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  1. Hodge motors are pretty good with subarus.
  2. Same spec, no problems for me yet.
  3. I am no expert so please correct me if im wrong!! I thought that the EJ207 GRB STI's out of japan came with a semi closed deck block, or what they call the W or motorsport block with thickened cylinder walls. I've heard the power can really be pushed out on the blocks but you still have your weaker pistons and rods (in comparison to block strength) which are prone to failure but i believe these are semi-forged so you can still push some out of it. Wouldnt this make it more reliable in some sense due to its durability? @TNHSTI Perhaps take a look at the GRB spec STI's? I've had mine for the last 50,000kms and it hasnt failed yet, im getting close to 180k now, and its tuned to around 400hp
  4. Anyone got any crews going i can join in on?
  5. until

    Hey Guys, is there any subaru pre-meet ups for this event?
  6. Let me know if you guys meet up again like last year. Ill be coming down from NP.
  7. Windows in the front and rear for cars specifically must have a VLT of 35% at the least. I believe this does not include factory tinting - only overlays (mods) I'm not too sure of any professionals in Christchurch but im sure google knows of a few Front side windows 'Front side windows' means the windows on either side of the driver's seat. Front side windows fitted with transparent overlays must have an overall VLT of at least 35%. Rear windows (windows behind the driver's seat) A transparent overlay applied to a rear window of a car (sedan, station wagon, hatchback, sports car or convertible) must have an overall VLT of at least 35%.
  8. Sometimes you have to live a little and have some fun offroad! People often ask me, why did you buy a Subaru? Can your car go anywhere? i think not! Subaru game is strong!
  9. Owning the road ​