basically said the opposite. From all the testing they've done on basically all the WRX (and other makes/models) generations, upgraded sway bars along with correctly matched coilover springs give you the best result. He did mention softer springs might be more suited with bigger sway bars. So. Post up your experiences and lets generate some discussion? Surely there has to be a best of both worlds scenario here
  5. Hey team. We are getting some really good prices from PBMS overall for parts and installation too. Last chance to get those parts orders in. About to confirm 4 so far on here. Anyone else keen on parts let me know
  6. Told ya the factory crank is fine ps get photos up 😛
  7. What issues with whiteline @Andy_Mac? I'll ask about super pro
  8. @sleepr @Gripless not sure if they deal with RCM but can ask
  9. Anymore requests for parts team before i send the first lot of requests to Pat?
  10. Nail right near the side wall of my near new pilot sport 4. Unrepairable, so painful...
  11. @Omsin were you going to install the parts yourself? Or do you want quote for that + tune from PBMS?
  12. Which XP ones did you get @Gripless ?
  13. Nice list @Omsin Will get a full price for you soon Some suggestions: - the 3 port, they are all the same. Its a Mac valve. PBMS have link ones which will do the job, or you can try find a mac valve - don't think changing the silicon inlet hose will do much unless I'm wrong? Better off getting a cold air intake like this: @Dairusire the price of the dixcel stuff is quite high compared to DBA. Haven't heard of anything negative about the t3 DBAs so keen to give them ago. Also they look dam nice lol. Wanted the dixcel z pads but they are 600+ Will give these DBA ones a go and report back
  14. I'll kick us off. I'll most likely be getting: DBA T3 4000 front and rear rotors DBA XP+735 pads For now, plus a stack of other parts if this guy buys my motor.
  15. Hey all, Have been having a few chats with Pat from @PBMS about doing a group order for parts from the US. Pat should be able to give us some competitive pricing on big brands parts, especially if we can get a stack of us to order together. Best time to stack up for those build plans on the boil! PBMS can get most parts from all major brands. The likes of: Turbosmart Whiteline JE Pistons Harrop Superchargers Kelford Cams Process West Link ECU ECUTEK Emtron ARP Pure Performance Motorsport Invidia King Bearings ACL AEM Aeromotive Garret BorgWarner BC Brian Crower CP Cometic Cusco DBA DW Eagle Exedy GSC Power Division HKS Injector Dynamics Innovate Motorsport KW Suspension Manley OS Giken Perrin Project Mu Radium Rallyarmor (mudflaps) Vibrant Walbro Basically anything you have had your eyes on, let me know (either PM or comment on here) and i'll collate it all and get us pricing. Send me: Name and brand of the part you want Model no. and qty Remember the more we get on this the better it will be overall. Big thanks to @PBMS for supporting the club!
  16. So I did a thing today and bought another project car. Thanks @Jono24! A few shots of her while i wait to board the Interislander.
  17. Most places i got prices from were like 1k aye.
  18. Yeap. Back ports need to be hooked together. Front ports go to catch can. I hate that my breathers plug back into the intake. Oil should not be going in there. Will be going with a AOS that doesn't plumb back into the intake for the next build.
  19. Process west intercooler kit going a begging if you decide on staying air intercooled
  20. Why don't you buy the full set of cams off @Gripless ? Should be cheaper than 550 +gst for sure..
  21. @Omsin nice work! What was the sound difference like afterwards?
  22. Replaced the breaking down filter in my AOS, and put a new O-ring in. Went for a blat and then my silicone turbo outlet hose blew off.. again.. The worst job to put back on, but got it done. With the AOS fixed, my AFRs are a lot leaner now, maybe 0.5 more lean compared to before. Anyone care to explain? My logic is: less oil getting burned, therefore leaner mixture (my tuner and I have been gradually taking fuel out in places over the last 6 months). Does more oil getting burned make AFR richer or leaner?
  23. I've got a V7 intercooler for sale yup. The clutch master is the original v5 though sorry, so can't help there. @blitzd808