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  1. +1 bushings, swaybars, endlinks and coilovers. Not ideal for roads though, especially all these pot holes and speedbumps around (Akld). It is quite stiff. Never tracked but I'm assuming that's where my setup shines.
  2. I spoke to Steven from DBA last night, he suggested approach race brakes for a full kit, there is DBA rotors made for the 316 rear 2pot but with the wrx/legacy 170 parking brake. Racebrakes should do a whole new brembo kit. Considering second hand prices I reckon new could be a go? What was the cost for your conversion? Pm me if you want @sobanoodle
  3. @sobanoodle I need to rack your brain about doing the brembo conversion. What version do I look for? What's the correct parts for rear adapter/shoe
  4. Hey any luck I have been avoiding winger purely for the above..... Expensive! 👎
  5. @sobanoodle do you recommend Cusco top strut braces? Part numbers?
  6. Hey @Niran could I get pricing on 05' BPE stuff. whiteline front and rear swaybar links. Cusco Front top strut brace. Ultraracing rear bottom swaybar brace Part # UR-RL2-2588 Anyone got part numbers?
  7. Damn that's a shame dude, I have a footy game Sunday so probs not? Unlucky man, that's a shame. Have to organise something another time? Got your truck now aye, outback looked great.
  8. @ToomTom this is what started it for me aye. Your car looked so good. Pretty much copied it three years later 🙌
  9. That's good, I'm looking for a bmma myself.
  10. Yikes 🙃 haha could be in trouble there. BMW, right?
  11. Haha lol @sobanoodle that's better, it's a day for all boxer engines, Porsche, VW. Personally I'm hoping to see some Porsches showing? What's in your garage now?
  12. Sorry @sobanoodle you'll have to repeat that? Didn't quite make sense
  13. @A_J_T you maybe ready with the b4 for sat?
  14. @sobanoodle @ADIKT @JGM you guys heading to flat nats Puke on Sat 19? Anyone keen to meet for drive down
  15. Cheers buddy, turns out phones these days take way better photos in the dark. Forget a DSLR,